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Eden Prairie Police Department is located at 8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie, 55344 MN. The Eden Prairie Police Department phone number is 952-949-6200.

Eden Prairie Police Department News

When Can I Leave My Children Home Alone? The decision to leave children home alone is one that ultimately, all parents face. Whether it’s after school when parents are at work or parents needing to run a quick errand, there comes a time when children, and often their parents, think it would be easiest to leave a child at home alone. There is no state law specifying at what age children can be left at home alone. However, Hennepin County Child Protection does have age-related guidelines for juvenile self-care. These guidelines are used by child welfare workers and police officers as an evaluation tool when they are called to a home where children are home alone. The guidelines are: •Ages 7 and under should not be left alone. •Ages 8 – 10 should not be left home alone for more than three hours •Ages 11-13 should not be left at home alone for more than 12 hours •Ages 14-15 should not be left at home alone for more than 24 hours •Ages 16-17 may be left alone for more than 24 hours with a plan in place concerning how to respond to an emergency. For babysitting, children under age 11 should not provide childcare. Children ages 11 and older may provide childcare with the home alone limits above. When left alone, a child should know where the parents are and how to reach them. The child should also feel comfortable with the situation and know emergency resources. Before leaving a child home alone, the emotional maturity of the child should be evaluated by the parents. Ultimately it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child is cared for in their absence. Parents may be held accountable for the decision to leave a child alone. For more information on determining whether your child is ready to be left home alone, check out this University of Minnesota Extension website (http://www.extension.umn.edu/family/school-success/families/making-school-transitions-positive/children-home-alone/).

It’s EMS Week! This week is National EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week and we are happy to celebrate our primary EMS partner, Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC). When we receive a 911 call for a medical situation, such as a car crash, industrial accident or cardiac arrest, our dispatchers contact HCMC for an ambulance in addition to dispatching Eden Prairie police officers and firefighters. In 2017, we received 3,042 medical calls. HCMC paramedics also provide Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training to Eden Prairie police officers who are all certified EMTs. The paramedics provide top-notch emergency medical education to our officers who are required to maintain their EMT certification by taking a week-long class every three years. HCMC paramedics play a vital role in helping to keep our community safe and we appreciate the close working relationship we have with them. Thank you HCMC!

We recently recovered a women's Robbinsdale Cooper Class of 1988 ring. If it belongs to you, please contact Eden Prairie PD at 952-949-6200 and ask for Det. Mohn.

I Got Caught! Yesterday, EPPD officers greeted Eden Prairie High School students as they drove into the school’s parking lot to see if they were wearing seatbelts. Those who were received an “I Got Caught” card, good for one small beverage at McDonald’s courtesy of AAA and McDonald’s, or they received a full-size candy bar donated by the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund. Of all the student drivers and passengers the officers saw, only two were not wearing seatbelts. Those two were reminded by the officers of the importance of buckling up but were not issued citations. In Minnesota, approximately 40% of all motorists killed in crashes aren’t belted which translates into an average of 105 deaths and more than 200 serious injuries each year. As a reminder, Minnesota law states that drivers and all passengers must be buckled, including those in the back seat. A seat belt violation can cost more than $100. The officers were impressed with the high percentage of kids wearing seatbelts yesterday morning. Way to go EPHS students!

Law Enforcement Memorial Day 2018 This week is National Police Week and yesterday, May 15, was Law Enforcement Memorial Day. It is a day when law enforcement officers across the country gather at their respective memorials to pay tribute to officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice. It is also a time to show families who have lost a loved one that we will never forget their sacrifices. Minnesota law enforcement officers, including those from Eden Prairie, paid tribute to the 245 Minnesota peace officers who lost their lives while on duty since 1874. Eden Prairie officers participated in the tradition of standing guard at the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial on the state Capitol grounds. The officers stood for 20 minutes, then after the guard duty change, the officers left their posts, rang the memorial bell and stated the name of a Minnesota officer who was killed in the line of duty. This ritual continued every 20 minutes with officers from departments across the state during the 24-hour vigil. In honor of those who died as heroes in the line of duty, flags at all City facilities were lowered to half-staff on Tuesday and EPPD officers wore mourning bands over their badges from sunrise until sunset.

Over the past three weeks, Eden Prairie Police have responded to a number of residential burglaries and suspicious incidents involving homes with unlocked doors, garages, windows, patio doors and gates. Each of these incidents have occurred during overnight hours while residents were asleep inside the homes. Items being taken from these residences include purses, wallets, computers and cash, often left just inside an unlocked entrance. To view the location of these and other crimes in Eden Prairie, visit the Community Crime Map: http://www.edenprairie.org/city-government/departments/police-department/crime-reports-and-news/community-crime-map Eden Prairie Police believe there may be multiple suspects who are committing these crimes, not only in Eden Prairie but also throughout the metro area. Detectives are following up on leads, but Police also ask the public to report any suspicious activity and take action to help prevent additional crimes from occurring in our community. Do your part to keep your home and belongings safe: - Lock all entrances to your home, including garage service doors, and close overhead garage doors at night. Open and unlocked doors provide quick and easy access to cars, items in garages and homes. - Lock all cars left in driveways or on the street overnight. Thieves can use garage door openers found in unlocked cars in driveways to access garages and homes. - Do not leave valuables such as purses, wallets, keys and electronics in cars parked in driveways or garages overnight, also consider tucking them away inside your home, rather than leaving them by the door. Police are asking residents to be alert and report any suspicious activity by calling 911 immediately.

Crime Prevention Fund Scholarship Awarded On Monday night the Eden Prairie Crime Prevention Fund awarded its first-ever scholarship to Eden Prairie High School senior Gabrielle Knight. The newly created scholarship is targeted to students who have an academic emphasis or interest in coursework in the area of criminal justice, law enforcement and/or community crime prevention. The Crime Prevention Fund decided to create the scholarship program in honor of its 40th anniversary. Gabrielle is a member of the Edina/Eden Prairie Police Explorer Post and is interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. Here is an excerpt from the award presentation: “Gabrielle has extensive knowledge of American Sign Language, often helping as an interpreter. She is an active volunteer in her church, loves gymnastics and has published poetry in the school magazine for the last 3 years. One highlight for Gabrielle was getting the chance to work security at the Super Bowl. She was part of Justin Timberlake’s security team for four days. Her senior year, Gabby chose to take courses at Hennepin Technical College. One of her courses was in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice where she earned a 4.0. Gabrielle loves helping people. Her letters of recommendation mention her willingness to lend a hand in any situation and her strong work ethic. Gabrielle possesses all the attributes that will one day help make her an outstanding police officer. In the fall, she will be attending Minnesota State University of Moorhead where she plans on studying criminal justice and American Sign Language interpreting with an emphasis in psychology.” Congratulations Gabrielle!

Officer Streiff Scores a Hat Trick! On his March 17 night shift, EPPD Officer Chad Streiff arrested three people for DWI. That qualified him to receive a hat trick award from the Office of Traffic Safety, which is a division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Officer Streiff received a special baseball cap and pin during a presentation at the EPPD May 9. This is the first hat trick award an EPPD officer has received since the program began. On the night of March 17, Officer Streiff’s first arrest came at 9 p.m. when he pulled over a driver who was swerving and struck a lane divider several times. The driver had a preliminary blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit and had two children in the car. He was subsequently arrested for 3rd Degree DWI, Child Endangerment and Careless Driving. Officer Streiff’s second arrest came several hours later at 1 a.m. when he observed a speeding vehicle on Hwy. 62. The driver’s BAC was .16, which is twice the legal limit of .08. The driver was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI, Careless Driving and Speed. The third arrest occurred at 2:30 a.m. when Officer Streiff was alerted by another officer that a speeding vehicle was headed his way on Hwy. 212. Using his radar equipment, Officer Streiff registered speed readings of 86, 85 and 84 mph in the 60-mph zone. Officer Streiff pulled the vehicle over and smelled alcohol on the driver. A preliminary breath test showed the driver’s BAC was .22, nearly three times the legal limit. He was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI, Careless Driving and Speed. We are proud of the work Officer Streiff does to keep our roads safe and congratulate him on his first hat trick!

Cleaning Up Highway 5 Last Saturday members of the Eden Prairie Reserve Unit, along with family members and police officers, cleaned up a section of Hwy. 5 between Eden Prairie Road and Mitchell Road. They have done this every year since 1990, the year they adopted this stretch of highway. This year they collected 25 bags of trash along with several miscellaneous large pieces of trash. According to MnDOT, Adopt a Highway volunteer groups spent an estimated 239,000 hours picking up 112,000 pounds of trash in 2017. Those efforts helped MnDOT realize an estimated $6-million benefit in 2017. We would like to thank the Reserves for everything they do to keep our community safe and clean!

The US National Weather Service Twin Cities Minnesota issued a red flag warning today due to forecast high winds and low humidity. Under these conditions, the Eden Prairie Fire Department prohibits recreational fires.

Garage Sale Season With summer’s arrival, many of us are cleaning out closets and other spaces in our homes. Oftentimes that leads to thoughts of hosting a garage sale and perhaps making a few dollars. Every spring and summer we receive phone calls from residents wanting to know if there are any city code regulations pertaining to garage sales. The regulations for garage sales in Eden Prairie are as follows: Where Garage sales may occur only on properties zoned Rural, Single Family or Multi-Family, where a dwelling has been erected and occupied. How Many No more than four (4) garage sales can occur at a dwelling in a 12-month period. How Long No sale shall exceed a period of four (4) consecutive days. Signs Residents are allowed one (1) sign at the site of the sale and two (2) temporary offsite directional signs. Signs cannot exceed 6 square feet and should not be placed within any street right of way or upon any public easement. Signs can be placed one day prior to a sale and should be removed one day after a sale. For more information, please see Eden Prairie City Code Chapter 11 (http://www.edenprairie.org/home/showdocument?id=89). Although we are not aware of any problems with counterfeit money being passed at garage sales in Eden Prairie, there have been reported incidents of fake money used at yard sales in other parts of the country. If you’re concerned about money you’ve received, check out the U.S. Currency Education Program for tips on how to spot counterfeit bills (https://www.uscurrency.gov/denominations). Submitted by Jim Schedin, Zoning Administrator

Car Seat Clinic May 12 Have you ever wondered if you installed your child’s car seat correctly? If so, you’re not alone. The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety estimates that in Minnesota, three out of four child seats are used incorrectly. If you’d like help with your child’s car seat, come to the EPPD’s Spring Car Seat Clinic Saturday, May 12 at Eden Prairie Fire Station #1 (14800 Scenic Heights Road) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. No appointments are needed for this free clinic — our certified car seat technicians will check your car seats for proper installation on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be sure to bring your car seat, manual and child to the clinic.

The EPPD S.W.A.T. team recently participated in an active shooter training in Edina. Below is a video from Edina PD explaining why the training is so important.

Congratulations to our Explorers! Last weekend the Edina/Eden Prairie Explorer Post attended the 43rd annual Explorer Conference in Rochester, Minnesota. The Explorers competed against 500 Explorers from 48 departments in a variety of team and individual events. Since September, the Explorers have spent more than 140 hours training for the conference. Our Post took home several team and individual awards including: •2nd place in Crime Prevention •2nd place in Traffic Crash Reconstruction •2nd place in Street Decisions •3rd place in First Aid •3rd place in Defensive Tactics •3rd place in Human Trafficking •Explorer Luisa Chacon, 2nd place in slow fire shoot The Explorers will now begin training for the National Law Enforcement Conference in July. City of Edina, MN (Local Government)

Solicitor Season is Here Along with the snow melting and sounds of robins chirping is another sure sign of spring – solicitors attempting to sell their wares and services door to door in Eden Prairie neighborhoods. Solicitors and peddlers who wish to work in Eden Prairie are required to obtain a license from the Police Department prior to operating. The EPPD’s Licensing Clerk reviews each application and conducts a background check on both the company and individual salespeople. If the background check is found to be satisfactory, the solicitors and peddlers are allowed to work in the City during the dates stated on their applications. Solicitors and peddlers are not allowed to work in city parks. Peddling and soliciting is only allowed from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Approved solicitors and peddlers are required to wear an identification card from the Police Department which must be displayed between their neck and waist. Issuance of an identification card is in no way an endorsement of any product or service sold by a solicitor. Exceptions are made for Eden Prairie school fundraisers and local non-profits serving Eden Prairie youth such as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and churches. Additionally, non-profit organizations that are only asking for donations and not selling anything are not required to obtain a permit. If you wish to exclude solicitors and peddlers from your property, post a sign near the entrance of your home with the words “Peddlers and Solicitors Prohibited”. The sign should be at least 3 and ¾ inches wide and 3 and ¾ inches long. The City also provides these cards free to residents at the Police Department receptionist desk in City Center. Under MN Statute 325G.08, all peddlers and solicitors are required to provide buyers with a Notice of Cancellation for sales of $25 or greater. The Notice of Cancellation gives buyers three days to cancel their purchase without penalty. This statute is commonly known as the “Three-Day Cooling Off Law”. If you see someone in your neighborhood selling door to door and you have any questions or concerns about them, or if you are approached by a solicitor without an identification card, please contact the EPPD’s 24-hour non-emergency number, 952-949-6200.

Thank you to our friends from Brookdale Eden Prairie for stopping by today with this awesome cake and thoughtful cards. We really appreciate it!

Hwy. 5 eastbound is now open.

Minnesota State Patrol will lead the investigation into this afternoon's fatal crash on Hwy. 5 near Mitchell Rd.

Hwy. 5 eastbound at Venture Ln. is closed due to a crash.

Our Professional Administrative Assistant Today is Administrative Professionals Day and here at the EPPD, we are fortunate to have one of the best. Jenna Spaulding has worked as the department’s Administrative Assistant since 2007. Prior to that she worked at the EPPD as a Records Technician for six years. Last November Jenna was awarded the Civilian Employee of the Year from the Labor Management Team. Here is an excerpt from the award: Jenna is incredibly hard-working – arriving early in the morning and often staying until late afternoon or early evening if she is needed to cover a meeting or event. Her door is always open and although her work is constantly interrupted, she drops whatever she’s doing and offers her help. Jenna helps plan everything from the smallest lunch meeting to citywide events. She has a keen ability to plan ahead which helps keep many others around her on track. Jenna is a great ambassador for the department and works closely with other city divisions including Facilities, IT and Finance, to make sure that things are running smoothly in the PD. Much of Jenna’s work is done behind the scenes and is unbeknownst to many EPPD staff. She helps to on-board new employees, serves as backup to the front desk, maintains the department’s administrative records, orders food, tracks uniform and civilian clothing purchases, plans retirement parties and manages the department’s budget. Most importantly to many in the department, Jenna also oversees payroll. Jenna’s astute attention to detail and diligent follow-up have saved many people in the department from not receiving a paycheck on payday. Jenna is creative, resourceful and brings significant energy to her position. She takes great pride in her work and it shows in everything she does. Today, on Administrative Professionals Day, we’d like to, again, recognize and thank Jenna for being the glue that holds our department together.

Recognizing Outstanding Work Yesterday the City of Eden Prairie held its Spring Employee Recognition Event where employee award recipients, new employees and employees celebrating milestone employment anniversaries were recognized. Eight EPPD employees were recognized for their years of service, including Sgt. Brent DuPont and Lt. Bill Wyffels who have each served the city for 30 years. In addition, three EPPD employees received “EPy” Awards for their work in the past year. Investigative Aide Pauline Sager and Officer Chad Streiff were each awarded the City Manager’s Quality Award, which is given to employees who have performed at a high level of productivity and quality that regularly exceed normal expectations. Detective Travis Serafin received the Mayor Jean L. Harris, M.D., Award for Community Service. Investigative Aide Sager received the award for her work creating two uniform financial fraud information packets: one for victims and a corresponding set of guidelines for law enforcement. The packet for victims provides specific steps on how to report a financial crime, close compromised accounts and manage credit reports. The packet for law enforcement includes specific checklists for officers taking the calls and investigators who are assigned to the cases. These guidelines were adopted by the Hennepin County Chiefs of Police Association and the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office and have resulted in the streamlining of the process for both law enforcement and victims. Officer Streiff received the Quality Award for his commitment to getting impaired drivers off the road. In the three years he has worked for the EPPD, Officer Streiff has arrested 207 people for DWI. Officer Streiff was not appointed to be a DWI high performer – it is a role he chose for himself and works hard at. He chooses a shift schedule that allows him to have the greatest opportunity to arrest drunk drivers. His passion, experience and keen observation skills help him detect a high number of potentially impaired drivers. Detective Serafin received his award for the community service he provides to his home community of Waconia. There, Detective Serafin has been involved in the Waconia youth athletic community for five years. In particular, he has volunteered extensively with the girls’ hockey program, helping to promote and build it. In addition to coaching, he has served as an assistant coach for Waconia’s Rookie Hockey Camp for girls and boys for five years. Detective Serafin has also coached girls’ softball for four years and soccer for two years. We would like to congratulate Investigative Aide Sager, Officer Streiff, Detective Serafin and the other EPPD staff who were recognized for their accomplishments.

Awarding Good Deeds Last night, Chief Jim DeMann awarded six civilians with Police Department awards for their roles in helping the victims of a serious car crash Jan. 22, 2018. Dr. Rosa Seim and Shane Caughey received the EPPD’s Commendation Award, and Jodi Lannom, Khloe Lannom, Lucia Duggan and Emma Mayer received Letters of Recognition. Here is an excerpt from the award letter: "On the morning of January 22, 2018, an SUV traveling eastbound on Hwy. 5 in heavy snow and limited visibility was struck by a westbound car that had crossed the median. The eastbound vehicle held a mother and her three children ages eight, five and three. There was only one person in the westbound vehicle. Before emergency personnel arrived on the scene, several vehicles stopped to help the victims. Retired emergency medicine Dr. Rosa Seim made contact with all of the people involved in the crash in order to triage them and then directed other citizens in administering emergency care to the victims. She also provided critical information to the responding emergency personnel on the status of the victims. Shane Caughey, a firefighter with the Maple Lake Fire Department, stopped to help and was directed by Dr. Seim to stabilize the neck and airway of the unconscious driver of the westbound vehicle. Doing so allowed the driver to start breathing again. Mr. Caughey stayed on the scene assisting with the injured driver for an hour. Jodi Lannom was driving with her daughter Khloe and friends Lucia Duggan and Emma Mayer when they came upon the accident. Ms. Lannom offered to take the uninjured 8-year-old from the eastbound vehicle into her own car to keep him safe and warm. She and the three girls stayed at the scene for nearly an hour, distracting the boy by talking and playing games with him inside the car. The mother in the eastbound vehicle sustained multiple injuries including two broken hands. The 5-year-old had significant facial lacerations requiring stitches and the 3-year-old suffered a concussion. All three were transported by ambulance to the hospital. This was a horrific crash that had a dramatic impact on many people. Thanks to the Good Samaritans who stopped to help, the victims were cared for immediately."

Wow. EPPD Officers and Dispatchers responded to 9 Crashes and 172 Motorist Assists/Spin-Outs over the weekend. Special thanks to EP Fire and EP Public Works for their help.