Dilworth Police Department

  • Agency: Dilworth Police Department
  • Address: 500 Center Avenue West, Dilworth, 56529 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Dilworth Police Department is located at 500 Center Avenue West, Dilworth, 56529 MN. The Dilworth Police Department phone number is 218-287-2666.

Dilworth Police Department News

Taking in some 8th grade #DGFMiddleSchool girls basketball vs. #MoorheadMiddleSchool. What else is better when its cold and snowing outside?

**OWNER HAS CLAIMED** We appreciate everyone wanting to give the cutie a home but the owner has picked her up. Like lots of the posts have suggested, there are many great shelters with animals looking for their forever homes. Please check them out!!

As many of you are getting ready for a Halloween Party or event this weekend, remember DPD will be at the Dilworth Community Center this Sunday the 28th at 5pm to hand out 300 treat bags, before you head in for a Halloween Carnival. Please enjoy our video attached. (No one was harmed during the making of this video) HAPPY HALLOWEEN

You don't need to wait for a Prescription Take Back Day in Dilworth. For the last 4 years Dilworth has had a 24 hour Medication Drop Safe in the lobby. Please do not drop in needles, use the needle Safe container on the wall.

DPD Vehicle Auction currently underway. Follow the link for more information on current seized vehicles. http://www.mc-bid.com/cgi-bin/mmlist.cgi?mcbids1/category/VEHICLES-MARINE-AMP-AVIATION-GT-CARS-AMP-TRUCKS

FREEZE ALERT + FREEZE ALERT + FREEZE ALERT + FREEZE ALERT Under a new Federal Law that just went in to force CREDIT FREEZING is now available for FREE in every State. It is very easy to place on your report and very easy to take off if you want to apply for credit. What does this law do? It STOPS anyone from stealing your identify and then applying for any credit without you knowing. If you decide to buy something on credit, you just temporarily release your report to that company only and then the FREEZE goes back on. You have to contact each of the big 3 separately. But we just tried it and it takes 20 mins max to do all 3 online. Here are the links. Oh and it's FREE, did we say FREE www.equifax.com/personal/education/identity-theft/fraud-alert-security-freeze-credit-lock/ www.experian.com/freeze/center.html www.transunion.com/credit-freeze

Everyone loves s fireman? Dilworth will be hosting an open house on Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm. Come meet some true hometown heroes.

Repost PRESS RELEASE October 3, 2018 This is a joint statement on behalf of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Public Schools, the Dilworth Police Department, and the Clay County Sheriff’s Office in regard to the incident occurring during a fire drill on 10-1-18 at the Dilworth Elementary and DGF Middle School site. At the completion of the drill, it was reported by students and staff that a neighbor of the school was holding a firearm standing in her doorway watching the drill in progress. Dilworth Police and our School Resource Officer were called to assist in the investigation of the potential threat. Law Enforcement responded to the resident’s house to continue with the investigation and to speak with the resident. As a result of the conversation, the information from students and staff was confirmed. The Clay County Attorney’s Office was contacted and briefed on the situation. Based on the information, the Clay County Attorney's Office indicated there was insufficient evidence to warrant criminal charges at this time. We are aware of the numerous social media posts that have been posted prior to and after the event. DGF Schools has made changes to their evacuation procedures to prevent any similar incidences in the future. DGF Public Schools remains committed to school safety and will continue to work with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Ty Sharpe Chief of Police

City survey on curbside recycling https://www.facebook.com/327889497359286/posts/1133469330134628/

We are looking to identify these two individuals in reference to a shoplifting case we are investigating. If you have any information, please contact our office at 218-287-2666. Thank you. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty.

Looks like the scammers are out in full force today! We have had 6 reports scamming phone calls and text messages using various techniques. Just remember, if you don't know the number, you probably shouldn't answer it. If it is the IRS threatening to put you in jail, don't worry, they dont make phone calls. If it is a "personal" matter, it probably isnt. And if it is your relative asking to get bailed out of jail, you might want to call another family member to confirm before you send any money.

2996 people died as we remember 9/11, 343 firefighters and 71 law enforcement officers who truly "Believed in something and Sacrificed everything" We also remember the 1400 addition rescue workers of 9/11 who have passed away from related illnesses. Our thoughts are with all survivors and families.

Our newest officer was sworn in today. Officer J Schnell started her first official day of training by going over passwords, computer access and reading policy and procedure Manual's. Who says Police works no fun?

Happy Labor Day! But that means it is "Back to School Tuesday." Who's ready? The first few days are always the hardest, as more traffic is on the streets and we get use to the school buses back in the neighborhoods. As the great Whitney Houston said 'Children are the Future" so look right, look left and look right again. Have a Great School Year!

We may be closed to allow Stacy and the Chief time to recover from this summers activities, but officers will still be available and out patrolling the city. HAPPY LABOR DAY

Did you know that the Dilworth Police Department gave out 92 bicycle helmets this year. It has been our mission for the last 4 years to make sure that every child has a bicycle helmet. Over the last two years we have used a community grant from the Bremer Bank Foundation, all good things must come to an end and that grant is over. SO if you have a gently used bicycle helmet that your child has outgrown and is just gathering dust, please think about bringing it to the Dilworth Police Department. WE promise to put it to good use in 2019. We will even come pick them up.

It is that time of year when we are planning our Fall Safety Seminar. What would you like to see? Please take just 2 minutes to complete the following survey so we can better plan an event you want! Thanks in advance!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NHFNN9K

We have been busy writing a few parking tickets lately. Remember - there are people less fortunate than you who actually NEED the handicapped parking spots. Please be mindful when parking. It could cost you $200

Today marks the last week of our #LunchWithACop program. Join us today for #JimmyJohns and Friday for #PizzaRanch

We are up and running #PizzaRanch pizza has almost gone, but Slip/Slide is just getting started

Even though it was really close in our online poll. 100% yes to 0% no, we will have the Slip/Slid at #LunchWithaCop Friday. #WhistleStopPark @ noon. Friday is #PizzaRanch Day