Murray County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Murray County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 2558 29th Street, Slayton, 56172 MN
  • Chief:
Phone: 507-836-6168
Fax: 507-836-8704

Murray County Sheriff's Office is located at 2558 29th Street, Slayton, 56172 MN. The Murray County Sheriff's Office phone number is 507-836-6168.

Murray County Sheriff's Office News

Please adhere to the no wake restrictions on Murray County Lakes. There may be debris floating and hazardous to watercraft operation. The no wake restriction also helps preserve property and lake shore. Thank you. Your Sheriff Steve Telkamp

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and with SUNSHINE! We are so excited to be back online with our FaceBook page. We will not be held down and hindered any longer. Stay Safe and remember the Murray County Sheriff's Office AND Sheriff Steve Telkamp have always been here for you and will continue to do so. If you have any questions, give us a call at 507-836-6168

Due to excessive amounts of rain recently, there will be a NO WAKE restrictions imposed on lakes in Murray County. NO WAKE within 150 feet of the shore line. This NO WAKE restriction applies immediately until further notice. Thank You for your cooperation. Sheriff Steve Telkamp

Marissa and her gorgeous children are a part of our Law Enforcement family. Her spouse, Ryan Baker is one of our hard working Deputies!


AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION AMERICAN STROKE ASSOCIATION May is American Stroke Month. It's also the perfect time to raise awareness about the dangers of stroke and how to prevent it. Take comfort in knowing that, while stroke can strike anytime, you hold the power of prevention in your hands. Make it a priority this month to keep your brain strong, resilient, and stroke-free for years to come by: 1.Getting Enough Zzzzzz's Seven to eight hours of sleep each night can help you rise and shine with enough energy to face your day. 2.Being a Social Butterfly Studies show that people who spend too much time alone have a higher risk of stroke. 3.Moving Your Body Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can lower your risk of stroke. 4.Getting Yourself to the Doctor Schedule regular visits and talk to your doctor about your risks and how you can reduce them. Stroke can strike when you least expect it, stealing away the people you love or leaving them with a life-long disability. Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke – and this year, 55,000 more women than men are expected to be impacted. That's the bad news. The good news is up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable. Adopting these simple lifestyle changes can help keep your mind sharp and your brain in tip-top shape. Your attention to prevention can make all the difference.

National Missing Children's Day - May 25th

Share the Road. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month!

We are very PROUD of Sheriff Telkamp and Danica. They attended the Father/Daughter Prom on Sunday in Slayton MN. What a beautiful young Lady and the Sheriff cleans up nicely too!!!

April 25, 2018 Mock Car Crash Drone Video.

April 25, 2018 Mock Car Crash. We would like to thank Murray County Ambulance, Murray County Medical Center, Murray County Toward Zero Death Safe Roads Coalition, Murray County Central, Murray County Parks Department, Minnesota State Patrol, Sanford Air Care, Slayton Fire Department, Slayton Police Department, Carlson’s Northside (for providing the vehicle) Pipestone County Sheriff’s Office (for the use of their drone) and Totzke's Funeral Home for participating and organizing this event. -Sheriff Steve Telkamp

MURRAY COUNTY CENTRAL will be 2 hrs late start on Monday April 16

Stay home! Unless you have an emergency. Don’t make our first responders risk their lives!

MN DOT has closed ALL roads in SW Minnesota. Do NOT travel until further notice!