Bagley Police Department

  • Agency: Bagley Police Department
  • Address: 21 Getchell Ave. SE, Bagley, 56621 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Bagley Police Department is located at 21 Getchell Ave. SE, Bagley, 56621 MN. The Bagley Police Department phone number is 218-694-6150.

Bagley Police Department News

**UPDATE** arms have been fixed Stop arms for the railroad crossing at Clearwater Avenue SW are malfunctioning. BNSF has been notified and are sending a crew out to address the issue. Do NOT drive through the down arms for safety reasons. Use the Highway 92 or Sand Lake Ave SW crossings until further notice!

Hey peeps! Tonight is the night. Set your clocks back and change your batteries in your Smoke detectors!

With recent nation wide events occurring too many times, here is information to heed: When you see a school bus with flashing lights on slow your speed and anticipate a STOP! An attentive driver will see a bus with flashing lights in time and drive respectively! In Minnesota, driving around a school bus stop arm on the passenger’s side of the bus or while the children’s feet are touching the ground outside of the bus is a gross misdemeanor. A gross misdemeanor can earn you a trip to jail. Remember, this could be your child! All children have the right to safely get on and off the bus at all times. Specifically for the City of Bagley, we are #1 & #3! Highway 92 is a two-lane, with no median and no turning lanes, and Highway 2 is a four-lane with no median and no turn lanes! Always pay attention to the lines of the roadway.

Bagley peeps... #lockitorloseit

If you are getting ready to turn in for the night, lock your vehicle/s. Make sure you leave no valuables or keys inside your vehicle and tomorrow you will most likely enjoy your wake up. Doesn't hurt to lock your house doors and if something should go bump in the night, at least all is secure. 😉

For drivers: Stay at least 10 car lengths behind the plow. Do not pass if you cannot see the road or around the plow safely. The plow driver most likely cannot see you as they sit higher than other vehicles. They are there to clear the roadways to make your drive safer.


We have reports of numerous motorists in the ditch around the area. Please, slow down and drive with caution. Put on your headlights! If you are not confident driving with the current road conditions, stay where you. Mover over for emergency vehicle and come to a complete stop. Allow the plows room to do their work safely!

As much as we say we are not ready for this, it is the reality for NW Minnesota. Now remember, you have driven in rain 🌧, wind 🌬, and snow ❄, and tonight/tomorrow and Thursday are no different. Remember, always have your headlights on in inclement weather! Always have your seat belt on and fastened properly! Always drive with due care and caution and always, ALWAYS, be patient, courteous and mindful of the weather, other vehicles, and road conditions! You are in control of your vehicle while on the roadways and it is your responsibility that your vehicle is safe to be on the roadway and you are confident to drive in the conditions you are in! Double check your vehicle for items you may need in cold weather to stay warm and safe until help arrives. Be safe! If you do find yourself in need of help, do not hesitate to contact Bagley PD if you are in the City of Bagley. We will be there to assist! 🚔

Local Bagley businesses, if you are accepting cash during transactions please be vigilant and check to be sure they are not counterfeit. If you suspect it may be counterfeit you have the right to refuse the bill. Contact law enforcement if you are provided or someone is attempting to offer counterfeit bills

In honor of all fallen Firefighters

We have fielded numerous complaints regarding Scam calls being received by local residents with similar messages and requests regarding tax issues and leaving a number to call back within a certain amount of time or police action will be taken. They are leaving different phone numbers for call back. Please do not provide any personal identifying Information if you receive a call from any source you do not trust.

LOST DOG 9/16/18 Bagley, MN “Our family dog is missing. He has been missing since Sunday afternoon, he hates gun shots, was outside and the neighbors started shooting, we went to let him in and he was gone. The neighbors shot for over an hour so we don’t know how long he could hear the shots to as how far he would have went, 5 of us have been looking for him since. He’s super friendly, gentle, he won’t hurt you. His name is Clyde, he has a camo collar and a vaccination tag. He went missing south of Bagley, Hilltop Road between Cty 28 and HWY 92. PLEASE SHARE THIS! If you see him please message me, or call me at 218-533-0074 or my parents 218-694-2656.”

The Bagley PD is looking for any information regarding the 4 wheeler in the attached photo. If you or someone you know has any information, please contact the Bagley PD at 218-694-6150 or private message here. You may remain anonymous. Feel free to share this photo

Bagley Police Department is looking for information on 2 kayaks that are shown in the photos below. If anyone has any information regarding these kayaks you can private message us here or contact us by phone at 218-694-6150. You may remain anonymous.

School is back in session for Bagley Public Schools and FHL Academy. Please, be mindful of the buses picking up and dropping off students in the morning and afternoon and also, pedestrians young and old alike! Pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks and it is our duty as vehicle operators to keep our roads safe at all times. If you see a bus with flashing lights, slow and use caution and if the red lights and stop sign are out, STOP! Please, do your duties as drivers and be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. You can assist making this school year a please one for all! Thank you! Road construction is still going on in Bagley. Drive reasonable and arrive to your destination safely!

Wildfire danger for the Bagley area has increased to high. As you can see on the map below we are in the yellow colored area. Fires will start easily and spread at a fast rate. We have the potential for very high Fire Danger this weekend with warm temps and windy conditions. No open burning permits will be issued this weekend due to poor air quality from Canadian wildfire smoke. Campfires are still allowed.