Wyoming Police Department

  • Agency: Wyoming Police Department
  • Address: 7665 Wyoming Trail, Wyoming, 55092 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 651-462-0577
Fax: 651-462-0506

Wyoming Police Department is located at 7665 Wyoming Trail, Wyoming, 55092 MN. The Wyoming Police Department phone number is 651-462-0577.

Wyoming Police Department News

Well...they’re not wrong.

We are proud to announce the graduation of our 1st GTO Cadet Sean Sieleni. Sean has spent the last 16 weeks volunteering in the GTO program 4 days a week, as part of our Police Department and interacting with our community. Many people have heard me talk about the importance of inclusive community, this isn't just a speech, this program is action and results driven. The entire community of Wyoming stepped up and got involved in the program and I'm exceptionally proud of our community. From the Cadet, his Family, the businesses who opened their doors to the program, the residents who helped raise the funds, our elected officials and the members of the Police Department who encouraged and supported Sean. Inclusinve community is about recognizing and embracing our differences, coming together and supporting each other to build a community that accepts and supports everyone. GTO Cadet Sieleni, graduated from the GTO program today and the 16 weeks has come to an end. He will use the skills the community of Wyoming has taught him, to take the next steps in becoming independent and employable to earn his own income. I'm equally excited to announce that Sean will continue as a member of the Police Department as a Cadet, volunteering his time back to our community supporting special events and public safety functions. Shout out to Sean, a trailblazer and first GTO cadet in Minnesota. #TheWyomingWay We will be looking for our next GTO Cadet for 2019.. Chief Hoppe

As a reminder there is no parking allowed on city streets between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM. If you leave your vehicle parked on a city street between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM you could be cited (HINT HINT). If you need a parking exemption we will work with you. If you’re throwing a party where persons over the age of 21 are consuming alcohol (totes the only kind of party that exists), call us for a parking exemption so you don’t have to worry about leaving vehicles on the street. We would rather deal with parking issues than drinking and driving issues. We can be reached at 651-462-0577.

“It’s only snowing a little bit so I don’t have to slow down at all.”

Happy Bus Stop Thursday!

Injury crash near Kettle River Blvd and 250th St. Please avoid the area for the time being.

Assisting MN State Patrol with a pursuit that ended in a crash in our city. There is no danger to the public.

Our officers stopped at Wyoming Elementary this afternoon and passed out candy to students, practice for tonight’s trick-or-treating festivities! In the spirit of Halloween, here we’d like to share some safety tips for all of the kids and parents participating in trick-or-treating tonight: 1. Eyes up: Always look both ways. This applies to EVERYONE, drivers should drive with caution and expect children to be crossing the street. Kids can wear bright colors or glow sticks so that vehicles can spot them. 2. Go in groups: Designate a responsible chaperone and ensure all kids stay together and make it home on time. 3. Sort it all out: When sorting through candy at the end of the night, parents, throw out any pre-opened candy, homemade or repackaged goods. 4. Choose wisely: Only choose houses in neighborhoods familiar to you, and houses with well lit porches. And remember, we are only a phone call away if you need us. 5. Have FUN! We’re only kids once and Halloween only comes once a year - make the most of it! Have a safe and happy Halloween Wyoming!

Remember this smiling face? Our GTO Cadet Sean is nearing the end of his 16 week program with us. Today marks the start of his last 2 weeks with us, before he graduates. This last month has kept Sean very busy, as he has ventured out and has worked closely with Wyoming Elementary School, and 2 local businesses including the Village Inn restaurant, and Family Pathways store. We are thankful for Wyoming Elementary and local businesses for opening their doors to Sean, giving him the opportunity to explore his skills and talents in different environments. Sean continues to grow and work hard, and we have seen his positive and cheerful attitude shine through more and more each week throughout the last 3.5 months. Keep up the great work Sean!! Remember to check our Facebook page for more updates on Sean and his upcoming graduation ceremony/gathering.

Update: Turns out this guy is actually a young female pup. No more than 2-3 years old. And she is STILL waiting for her owner to claim her! She is currently at Northwoods Humane Society. No microchip was detected. If you have any information that can help reunite her with her owner, please contact Northwoods.

Does this girl look familiar to you? No she’s not our k-9 partner, even though she looks like she is enjoying her day at the PD. Give us a call at 651-462-0577 if she’s yours.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Wyoming has seen 4 auto thefts in the past week. 3 of these have been vehicles that were left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Driveways and business parking lots are common areas for this to occur. We have also seen an increase in thefts from vehicles, due to personal items being left in plain sight. Please refer to the following chart for detailed instructions on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of theft. Spread the word Wyoming!

Another box of donated stuffed animals was put to good use today, as each lucky kiddo at this bus stop got to take one home! Can you spot the odd one out in the first picture?? Happy Bus Stop Thursday!

Happy Bus Stop Thursday Wyoming! Notice anything different? Looks like we are missing something. All of the local kiddos are currently off of school until next week, but that didn’t stop this officer from trying! Have a fun and safe MEA break everyone, until next Thursday!

The Count brings you our number of arrests for this overnight shift. Charges ranged from 2nd Degree DWI to violation of an order for protection. If you’re going to drink, don’t drive. If you’re going to harass someone, just don’t. If you have warrants and don’t want to get caught, you probably shouldn’t drive around vehicles with bogus tabs on them. #LifeProTips

I have the pleasure of introducing two of our newest Wyoming residents, Anna and Ashley Mickelson. After reading this story you will see why this is such an honor. This past Tuesday morning two of our Officers were dispatched to a call of a mother in labor at her home. As the first Officer approached the home, he discovered the front door locked and no way to enter the house to assist the mother. With a swift kick to the door, the officer forced entry into the house and found the mother had just given birth to a baby girl. The newborn was in the mother’s arms and not breathing. We train as first responders to handle these calls, to deal with a mother in labor or to perform CPR on a person in respiratory distress. Dealing with both at the same time is extremely rare. The officer sprang into action and began CPR on the newborn baby girl Anna, clearing the airway, giving mouth to mouth and compressions until she came to life with that familiar newborn cry. But the story doesn’t end here. As the officers were performing CPR on the newborn, the mother shouted out the second one was coming out. Yes, that’s right, a second newborn. Unannounced to the two officers, the mother was pregnant with twins. With the first newborn baby breathing on her own, the officers switched gears and delivered the second newborn baby girl Ashley. As a Chief, you want to make sure you give your staff the necessary training to do their job, and you hope they recall that training when the need arises. On this day, these two officers performed flawlessly, professionally, without hesitation, with care and compassion to the family. I am pleased to introduce Anna and Ashley Mickelson to our community, and honor Officer Paavola, and Boecker who’s actions saved a life and kept this family’s experience a joyful moment. The Mickelson family have one heck of a story they will probably carry with them for a lifetime. #TheWyomingWay

The sun FINALLY decided to come out of hiding this morning for Bus Stop Thursday!

We’d like to take a moment to recognize the hard work GTO Cadet Sean Seileni has done over the last month, as he has been working at the Wyoming Elementary School. Twice a week Sean works at the school, where he helps with many different tasks, and helps and plays with the children. The kids love him, and he shines in this environment. Recently, a grandparent of a student personally sent Chief Hoppe an email of commendation about Sean. She expressed her appreciation for Sean’s professionalism and positivity around all students and staff. In the video, Sean takes a seat in Chief’s “Chair of Truth” and is commended for his hard work. Keep up the great work GTO Cadet Seileni!

Assisted North Branch PD with a pursuit of a stolen vehicle. 2 in custody. Great teamwork along with Chisago County S/O and Forest Lake PD. #GotEm

***PSA*** The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), will conduct a nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) and also the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The test will begin today at 1:18 pm central standard time and continue for approximately 30 minutes. If your phone is capable of receiving WEA messages you may receive a text labeled "Presidential Alert". This is only a test and no action will be needed. More info can be found by visiting FEMA's web page. https://www.fema.gov/emergency-alert-test

Some lucky kiddos got a tour of a Wyoming police squad car this chilly weekend! We’re always there to respond to emergencies and help those in need, but we never underestimate the value of community policing.

We need to talk about something important here. Last night, Wyoming Officers responded to an emergency request for backup to assist another agency on a traffic stop near E Viking Blvd and E Viking Ln. Responding officers were informed that another agency was on a traffic stop where the driver exited the vehicle with the below pictured shotgun in hand and was reportedly refusing to drop it. While responding with lights and sirens activated, some of our officers responses were delayed due to motorists refusing to pull over. I’ll say it again. Our officers responses to a life threatening situation were delayed due to people refusing to pull over and come to a complete stop for an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens activated. Thankfully the driver surrendered peacefully. When you see an emergency vehicle approaching, you MUST pull over and come to a stop. Not pull over and keep slow rolling. Pull over and STOP. The only exception is if you’re on a divided roadway and the emergency vehicle is on the other side. Someday the person calling for help might be you, or your brother, sister, parents, or other loved ones. You’re going to want us to get there as fast as possible. Please don’t delay our response by selfishly refusing to move over. Thank you for taking the time to read this, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Officer Zerwas

Sweet humiliation. Former White Bear Lake football player, GTO Sieleni challenged Chief Hoppe and his beloved Ponies to the jersey challenge, loser of last week's Ponies vs Bears game had to wear the other team's jersey. Well played GTO Cadet Sieleni. WELL PLAYED!

Being an Officer is just about as glamorous as you can imagine sometimes! Like today, we received a search warrant for a vehicle and a few lucky officers got to double as car cleaners for the day. With that said, as glamorous, or as non-glamorous, as the job can be, we are grateful for what we do and the community we serve.