Chatfield Police Department

  • Agency: Chatfield Police Department
  • Address: 21 Second Street SE, Chatfield, 55923 MN
  • Chief: Jeff McCormick (Chief of Police)

Chatfield Police Department is located at 21 Second Street SE, Chatfield, 55923 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeff McCormick. The Chatfield Police Department phone number is 507-867-3331.

Chatfield Police Department News

Found male cat. No tags. Appears to be neutered. Found in the area if industrial drive and Conway lane. Friendly and clean and appears to be a pet cat. If this is your animal or know who’s cat this is please contact our police department. Thanks.

It is that time of the year again; Homecoming Week. We here at the Chatfield Police Department are all about the fun, and we understand. However, we would like to remind everyone, kids and parents alike, that the rules that we must follow the other 51 weeks of the year are not suspended during Homecoming Week. Curfew, enforced...... Damage to property, enforced....... Good luck to all the King and Queen candidates.......... Volleyball plays Wabasha-Kellogg Thursday night and football plays Caledonia Friday night. 7th and 8th grade football games are also home this week against Zumbrota-Mazeppa. And don't forget Gopher Fest, Friday afternoon from 3:15 to 5:30 outside at the High School. Homecoming Dance is Saturday night at the High School. Come cheer on your favorite teams and let's have a safe and enjoyable Homecoming Week.

SCAM ALERT Houston County and Fillmore County took calls today about a crew going around offering to "pave" driveways. They call themselves Road Maintenance and have been going door-to-door offering to pave driveways at a low cost. After the work is done, the price suddenly goes way above the initial quote. Today, they quoted someone $600 and then handed them a bill for $3000,which now included labor. They are using reclaimed asphalt that is mixed with dirt, rocks, and metal. It is a very thin covering, and very poorly done. They have the equipment, so they do look the part. If you come across this crew, do not be bullied into accepting their "work" and do not be afraid to contact your local law enforcement if you are contacted and feel pressured.

Found near Grand street

There have been a lot young kids driving golf carts, UTV’s, ATV’s, and other motorized vehicles on the city streets. The Police Department has allowed the use of these vehicles to citizens, but only if they are licensed drivers themselves. If you do not have a drivers license you are not allowed to drive a vehicle on the roadways not matter what the distance is. Citations will be issued if this problem persists.

For everyone who has noticed the no parking signs that have popped up around town, the City will be chip-sealing tomorrow starting in the morning. The areas being treated are: 600 block (give or take) of Margaret St Cliff St from Ave B to the cul-de-sac Fillmore St from Hwy 52 to First St Grove St from Hwy 52 to Burr Oak Ave Spring St from Hwy 52 to Winona St Fillmore from Third St to Eighth St Library Lane from Twiford St to the Treatment Plant Gate. These streets were crack-filled by Rochester Services (S&L Contracting) in July. Pearson Brothers is scheduled to chip-seal these streets. The process of crack-filling and chip-sealing helps extend the life of our city streets. Pearson Brothers will be applying a thin layer of oil to the road surface. The oil is then covered with a layer of granite rock chips. A roller is used to pack the rock down to help it stick to the oil. It is recommended to leave the excess rock down for up to 4 weeks before sweeping. We will begin sweeping the excess rock up the week of September 10th. For those residents that live on the streets listed, please remove your vehicles from the streets when work is being performed in your area. Thank you for your cooperation.

Missing dog, a brown and white terrier ran away from a accident yesterday next to the Chosen Valley mobile home park.Dog weighs about 25 pounds and owner really misses him. If you see or find him, Chatfield Police Department has information on how to contact the owner. Thanks for the help.

Western days parade starts at 1:00 today! Don't forget your sunscreen, it's going to be a great day for a parade.

Enterprise drive from Hillside to John and Mary drive will be closed for the weekend. The new asphalt is down and in this heat will not set enough to be driven on. You will need to use an alternate route. Try to stay cool this weekend.

A bike was stolen outside of Studio 223 early this morning. The bike was a black Fat Tire Minnesota Brand bike with red bags attached to the back of it. The bike looks similar to the one pictured. The suspect was seen wearing a camo shirt and jeans or possibly shorts. They were last seen on 3rd Street heading towards Groen Park. If you have any information or see this bike please contact the Police Department. Thanks.

The city crew has turned in a Toyota key which was found at City park. If these are yours they can be claimed at the Chatfield police department office.

The school year has officially wrapped up today and we are sure the kids are ready for summer break. With that being said curfew does not change in the summer months. We want to remind everyone that curfew for children that are 15 and under is 10:00 PM on weekdays and weekends it is 11:00 PM. Children between 16 and 17 curfew is 11:00 PM on weekdays and weekends it is midnight. The fine for being out after curfew is 25.00 per offense. The fine for parents who allow their children to be out after curfew is 50.00 per offense. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer!!

The Winona Police Department recently took in over 5000 items of potentially stolen property. The time span of the potentially stolen items was January 2017 through March 2018. The person who stole these items admitted to stealing from several locations in Chatfield. We have attempted to identify items which were reported stolen to us. If you had any items stolen during this time frame you will need to stop into the Chatfield Police Department and make a report. If you live in the rural area, you will need to call your respective Sheriff's Office. The more detailed you can be, the better. The items are located in Winona and you would need to travel there to view. To view the items, you must have a police report. These items were mainly stolen out of garages and sheds. You will be able to get a copy of your report from the department you reported it to. Items will only be available for viewing Saturday June, 2nd, Monday June, 4th and Tuesday June, 5th.

A set of keys were turned in tonight. They were found at the intersection of Main Street and Division Street near the grocery store. Please message us or call if they are yours. Thanks.

There seems to be a lot of scam calls making the rounds this spring. Please be careful when answering the phone for numbers you don't know. The Grandchild scam....... This one usually starts off with "Hi Grandma/Grandpa. This is your grandchild". They will then wait for you to say a name and then agree with you. Sometimes they will even have the name of a grand child. They will then say they need money because they are in jail, the hospital, or they had an accident and put someone in the hospital, and need money for bail or the hospital bill. They may also tell you "but don't tell mom and dad". If that is the case, it is most likely a scam. They may even say they are in Canada or Mexico. Please call other family members to make sure your grandchild is safe. If they ask you to send cash through the mail, use Western Union, or buy gift cards and give them the numbers, these are all untraceable, and a scam. If Social Security, or the IRS, or Medicare calls and tells you that the local police are going to arrest you because of unpaid taxes, you were over-paid benefits, or you just owe money, it is a scam. Local police departments do not typically arrest people for Federal Government Agencies. Sweepstakes calls will ask you to send money to get more money...... Scam......... If this sounds like someone you know, please let them know to be careful and not give personal information out or send money.....

My humans were looking for me and I am now home safe.... Thanks everyone.......

Due to circumstances beyond the City's control, Burr Oak Avenue will stay closed until Friday afternoon. The same detour will remain in effect. Thank you for your patience....

Burr Oak Avenue will be closed between Division St and Grove St, tomorrow, May 18, until Monday afternoon, May 21 for construction. The concrete water run at Division St will be removed and replaced and needs to sit over the weekend. The road is scheduled to be opened Monday afternoon, pending a concrete test.

Tomorrow is the first day of May, so you know what that means.... Well, May Day, but more importantly, Chatfield Trash and Treasure Days, this weekend, May 4th and 5th. If you have something to get rid of, put it out.... If you need something, you will probably find it at the city-wide garage sale. Check the Chatfield News for a map with the locations of the sales around town. A lot of people start putting items out early, so please be sure to keep all items off the streets. More importantly, please do not leave anything valuable in your front yard this week. Every year, we get calls of property being taken from people's front yards during the week leading up to Trash and Treasure Days. As people start driving around this week looking for treasures, anything in the front yard is likely to be perceived as "fair game" and will disappear.

There has been vandalism in Mill Creek park in and around the skate park. This occured on Saturday and again today. Please call us at 867-3331 if you witnessed any activity or have any knowledge of who may have done this. Thank You

Thank you Chatfield Tiger Cub Scouts for stopping by tonight and bringing us some goodies! We appreciate everything the scouts do for our community!