Slayton Police Department

  • Agency: Slayton Police Department
  • Address: 2223 Broadway Avenue, Slayton, 56172 MN
  • Chief: Brian Christensen (Chief of Police)

Slayton Police Department is located at 2223 Broadway Avenue, Slayton, 56172 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Brian Christensen. The Slayton Police Department phone number is 507-393-0017.

Slayton Police Department News

🚨🚨ATTENTION🚨🚨 The entire city of Slayton will be out of power from 8pm-10pm. If we receive any more info we will share it here.

**DO YOUR PART** The City of Slayton is asking residents to NOT blow grass clippings into the streets. Grass clippings make their way to storm sewers and clog them up, making it harder for rain water to drain and in the end polluting our lakes/rivers/etc. Please take advantage of the brush dump on the northwest side of town for grass clippings. If this continues to be a problem, it could result in a citation. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

UPDATE: Owner has been located and this girl is now home! Thank you to everyone who shared this. If you are missing this girl, contact me at the PD. 507-836-6460. She can ride with me while we try to find her owner. Officer Steinle

UPDATE: The 911 system is back up. Please be aware that the 911 system is down. For emergencies, please call 507-836-6168 until the system is back up.

It was a pleasure to provide some traffic control for these bikers on the 6th Annual Dream Makers Ride. They are raising money for Make a Wish for a young girl from Round Lake. A special thank you to former Slayton Police Department officer Jeremy Christenson who is riding with this bunch for reaching out to us and setting this up. It was great to see you! I'll be back out on Hwy 30 at the Grain Exchange to help them on their way to the next stop in about 20 minutes. Officer Steinle

UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing staff at Slayton Veterinary Medical Center and this guy being microchipped, we were able to locate his owner and return him home! Does anyone recognize this friendly guy? He's missing his owner. He can ride around with me for a little bit while we try to find his home. You can call me on my cell phone if he belongs to you. 507-227-5056. Officer Steinle

Did you get flood damage? The Murray County Recycling Center in Slayton has been designated the flood debris drop off site. Items collected are from the following six categories: 1.Demolition materials (from building structures) including: Sheet rock, Wood, Insulation, Carpet 2.Garbage from flood damage including: Furniture, Household items, Clothing 3.White goods/or appliances: Washers; Dryers; Microwaves 4.Electronics: Computers, TVs 5.Household hazard waste: Paints, Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides 6.Mattresses

The police department has been advised that at least 1 individual has required medical care from violent sickness that is a result of swimming in the floodwaters around Lake Elsie. We recommend avoiding any recreational use of this area until the water recedes.

We are a fortunate area to have everyone safe in such a devastating time, we continue to urge people to make yourself aware of your surroundings and do not try to pass roads that are closed or have obvious damage. Keep yourself and EMS staff out of harms way!

Please stay safe and avoid travel!

Please be aware of the No Wake Restriction on ALL Murray County Lakes. If you have any questions about this please contact the Murray County Sheriff's Office at 836-6460. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Thank you to everyone who donated blood yesterday for our Heroes Behind the Badges blood drive! This was a great turnout and we appreciate all the support you have shown to all of our first responders. Better luck next year Murray County Ambulance and Slayton Fire Department!

We are very excited about this opportunity!

It's a great day for soccer! We have an amazing program here with 315 kids participating. The police department would like to remind everyone to be very cautious when driving in the 28th Street and Juniper Avenue area around the soccer fields. There is heavy congestion and numerous pedestrians. Please drive slowly! Also a reminder that there is no parking on the south side of 28th Street between Juniper Avenue and Slaytona Beach. Thank you for keeping this a fun and safe program for our kids! Officer Steinle