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  • Agency: Cook County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 143 Gunflint Trl, Grand Marais, 55604 MN
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Phone: (218)387-3030

Cook County Sheriff's Office is located at 143 Gunflint Trl, Grand Marais, 55604 MN. The Cook County Sheriff's Office phone number is (218)387-3030.

Cook County Sheriff's Office News

Update on CSAH 17 Project: Closure on Old Highway 61 Closure Extended Due to Weather Due to the recent rainy weather, the closure on Old Hwy 61 (HSAH 17) from Speckled Trout Road to Mineral Center Road has been extended to Wednesday, Oct 24, to complete planned work. The bridge over Hollow Rock Creek is being replaced. Drivers in that area are asked to obey all signage. Your patience is appreciated as we work to make these important infrastructure improvements.

Representatives from the County Board and various County Departments, the City of Grand Marais, Lutsen, emergency services sector, the Soil & Water Conservation District, ISD 166 and area schools, medical partners, USFS, the DNR, MNDOT and Border Protection Services are participating in a second planning team meeting to update the local Hazard Mitigation Plan and identify five-year mitigation actions. These plans and mitigation actions are important to protect communities, people and critical infrastructure against risks and hazards before they happen and minimize damage in the long-term. Having a FEMA approved Hazard Mitigation Plan makes communities eligible to apply for mitigation funding from FEMA. Cook County and Grand Portage are working with the UMD Geospatial Analysis Center and their Hazard Mitigation Consulting team to update their required plans through a grant from Homeland Security & Emergency Management.

To complete the utility install and subsequent road work on 5th Ave W (Old Gunflint Trail) between Hwy 61 and 2nd St, a temporary road closure is in effect again today, from 9 am - 1 pm. Drivers are asked to take a different route, and obey all signage.

For Fire Prevention week, the Tofte Fire Department visited the Birch Grove School and the Grand Marais Fire and Maple Hill Fire Departments visited classrooms at Sawtooth Mountains Elementary and Great Expectations Charter School to talk fire safety. Thank you students and teachers! For more information on Fire Safety and what you can do as a family, go to:

Another phone scam taking place locally today. Dispatch has received multiple regarding the IRS scam. The phone number people are reporting the call originating from is #‪916-573-7918‬ and people have said the call says from Sacramento, California It is the call where the caller indicates there are charges pending against you form the IRS and law enforcement will come get you. This is a scam! Hang up, and do not give financial information out over the phone. The Sheriff’s Office is aware of these scams occurring and they have been reported. If you have any personal tax questions, you can call the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.

It’s Fire Prevention Week!!! The Home Fire Safety Campaign is an awesome initiative from the Red Cross that partners with local emergency management agencies and fire departments to offer free smoke alarms, installed by VFDs or CERT volunteers, to any residents who need them. Only working smoke alarms save lives and all alarms, even hardwired alarms, expire after 10 years. With the home fire safety campaign offering free alarms installed by firefighters to anyone in need, there is no excuse to be noncompliant. If you smoke alarms in your residence, contact the Office of Emergency Management at 218-387-3059 or your local Fire Department, to set up an appointment. And don’t forget to change the batteries in your alarms when you set your clocks back for Daylight Savings Time!

What a difference a day can make! Here are the before and after shots of the North Road where flooding occurred yesterday afternoon around 2 pm, causing an emergency closure and cross road culvert installation. Kudos to the Cook County Highway Department for your quick response and efficient work! The road was re-opened and dangerous flood water mitigated by 5:35 pm.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office has received reports that local residents are receiving telephone calls with a pre-recorded message offering pain relief bracelets, originating from the non-emergency Sheriff’s office 218-387-3030 telephone number. The Sheriff’s Office is not making these calls, nor does it offer any type of sales of products. Like other telephone scam calls, the caller has obtained a way to mask the call with a local phone number. If you receive this call, simply hang up and do not follow any instructions on the pre-recorded message and never give out financial information to any suspicious caller over the phone.

Due to strong Lake Superior gales and heavy rain, parts of downtown Grand Marais are flooded. Steer clear of streets with standing water. Even a couple inches of water can stall a vehicle or hide dangerous debris. Driving Safety Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars causing loss of control and possible stalling. A foot of water will float many vehicles. Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including sport utility vehicles (SUV’s) and pick-ups. What to do in a Flash Flood Flash floods occur within six hours of the beginning of heavy rainfall. Below are some guidelines for keeping safe during a flash flood: Be prepared to evacuate and go to high ground immediately. Get out of areas subject to flooding, such as low spots, canyons, washes, etc. Do not attempt to cross a flowing stream on foot. Even water only six inches deep, when moving at a high rate of speed, can knock you off your feet. Never drive through flooded areas or standing water. Shallow, swiftly flowing water can wash a car from a roadway. Also, the roadbed may not be intact under the water. If the vehicle stalls, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. Rapidly rising water may engulf the vehicle and its occupants. Be especially cautious at night when it’s harder to recognize flood dangers. Do not camp or park your vehicle along streams and washes, particularly during threatening conditions. Understand the difference between a Flash Flood Watch and a Flash Flood Warning

UPDATE: The North Road (County Road 69) is now open to thru traffic. Thank you to the quick work of the the Highway Department crews.

Crews have restored power to the entire Hovland area to the Border and have removed a tree on the main line. All members should have power restored. Thanks for the expedient work Arrowhead!

Arrowhead Electric Cooperative Inc, has reported they currently have a power outage affecting a line between Hovland and Grand Portage. Crews are in route. Roads affected are: Mineral Center Road Bay Estates Town Site and West Townsite Rydens and the Border area 5700s-7500s E Highway 61

Emergency road closure due to water over the road on North Road (County Rd 69) in Hovland. The closure is 1.5 miles north of Hwy 61, on the west end of North Rd, approximately 50 ft east of fire #4488. An emergency cross road culvert replacement is being done. The Highway Department expects the work to be done by 6 pm, tonight. Motorists are asks to take an alternate route, obey all signage and NEVER attempt to cross a flooded road way.

Cook County Emergency Management is training on Evacuation and Re-Entry Planning with Homeland Security & Emergency Management at Camp Ripley today and tomorrow. Cook County also met with HSEM Director Joe Kelly and other HSEM staff on our current emergency declaration for public assistance.

Work Proceeds on Old Highway 61 Closure on Speckled Trout Road to Mineral Center Starts Tuesday Old Hwy 61 (HSAH 17) will be closed from Speckled Trout Road to Mineral Center Road from Tuesday, Oct 9 through Friday, Oct 19. The bridge over Hollow Rock Creek is being replaced, weather permitting. Drivers in that area are asked to obey all signage. Your patience is appreciated as we work to make these important infrastructure improvements.

Update from Arrowhead Electric Co-op: Arrowhead crews are awesome! We did some troubleshooting and found a single point of failure that affected the area from Lindskog Road east to Kimball Creek. They found a fiber cable that had been torn down and made the necessary repairs. Light is now flowing again! The affected roads and addresses that should be working again are: Wood Mountain Road Taylor Lane Moonshadow Trail 2000s - 2600s of E Hwy 61 Timberwolf Lane Linnell Road Red Cliff Road Work to repair any outstanding fiber and broadband issues continues. Thank you all for your support over the last several days recovering from the wind storm!

Due to the extent of damage caused by the wind storm this week, Cook County is filing a State Disaster Declaration to help recoup costs associated with response and recovery. Here are a few pictures of some of the impacts in public areas; Emergency Management spent much of Thursday, Friday and this morning documenting effected areas. If you have photos (or video) of the weather in action or results of the storm, you’d like us to include in our submission, please feel free to post them here, send us a private message or email our Emergency Manager at Please use #CCWindStormOct2018 and be sure to tell us the location.

We have been advised that as of 9:45 pm, Arrowhead Cooperative has been able to restore power for everyone except two unoccupied homes. Crews were headed home for a well-deserved rest. Thank you for all of your hard work for and dedication to the citizens of Cook County.

Wind Storm Update: Power Restoration Efforts and Storm Response Continues (Long post, but contains info on current outages, sheltering, brush disposal, food safety, and response) October 5, 2018 – Last night's heavy, wet snowfall has added to the number of downed trees after roads were fully opened yesterday. The Cook County Highway Department resumed operations at 05:30 this morning, beginning with plowing roads and continuing tree clean up along County roads. Any reports of trees blocking county roads can be reported to the Highway Department at 387-3014 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday until 4:30 pm) or after hours reported to Dispatch (non-emergency 218-387-3030 or 911 emergency). Work to restore all power across the County as well as clearing downed trees continues today. Line crews from both Arrowhead Electric Co-op Inc. and Grand Marais Public Utilities Commission began working on lines at 7 am. Arrowhead Electric has responded to outages up the Gunflint Trail, and crews are still working in the Colvill area. Today’s wind and rain has not aided the restoration process. Crews continue to work safely and diligently. County Road 14 and the Linnell Road areas have now been restored. Crews are currently working in the White Sky and Cliff Cove areas. There are still several singular outages active which are next in dispatch order. Crews will continue to work as long as safely possible and necessary. Please be advised that off-peak heating members can freely charge for the remainder of today. If you are experiencing an Arrowhead power outage, please let them know: 218-663-7239 or 800-864-3744 – staff will be in office for some time, before phones roll-over to the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch. For assistance with broadband outages please call: 218-663-9030 or 877-602-7769. The Grand Marais PUC currently has five properties that do not yet have power on Grace Drive and should be reconnected simultaneously by the end of the day. If the Grace Drive area goes quickly, one remaining location on Old Shore Road back on today as well, if it is not reached today, it will be online as early as possible tomorrow. Sheltering Cook County Public Health & Human Services opened an emergency shelter location at the Cook County YMCA last night, on Thursday, Oct. 4; however, no residents utilized the shelter nor calls were received to request shelter assistance. If anyone in the County who remains without power requires shelter for tonight, please contact the Public Health & Human Services shelter manager at 218-387-5394 or if you need emergency assistance, call 911. Food Safety During and After a Power Outage Here are basic tips for keeping food safe. When the Power Goes Out . . . 1. Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to maintain the cold temperature. • The refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours if it is unopened. • A full freezer will keep the temperature for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full) if the door remains closed. 2. Buy dry or block ice to keep the refrigerator as cold as possible if the power is going to be out for a prolonged period. Fifty pounds of dry ice should keep an 18-cubic foot, fully stocked freezer cold for two days. 3. If you plan to eat refrigerated or frozen meat, poultry, fish, or eggs while they are still at safe temperatures, it is important that each item is thoroughly cooked to a safe minimum internal temperature to ensure that any foodborne bacteria that may be present are destroyed. However, if at any point the food was above 40º F for 2 hours or more (or 1 hour if temperatures are above 90 º F) — discard it. Once Power is Restored . . . Determine the safety of your food: 1. If an appliance thermometer was kept in the freezer, check the temperature when the power comes back on. If the freezer thermometer reads 40° F or below, the food is safe and may be refrozen. 2. If a thermometer has not been kept in the freezer, check each package of food to determine its safety. You can’t rely on appearance or odor. If the food still contains ice crystals or is 40° F or below, it is safe to refreeze or cook. 3. Refrigerated food should be safe as long as the power was out for no more than 4 hours and the refrigerator door was kept shut. Discard any perishable food (such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or leftovers) that has been at temperatures above 40° F for two hours or more (or one hour if temperatures are above 90º F). Perishable food such as meat, poultry, seafood, milk, and eggs that are not kept adequately refrigerated or frozen may cause illness if consumed, even when they are thoroughly cooked. Additional resources for food safety: • Minnesota Dept of Health - • FDA - Food Safety during & after power outages - • Red Cross – Food Safety in Emergencies - • CDC – Food & Sanitation in Power outage – Brush Disposal Wood debris from residential downed trees can be brought to any of the Firewise Brush Disposal Sites. Disposal sites are for the disposal of clean vegetation material only. Please no stumps, root systems, demolition material, lumber, sheet goods or other unnatural materials. Place load onto main pile - please do not create additional piles. Everyone’s cooperation is appreciated. Firewise Brush Disposal Sites are located at: • Caribou Trail west of Evergreen Road • Cascade Bluffs Road off Pike Lake Road • 224 Ball Club Road • 1748 Shoe Lake Road • Gunflint Trail near Gunflint Narrows Road (Past N Gunflint Lake Rd, but before Gunflint Narrows Rd) • East Bearskin Road • Horseshoe Bay Pit 5341 E Hwy 61 A map of Firewise Brush Disposal Sites can be found on the County’s website in the MAPPing section. Cook County is initiating a State Emergency Declaration to assist with cost recovery. The Office of Emergency Management is working with Minnesota Homeland Security & Emergency Management on the declaration and performing damage assessment with local partners, jurisdictions and response agencies. -30- Contact: Valerie Marasco, Director – Office of Emergency Management & Public Information, 218-387-5366 or

Shelter Operations Wrapping Up as No Residents Have Checked-In As no residents have checked-in to the emergency shelter location at the Cook County YMCA and no calls regarding sheltering have been received, Public Health & Human Services is wrapping up operations for the night. Should anyone impacted by the storm-related power outage need a safe place to stay overnight, please call 218-387-5397. As always, if emergency response is needed, call 911.