Detroit Lakes Police Department

  • Agency: Detroit Lakes Police Department
  • Address: 106 E Holmes St, Detroit Lakes, 56501 MN
  • Chief: Kelvin Keena (Chief of Police)
Phone: 218-847-4222
Fax: 218-844-7405

Detroit Lakes Police Department is located at 106 E Holmes St, Detroit Lakes, 56501 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Kelvin Keena. The Detroit Lakes Police Department phone number is 218-847-4222.

Detroit Lakes Police Department News

Thank you to our nation's veterans for their service and sacrifice to provide the rest of us our freedoms. Special thanks to the following Detroit Lakes police officers who served our country in the armed forces and continue to serve our community on a daily basis. Chris Phillips - Navy Joe Sternhagen - Army Doug Vickmark - Army Phillip Vaughn - Army Mike Lundeen - Navy

Do you know... Where your polling location is? Detroit Lakes has three polling locations: The polling location for residents who live in the First Ward is Grace Lutheran Church, 213 Roosevelt Avenue The polling location for residents who live in the Second Ward is Trinity Lutheran Church, 1401 Madison Avenue The polling location for residents who live in the Third Ward is First Lutheran Church, 912 Lake Avenue For more information check out #VoteDLPD

Happy Halloween

Trunk or Treat with the DLPD today from 5 pm - 8pm in the parking lot across from the EMS Building. #VoteDLPD

What is the process for approving a local option sales tax? State Statute 297A.99 sets forth the process for adopting a local option sales tax. There are two key steps in the process which include: 1) approval by the voters of the City and 2) special legislation authorizing the tax by the Minnesota Legislature. To approve the local option sales tax for the Police Facility, the election will be held at this year’s November 6th General Election. #VoteDLPD

Did you know... The Police Officer's calls for service increase by approximately 200 calls per month during the summer months. By utilizing a sales tax to pay for the new police facility, the additional users of public safety services will contribute to the cost. #VoteDLPD

Can the proposed sales tax be used for any other project? No. The ballot question is specific to the Police Facility and the sales tax can be used only for this project. #VoteDLPD

How long would the sales tax last? The proposed sales tax is limited to the payment of costs related to the construction of the new Police Facility and shall terminate when the City Council determines that all such costs have been paid. Based on information from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, a ½ percent sales tax is estimated to generate about $900,000 annually. Using that projection, the Police Facility could be paid off in approximately 9-10 years. #VoteDLPD

Join us TODAY!!!! #VoteDLPD

Why use a sales tax to fund the new Police Facility? The Detroit Lakes City Council is proposing the construction of a new Police Facility to be funded through a ½ percent local option sales tax. Detroit Lakes is a regional center that draws a variety of visitors to the community. City Police provide public safety services that benefit residents and visitors alike. A sales tax would be paid by all who buy taxable items in Detroit Lakes, spreading the cost of the Police Facility to residents and visitors. Alternatively, the City could use property tax revenues to pay for a new facility. This would require only those who have property within city limits to contribute. #VoteDLPD

The police explorers from the Lakes Area Police Explorer Post #636 received their CPR/AED and first aid training and certification today. A huge thank you to Essentia Health EMS-Detroit Lakes and Paramedic Ryan Gustafson! #VoteDLPD

What is the estimated size and cost of the proposed Police Facility? The proposed new facility will be single story and approximately 17,820 square feet in size. The exterior design will be planned to compliment the quality of the City while using durable long-lasting materials. The proposed new police facility will incorporate the latest technologies for security and energy efficiency. The building will provide convenient and clear public access and parking. The interior will be designed to create efficient and safe operational space for the staff and officers. The proposed project cost is approximately $6,700,000* (including site improvements $400,000, building design and construction $5,870,000, furnishings and equipment $250,000, Other Costs $180,000). *Includes a projected 5% inflation factor for construction in 2020. #VoteDLPD

What is the proposed location for the new Police Facility? The current location of the police station does not have adequate space to expand the police department so alternate locations were considered. During the study, 16 sites were identified as possibilities and studied to determine the location that would best serve the City and the Police Department. Some of the primary considerations for location were: • Strong Police visibility and identity within Central Business District / Downtown • Centrally located; good access to Hwy 10 • Convenient adjacency to Courthouse / Sheriff / City Attorney • Good access and proximity to the core locations of calls of service • Adequate parking • Supports the City’s Business Corridor Redevelopment Plan Adopted in 2008. The location that has been identified as the best option is the property owned by the City at the southeast corner of Summit Avenue and Front Street, just east of the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center. In addition to the new police facility, the developed site will provide approximately 40 public parking spots. #VoteDLPD

We had a key fob turned into our office this morning. If anyone is missing a fob from a Nissan please contact our office to identify and pick up. 218-847-4222

The first option explored for a new Police Department was the former liquor store on the lower level of City Hall. Unfortunately, the site just isn’t big enough for a combined facility. While the lower level provides some space, an addition and parking garage would need to be added. In the end, the additional building leaves very little room for parking.

Did you know... About 1/4 of the current building is occupied by the Detroit Lakes Public Utilities Electrical Department for critical electrical infrastructure. #VoteDLPD #VoteDLPD

Why is a new Police Facility needed? In February 2016, the City hired the firm of BKV Group to help study the conditions and operations of the police facility. BKV Group is a Minnesota based architectural & engineering firm that has completed over 80 police station projects and studies throughout Minnesota and the Midwest. The study started by examining the existing conditions and operational issues of the police department. In addition to size constraints, the current facility is lacking the evidence processing, security, and technology capabilities of a modern police station. Some of the issues identified were: • The layout and design of the current police station inadequately provides for a secure work environment that is restricted from public areas. Examples include the reception desk is not equipped with recommended safety measures or systems to secure and protect staff and public restrooms are only accessible from within the staff area. • The Police station is lacking safety systems recommended for police operations such as a security system that includes card access and video surveillance system. These systems are typical in current police stations and are recommended for the safety and security of staff. • The Police station is drastically undersized based on the department’s operational requirements. Based on other similar departments and national trends identified through International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) planning guide, the existing station lacks roughly 12,000 gross square feet of required operational space. The space deficiency includes indoor squad vehicle parking, evidence storage and processing, and appropriate staff workspace. • Currently, the Police station lacks adequate space for evidence storage and processing, interview and investigations areas, along with severely undersized staff work and support areas. The lack of space can hinder confidentiality, interrogation techniques, and ability to process sensitive evidence. #VoteDLPD

Why is a new Police Facility needed? The existing Police Department building pre-dates 1957 as the structure was an extension of the existing municipal power plant that was constructed in 1924. The original purpose of the building was for City Hall, and later, City Hall was relocated to its current site on Roosevelt Avenue and the Police Department took over occupation of the former site on Holmes Street. In 1990 the police garage was added, and in 1999 the office space was remodeled to its current configuration. When the City Hall relocated to its current site in 1978, the City had a population of 6,900 and the Police Department had 10 sworn officers. Today, the population of Detroit Lakes has grown to 9,400 with a Police Department staff of 19, including 17 sworn officers. The City is projected to grow to over 9,700 by 2022. The proposed new facility is being planned to not only improve upon the existing condition but to meet the future needs of the community. Detroit Lakes is a growing community with increasing demands on law enforcement. The Detroit Lakes Police Department saw a large increase in calls for service from 10,771 total calls in 2016 to 12,163 in 2017, a 13% increase. Based on year-to-date figures, approximately 350 more calls are projected in 2018 than in 2017. To put this in perspective, in year 2000 our department had 13 police officers and they handled 8,200 calls for service. This averaged each officer handling 630 calls for the year. In 2017 DLPD had 16 officers and handled 12,163 calls for service. This averaged each officer handling 760 calls for the year. To provide the law enforcement our community needs, the City Council approved DLPD to add another full time officer in 2018. The City of Detroit Lakes is unique as our seasonal lake home owners move into the City to enjoy all the City has to offer and we attract many visitors for popular events such as the 4th of July, the Northwest Water Carnival and WE Fest. Because of the expanded population during the summer months, our calls for service increase by approximately 200 calls per month over the winter months. The DLPD’s goal is to provide a safe and secure environment through professional policing and courteous service to residents and visitors alike. Our officers are on-duty 24 hours a day / 365 days a year to respond the needs of the City. #VoteDLPD

Congratulations to our newest police officer Michael Heinecke. Officer Heinecke was sworn in by Mayor Matt Brenk at this evening’s city council meeting. Welcome aboard Michael! #VoteDLPD

We received multiple reports of unlocked vehicles gone through last night. Items were stolen. Please remember if you hear activity outside your home in the night take a look and report any suspicous activity at the time it is occuring. Also, remember to lock your vehicles and do not leave anything of value in them.

Our annual auction of excess property is available online at the attached website. Happy bidding!