Grand Rapids Police Department

  • Agency: Grand Rapids Police Department
  • Address: 420 N. Pokegama Ave., Grand Rapids, 55744 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Grand Rapids Police Department is located at 420 N. Pokegama Ave., Grand Rapids, 55744 MN. The Grand Rapids Police Department phone number is 218-326-3464.

Grand Rapids Police Department News

Last night, ICC’s CRU club hosted a chili Cook-off where GRPD’s Sergeant Morgan was honored to be a contest judge. All creations were great but winners from the three different categories were announced at the end of the event. Thanks for involving GRPD!!

"As a community we need to come together and pay attention. These are our children!"

Hunting season is underway, and both beginners and old pros are gearing up for adventure. We have all heard the basic hunter safety lessons thousands of times and unfortunately, over time, we can become complacent. Hunting can be dangerous, and experts warn that there is such a thing as getting too comfortable with firearms. When this happens, the chances of an accident can drastically increase. Safety should always come first, and with that in mind we want to remind hunters about some crucial safety tips to anyone planning to go hunting this season: 1. Every time you see a gun, pick one up or point it, assume that it’s loaded and treat it accordingly. 2. Make sure your safety is always on and that the barrel is pointing down when you are walking or transporting your gun. When hunting with dogs, be sure the muzzle is level with the ground at the very least and preferably angled up in the air. 3. Never shoot at a sound or movement. Be absolutely sure that you’re shooting at an animal and that no people are anywhere near your target. 4. Wear at least the required amount of orange so you don’t become another hunter’s target. 5. Make sure all animals are dead before strapping them onto your vehicle. 6. Wait until your kids are old enough to understand and follow rules before bringing them hunting. 7. Never climb a tree or over a fence with a loaded gun. 8. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. 9. Save those beers until the end of the day, it’s just plain common sense. 10. Look well beyond your target before you shoot. High-powered ammunition can travel up to three miles and still be deadly. 11. Hunt with a trusted buddy. If you’re alone, make sure that someone knows where you will be and when to expect you back. If you’re hunting with an unsafe shooter, you don’t need an excuse to leave. 12. If using a tree stand to hunt, don’t forget to wear a safety belt. 13. Be sure all your equipment is working properly and you know how to operate it before hunting. 14. Store and transport ammunition separately from guns. Keep everything under lock and key when it’s not in use. 15. It doesn’t take much effort to elevate your heart rate into the danger zone. Make sure you exercise regularly for better fitness on your hunt. Have fun, enjoy the great outdoors and always keep in mind that accidents can happen in a blink of an eye, even with the most experienced hunters. Safety always comes first. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe day! If you're out trick-or-treating, stop by the City Hall and see us! We'll be open until 4:30pm.

This year the Grand Rapids Police Department has partnered with the Cap Baker Lions Club for a great cause. They are in the process of gathering donations to secure funding to purchase two vision screening instruments that will be used in schools across Itasca County. These machine are used to identify vision problems in children which would otherwise go undetected and can lead to learning disabilities or other issues that are easily identified with these instruments. These instruments are expensive and cost nearly $10,000 dollars each. Cap Baker Lions works with the school districts by volunteering their time and borrowed instruments at this time. Officers from the Grand Rapids Police Department that are participating in this event are each donating $60.00 per officer to this cause. Officers are also collecting donations from citizens to raise as much money as we can for the Cap Baker Lions Club toward this cause. Volunteering and community service programs such as this are great causes for our officers and community to give back to the area and in this case provide for the children of our community. This is truly a great cause that will help our youth succeed as they learn. All money donated will be turned over to the Lions Club in December and 100 percent of the money raised will go to the purchase of the instruments. -Sgt. Jeff Carlson

Put down the phone - it can wait.

The answer to the Papa's Police Trivia Challenge is . . . roughly 8 times around of the earth - 200,715 miles! Congrats to the winner's - Meagan Lantz Adam Kladivo Thomas Caldwell Torey Belich Stop by the GRPD to pick up your Papa Murphy's Certificate! If you are not able to stop by, please contact us at 218-326-3464. Thank you!

***Papa's Police Trivia (24 hour) Challenge*** If you can guess the answer to the following question within 10,000 miles you will have a chance to win a certificate for a Large 1-Topping Papa Murphy's pizza. How many miles did the GRPD drive while patrolling in 2017? We will post the answer and the winners tomorrow afternoon, good luck!

If you have any questions regarding this event, please call 218-327-6155.

Thank you to both Steph Payment and Cara Scott for the goodie bags for National Tell a Police Officer "Thank You" Day.

There's no place like home! If you missed the press conference yesterday you can watch it here:

There's no place like home! The Ruby Slippers have been recovered. Read more about what our officers have to say here:

Officer Edmundson outlines how the public can assist with suspicious vehicles and people in town of late.

Special thanks to all the community members assisting the Police Department in locating the lost 7 year old near Oakland Park. The child is now home safe with family.

What an amazing event! Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event better than last year.