Cuyuna Police Department

  • Agency: Cuyuna Police Department
  • Address: 24945 Minnesota Ave, Deerwood, 56444 MN
  • Chief: Tim Leonard (Chief of Police)
Phone: 218-546-5400

Cuyuna Police Department is located at 24945 Minnesota Ave, Deerwood, 56444 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Tim Leonard. The Cuyuna Police Department phone number is 218-546-5400.

Cuyuna Police Department News

It's Halloween and Officer Houle will be out on patrol looking 👀 for ghosts and goblins. Officer Houle is our newest addition to our team. If you see the Cuyuna squad car 🚓 out & about stop him and say hello. Officer Houle is still learning tricks so just ask for the treats. 👻

Mental health and wellness affects us all and will be my number one priority for our community. When I learned of the Vitals program for first responders, I was fully on board. I went to the training and got it implemented with Cuyuna Police Department in April 2018. When I'm out meeting the public at their doors, a frequently asked question was, "What kind of training" and "how is law enforcement going to deal with mental health crisis calls?" Deescalation training is becoming mandated and the Vitals program is going to give our first responders real time, helpful information. Information when it's needed the most, at the time of the incident.

Happy Independence Day. Cuyuna PD had the honor of leading the Colors during the Crosby Parade.

Our high profile security team for the woodticks at the Woodtick Races.

Another Woodtick Races in the books. Beautiful weather and great people.

Public Service Announcement. CR 31 isn't for drag racing and could get you a citation. Deputy Chief Pickar was invited by BIR to help promote Wednesday night drag racing & drifting in a legal environment. Giving our local racers, including some fellow Sertoma Sunrise club members from Brainerd, their ET slips. The crowd loved that the squad tried a timed run as you can see by the ET slip of car 911.

Chief Jesse Smith is happy to announce that we are one of the agencies that has gone live with the Vitals App. If you know anyone in the Cuyuna Range area with dementia, autism or other mental health issue that could benefit from this program, contact Deputy Chief Pat Pickar. We would be happy to assist you or a loved one, get signed up for a beacon. Hopefully allowing for future positive contacts and outcomes for both law enforcement and anyone with an invisible mental health concern.

Much deserved award. Officer Van Horn is a great representation for law enforcement in the Cuyuna Range atea and as a citizen, dedicated to his community. Congratulations Officer Van Horn.

You may see the Chief patrolling around tonight playing "Reindeer Games"!