Circle Pines Police Department

  • Agency: Circle Pines Police Department
  • Address: 54 North Road, Circle Pines, 55014 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 763.784.2501
Fax: 763.784.0082

Circle Pines Police Department is located at 54 North Road, Circle Pines, 55014 MN. The Circle Pines Police Department phone number is 763.784.2501.

Circle Pines Police Department News

Officer Ella has a suspiciously authentic looking squad car to go with her costume....

A lot of people like to dress up as their heroes for Halloween. We decided to try it this year. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Drive slow in the neighborhoods. Watch for kiddos. Plan a sober ride. Call us if you need us. We’ll be here. To all of the other first responders that we work shoulder to shoulder with day and night: we see you. (Special thanks to CFD and Chief Dave Bruder for playing along.)

That pot of gold has to be around here somewhere...

We’d like to introduce the newest member of the CLPD family. This is Lillian Goetzke. She was born yesterday. Mom, baby, and family are doing great! Her dad will be taking a few weeks off to get to know her. We are happy to all pitch in and work longer hours so he can be home. After all, police work can be difficult, but, as many of you know, so can having a newborn!

“When one teaches, two learn”. CSO Carlson and her mentee Bella meet every week. This week they worked on math and went to gym class and participated in the Halloween scooter maze!

Good morning from Lexington!

ADULT MALE ARRESTED AFTER FOOT CHASE IN CENTERVILLE At approximately 1:30 PM this afternoon, CLPD Alpha Shift attempted warrant service on a male in the 7000 block of Centerville Road. The male was wanted on a felony drug warrant out of Anoka County. Arriving officers encountered the suspect in a vehicle on the property. The vehicle was blocked in by squads, causing the male to flee on foot. Additional resources responded including Lino Lakes Police, Lino Lakes K9, and CLPD Bravo Shift. The male was quickly located by responding units in the 1500 block of LaMotte Drive in the city of Lino Lakes. He was arrested without incident. LLPD K9 Justice was deployed in the neighborhood briefly after the incident to search for additional evidence. There were no injuries and no property damage during this incident. The male was booked on a felony warrant (3rd degree controlled substance crime), a gross misdemeanor warrant (5th degree controlled substance crime), and fleeing police. He is being held at the Anoka County Jail.

A lot of people get after us about our aggressive speed enforcement on Lexington Avenue, Lovell Road, and Main Street, all of which are 35 MPH through residential zones. Would you want somebody going by your front yard at nearly 60 miles an hour? Probably not. Speed limits are in place for a reason. Please watch your speed.

Good morning from Centerville!

5 Square Miles We are a small department. There is no doubt about it. Out of the 86,943 square miles in Minnesota, about 5 of them are our responsibility. Given those numbers, it might be easy to think that the things we do don’t matter. As a part of the big picture, how could they? Well, for the 11,000 or so people we serve in this community, what we do is everything. The people we hire, the way we train, and the equipment we carry can be the difference in a crisis. We take our oath, and the responsibly that comes with it, very seriously. For those of you that call this small community home…just know we have your back. Call us if you need us. We’ll be here.

Celebrated Halloween early by handing out candy at Festival Foods for their annual Boo Blast. The cold weather didn’t keep us or the trick-or-treaters away!

Found dog near the area of Lake Dr/Firebarn Rd in Circle Pines. Male with a red collar, no microchip or tags. Call us if you know him. 763-427-1212.

BLAINE MAN CHARGED IN CONNECTION WITH ROBBERY IN CIRCLE PINES Yesterday at 7:52 PM, CLPD was dispatched to the Liquor Barrel at 39 Central Street on a report of a robbery that had just occurred. The responding officers learned an adult male had entered the business and concealed a bottle of alcohol in his pants. The store owner confronted the male as he attempted to leave the business. The male pushed the store owner to the ground before fleeing with the bottle. The suspect was known to the store owner and he was identified by video surveillance. He was tracked to his address in Blaine via his license plate number. He was subsequently located and arrested by Officers Frederickson and Karim from Bravo Shift. This afternoon the Anoka County Attorney’s Office charged the male, identified as Michael Mark Stangler, with one count of felony simple robbery. Mr. Stangler faces a maximum of 10 years in jail and a $20,000 fine. He is innocent until proven guilty.

During mentoring, we like to work on important life skills... swinging, and doing slam-dunks, and eating cookies. Connecting with the kids of our community in a non-enforcement role is one of the most important things we do.

Good morning from Circle Pines!

It is officially that time of year again ❄️ MN statute 169.48 subdivision 1 states lights are to be displayed “at any time when it is raining, snowing, sleeting, or hailing.” Drive safe and call us if you need us.

Officers stopped out to celebrate Olivia and Savannah’s birthday today. We love being able to interact with the community and hopefully make a positive impact! Happy Saturday everyone, and as always, call us if you need us.

Officers attended the Golden Lake Go Around today at Golden Lake Elementary to cheer on the students as they took off on their walk.

UPDATE: The owner has been located and notified. Found dog, near the area of Lovell Rd and Dunlap Ave in Lexington. Male with a purple collar, no tags or microchip. Call us if you know him. 763-427-1212.

Officer Mannin conquered her fear of snakes today! She was called to a residence in Circle Pines to catch a Garter snake that had entered the home. The snake has since been released back into the woods.

Earn yours. CLPD is hiring. More info here: