Arlington-Green Isle Police Department

  • Agency: Arlington-Green Isle Police Department
  • Address: 108 4th Avenue NW, Arlington, 55307 MN
  • Chief: Bruce Rovinsky (Chief of Police)

Arlington-Green Isle Police Department is located at 108 4th Avenue NW, Arlington, 55307 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Bruce Rovinsky. The Arlington-Green Isle Police Department phone number is 507-964-5200.

Arlington-Green Isle Police Department News

Just a notice to all: If you are noticing a odd odor from the area of Northland Drying, (100 Henderson Road) the management has advised this is an issue they are trying to medigate. Over the next week it should be minimized and it should not be as strong. They assured it is not toxic or harmful.

We hope everyone is having a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy the sunshine and stay hydrated!

Is anyone missing their dog? The dog was found by Dayton St. and Henderson Rd. If the dog belongs to you or you know who it belongs to, please contact Katelyn at 507-237-5855. Katelyn will be caring for the dog until we find the owner.

Arlington Night out Fund raiser- Root beer floats at Sibley East during all lunches on Friday, May 18. Come Join us in the lunch area.

K9 Demo with Kash meeting the awesome kids of Sibley East!! Have a great summer !!!

Is anyone missing their purse? Someone found a purse that may belong to a child/teenager on Main Street today. There are miscellaneous items inside the purse. If the purse belongs to you and you can say what is in the purse, please call the Arlington Police Department at 507-964-5200.

Is anyone missing their dog? A small black and brown doberman pinch terrier mix was found off of 401st Ave, just north of Haggenmillers. Please contact the Arlington Police Department if you know who he belongs to 5079645200.

Anyone missing their mini doberman pincher? He was found behind Kicks Bakery.

We will be enforcing the city ordinance for snow removal tonight. Ticketing of vehicles parked on residential streets will begin at 8:00pm. Ticketing and towing of vehicles on Main Street and emergency routes will being at 10:00pm. Please move your vehicles off the street! Thank you and have a safe night!

Is anyone missing their dog? A lab mix was found today. He is black and has a little bit of white on his paws. Very friendly, but just roaming around the 300 block of Baker St. Someone has been kind enough to take care of him until we find the owner. If this dog is yours, or you think you know the owner, please give the Arlington Police Department a call at 507-964-5200.

We will be enforcing the city ordinance for snow removal today. Ticketing and towing of vehicles along Main St. and emergency routes will begin at 5:00pm. All residential areas will begin around 9:00pm. Please move your vehicles off the street! Thank you and be safe!

MISSING DOG Please help locate LEO, 3 yr old gray Poodle with a hint of Australian Shepard w one white paw. Has an orange collar missing past hour from the area of the 400 block of E. Clinton, Arlington. Call Police Department if located and arrangements will be made to have dog picked up. 507-964-5200 Thanks

After the Arlidazzle parade there were a few items turned in. If anyone is missing an earring, a ring, or a watch and can give a brief descrption of the item, please contact the Arlington Police Department!

Just a friendly reminder to follow parking restrictions as the snow season is here!!

The 2nd annual Arlington Night Out or as we call it ANO is just around the corner! ANO will be held on August 1st at Four Seasons Park (more information to come later on). Meanwhile we are looking to find people interested in hosting block parties that evening! For more information regarding block parties please email or call the Arlington Police Department at 507-964-5200.

Missing Dog- Dog was found in the area of Polar Circle around 6pm this evening. It is a male dog, average size wearing an orange collar. No license tag on the dog. Dog is from the area of Frenzel Dr. If you have any information regarding the dog please contact the Arlington Police Department at 507-964-5200, thank you.

A special thank you to Mrs. Pauly and her fourth grade class! The Arlington Police Department received an unexpected treat basket with sayings to go along with the treats, very creative! Thank you again Mrs. Pauly and your fourth grade class!! We greatly appreciate it :)

To all Arlington Citizen's it is that time of the year again where the white stuff is falling! I know we had our first big snow fall of the year so here is a reminder of our snow ordinance regarding parking on the streets. If you have any questions or concerns please give the Arlington Police Department a call at 507-964-5200, stay warm! NOTICE TO ARLINGTON RESIDENTS VEHICLES, TRAILERS – The City of Arlington will be hauling and plowing snow anytime there is a snowfall of two (2) inches or more. We ask that all residents park all vehicle(s) and trailer(s) off the streets and avenues until they are plowed curb to curb, or they will be ticketed and towed. In accordance with the terms of Section 4 of Ordinance 216, vehicles that interfere with City maintenance activity, such as snow removal, may be towed to a designated area at the expense of the owner. The vehicle may be impounded until all parking fines, towing and storage charges have been paid. Unclaimed vehicles shall be sold and the proceeds applied first against such fines and charges. Repeat violators will be towed without additional notice. SIDEWALKS – Per City Ordinance 178: Accumulation of snow or ice on public sidewalks constitutes a public nuisance. It is unlawful for any person to remove snow or ice from private property and place on public property. The property owner or occupant of the abutting property is required to remove snow and ice from all public sidewalks within 12 hours after such snow or ice has eased to be deposited upon such sidewalk. Failure to remove the snow or ice within 24 hours may be a cause for the City to do so itself. If the City, or an agent assigned by the City, has to remove the snow, the City will bill the property owner accordingly. Unpaid bills for snow removal will be a cause for a special assessment against the property. BUSINESS DISTRICT PARKING – In the event of snow accumulation, vehicles are to PARK PARALLEL TO THE STREET in the business district (Main Street and side streets) until such time that the entire street (curb to curb) has been cleared of snow. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you get the chance, watch "On the Hunt" on HLN and you will see Arlington PDs very own Joshua Stelter make a huge arrest at his current police department in Grand Prairie, TX. Josh worked here in Arlington from 2005-2009. Great job my friend!

This dog was found out by the Green Isle area on Hwy 5. The dog was brought back the Sibley East High School, where it was then taken to the Arlington Vet Clinic. If this is your dog or know information regarding this dog give the Arlington Police Department a call at 507-964-5200. Thank you!

This Saturday Dec 3rd get ready for the big event coming to our town, that's right I'm talking Arli-Dazzle is finally here!! Cone out and celebrate with family and friends! There is a lot of fun activities going on throughout the day! Attached is the Arli-Dazzle website, check it out and we will see you Saturday!

Are you missing your phone? Does this phone look familiar to you, if so come claim the phone at the Arlington Police Department. The phone was brought in on 11/29/16 and was found at the Four Seasons Park.

From everyone at the Arlington Police Department have a fun, safe Thanksgiving weekend!

Are you going away for the holidays or going on vacation this winter? Would you like the police to watch over your house when you are gone? Please fill out this form and return it to the Police Department at 108 4th Ave. NW. For more information contact the Arlington Police Department at (507) 964-5200. Take the stress out of your vacation!