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  • Agency: St. Joseph Police Department
  • Address: 207 S Front St, Saint Peter, MN
  • Chief:
Phone: 1 507-931-1550

St. Joseph Police Department is located at 207 S Front St, Saint Peter, MN. The St. Joseph Police Department phone number is 1 507-931-1550.

St. Joseph Police Department News

Good Afternoon! Did you remember to turn back your clocks an hour today? Did you also change out the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? The daylight savings time changes in the spring and fall are great times to change out detector batteries.

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UPDATE...We were advised this afternoon (October 9) that FRIEDRICHS has been located. Thank you to all who helped in locating him! We have been asked by the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office to assist in locating JACOB FRIEDRICHS, age 36. The Sheriff's Office advises that there is currently a felony level arrest warrant issued for FRIEDRICHS. His photo is attached below. If you have any information on the whereabouts of FRIEDRICHS, please contact the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office at (507) 931-1570. Also, please do not comment on this post with any information regarding FRIEDRICHS location, please provide the information directly to the Sheriff's Office by calling (507) 931-1570. (The charges contained in the warrant are merely allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.)


***Youth ATV Safety Field Day*** The St Peter Police Department and Nicollet County Sheriff's Office are once again sponsoring the Minnesota DNR Youth ATV Safety Field Day. The class will be held on October 14, 2018 beginning at 9:00 AM at the Nicollet County Fairgrounds (400 Union Street in St Peter, MN). The class size is limited, so you must pre-register. This is also only the Field Day. Students must complete and pass the online training course prior to attending the Field Day. Please contact Deputy Dustin Struckman at the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office at (507) 931-1570 or by email at for any questions and pre-registration.

***UPDATE***9/22/2018 @ 10:30 AM*** Thanks to many of you that have responded to this post. We believe that we have identified the parties in these photos. Thank you for the calls and private messages. Original Post: Please help SPPD ID these two individuals. We believe they may have been involved in multiple gas station "drive-offs" in Saint Peter and surrounding communities. The silver Ford Explorer is no longer owned by the registered owner; the title has not been transferred. The vehicle now displays a skull sticker on the rear. If you know these people please call SPPD 507-931-1550. (SPPD Case# 18-5571) THANKS!

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." --JFK

"Lets Roll!" Tom Burnett's last act on earth epitomized bravery and sacrifice. These are the exact words he spoke to his wife Deena seventeen years ago. Transcript of Tom's Last Calls to Deena 6:27 a.m.( pacific time) First cell phone call from Tom to Deena Deena: Hello Tom: Deena Deena: Tom, are you O.K.? Tom: No, I’m not. I’m on an airplane that has been hijacked. Deena: Hijacked? Tom: Yes, They just knifed a guy. Deena: A passenger? Tom: Yes. Deena: Where are you? Are you in the air? Tom: Yes, yes, just listen. Our airplane has been hijacked. It’s United Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. We are in the air. The hijackers have already knifed a guy, one of them has a gun, they are telling us there is a bomb on board, please call the authorities. He hung up. 6:31 Deena calls 911 6:34 The phone rang in on call waiting, Tom’s second cell phone call. Deena: Hello Tom: They’re in the cockpit. The guy they knifed is dead. Deena: He’s dead? Tom: Yes. I tried to help him, but I couldn’t get a pulse. Deena: Tom, they are hijacking planes all up and down the east coast. They are taking them and hitting designated targets. They’ve already hit both towers of the World Trade Center. Tom: They’re talking about crashing this plane. (a pause) Oh my God. It’s a suicide mission…(he then tells people sitting around him) Deena: Who are you talking to? Tom: My seatmate. Do you know which airline is involved? Deena: No, they don’t know if they’re commercial airlines or not. The newsreporters are speculating cargo planes, private planes and commercial. No one knows. Tom: How many planes are there? Deena: They’re not sure, at least three. Maybe more. Tom: O.K….O.K….Do you know who is involved? Deena: No. Tom: We’re turning back toward New York. We’re going back to the World Trade Center. No, wait, we’re turning back the other way. We’re going south. Deena: What do you see? Tom: Just a minute, I’m looking. I don’t see anything, we’re over a rural area. It’s just fields. I’ve gotta go. 6:45 a.m. Third cell phone call from Tom to Deena Tom: Deena Deena: Tom, you’re O.K. (I thought at this point he had just survived the Pentagon plane crash). Tom: No, I’m not. Deena: They just hit the Pentagon. Tom: (tells people sitting around him “They just hit the Pentagon.”) Tom: O.K….O.K. What else can you tell me? Deena: They think five airplanes have been hijacked. One is still on the ground. They believe all of them are commercial planes. I haven’t heard them say which airline, but all of them have originated on the east coast. Tom: Do you know who is involved? Deena: No Tom: What is the probability of their having a bomb on board? I don’t think they have one. I think they’re just telling us that for crowd control. Deena: A plane can survive a bomb if it’s in the right place. Tom: Did you call the authorities? Deena: Yes, they didn’t know anything about your plane. Tom: They’re talking about crashing this plane into the ground. We have to do something. I’m putting a plan together. Deena: Who’s helping you? Tom: Different people. Several people. There’s a group of us. Don’t worry. I’ll call you back. 6:54 a.m. Fourth cell phone call to Tom to Deena Deena: Tom? Tom: Hi. Anything new? Deena: No Tom: Where are the kids? Deena: They’re fine. They’re sitting at the table having breakfast. They’re asking to talk to you. Tom: Tell them I’ll talk to them later. Deena: I called your parents. They know your plane has been hijacked. Tom: Oh…you shouldn’t have worried them. How are they doing? Deena: They’re O.K.. Mary and Martha are with them. Tom: Good. (a long quiet pause) Tom: We’re waiting until we’re over a rural area. We’re going to take back the airplane. Deena: No! Sit down, be still, be quiet, and don’t draw attention to yourself! (The exact words taught to me by Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Training). Tom: Deena! If they’re going to crash this plane into the ground, we’re going to have do something! Deena: What about the authorities? Tom: We can’t wait for the authorities. I don’t know what they could do anyway. It’s up to us. I think we can do it. Deena: What do you want me to do? Tom: Pray, Deena, just pray. (after a long pause) Deena: I love you. Tom: Don’t worry, we’re going to do something...

Fraud is real... Hang up on Fraud!!!

This is an important update for parents of middle school children. Please be aware of the new traffic configuration.

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On Tuesday “Buckle-Up” images were painted at several locations in the city. The image will hopefully remind motorists to buckle-up their seatbelts. A special thank you to MN Towards Zero Death, Nicollet County Attorney Michelle Zehnder Fischer and Saint Peter Public Works for their hard work with this project.

Telemarketing Scams on Increase Most telemarketing scams tend to target seniors. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t receive a complaint. Coercion scams have also been going on for years, where victims are convinced they owe income tax or are persuaded into accepting prizes or taking part in investments. Watch out for these five red flags to avoid becoming a victim: They're rushing you into something. Creating a sense of urgency by coercing you to do something immediately is one of the most common tactics scammers use to pressure you into handing over money or information. They threaten you. If you resist doing what you're told, they scare you with arrest, jail or deportation, or other threat tactics. In most cases, you'll be advised not to tell anyone about the call. They want you to pay up. The request could be for shipping fees, a tax on a prize or service, booking or maintenance fees, medical bills, legal fees or even a ransom. Victims are often asked to pay using alternative methods including Western Union money transfers, gift cards, prepaid credit cards and even cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. They're asking for personal information. Information that is useful to scammers includes your birthdate, health card number, social security insurance or passport numbers, banking and credit card information. They're claiming to be someone you know. The caller claims to know or be a family member or friend who is in some kind of urgent trouble and needs you to send money as soon as possible. Confirm their identity by asking personal questions that only your loved one can answer. Better yet, simply call your loved one to confirm they are fine. For more information:

Today we had a wonderful visit from Barry of CenterPoint Energy. He presented SPPD with a check in the amount of $2,000. The funds will be used to update our respirators. CenterPoint is committed to your safety and ours. Thank you for investing in our community!

Well done! All are safe.