Lake City Police Department

  • Agency: Lake City Police Department
  • Address: 601 North 10th Street, Lake City, 55041 MN
  • Chief: Lyle Schumann (Chief of Police)

Lake City Police Department is located at 601 North 10th Street, Lake City, 55041 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Lyle Schumann. The Lake City Police Department phone number is (651) 345 -3391.

Lake City Police Department News

HWY 63 CLOSING TOMORROW..... Highway 63 is closing for a one-day closure tomorrow November 7th while crews repair a culvert. There will be a signed detour around the project. Watch for the detour signs.

FOUND COAT; This coat was found on the street near the police station and Underwood park if you recognize it please call the police department at 345-3344.

This is something that should be fun! The Lake City Public Library is coordinating this event. Have a little fun with the cops and then eat pizza afterward!

We cannot offer "details" on this case, except to say that charges against Mr. Iseini have NOT been dropped. He is currently out on bond. And, his initial appearance is scheduled for September 26 in Wabasha County District Court.

There have been a few reports recently of thefts from vehicles. Most of these types of thefts are crimes of opportunity. This is just a reminder to everyone that there are things you can do to prevent and deter this criminal activity. For example, do not leave valuables in your car. Lock your car doors, and don't leave things like chargers, iPods, or phones in plain view, inside the vehicle.

Heavy rains coming!

The missing juvenile that we posted about yesterday has been found and is safe. Thanks to everyone that shared the post to spread the word.

PLAN AHEAD! You can't get arrested for DWI if you don't drink and drive! Now through Sept. 2nd there are going to be extra patrols out on local roads targeting impaired drivers.

This story is out of Illinois, but it serves as a reminder that those of you on golf carts need to be extra careful, and drivers of vehicles need to remember to watch for them as well. Just as being mindful of motorcycles takes some getting used to in the summer months, drivers need to be aware that golf carts are on the road too. Additionally, young children that are not able to sit up in the seat on their own should NOT ride in a golf cart. It is too easy for a child to fall off an adult's lap after a bump or during maneuvering.

This bike was reported stolen in the last 24 hours. It is a very distinctive style and should be easily identifiable. If you see this bike around town please call the police department at 651-345-3344. This also serves as a reminder that it is a good idea to have pictures of things that are of value to you should something like this happen. We are happy to post pictures of lost or stolen items if we think it will help return the item to it's rightful owner.

Lake City Police Officer Mike Becklund is included in this group and can been seen several times in this video. Way to go Mike!

It is with deep regret and sadness that we have to report on the passing of a member of our reserve unit. Dean Kaartinen died on Tuesday July 3rd, after a brief battle with a sudden illness. Dean was just 52 years old and had been a reserve officer for just a short time, less than a year, but he was friends with several members of the department for much longer. Dean was full of life, and his big personality was a very well liked addition to the department. Dean is survived by his wife, Joan, with whom he owned and operated Creative Minds in downtown Lake City, 2 children, daughter Lauren, and son Risdon, his parents and two younger brothers, and many other family members. Please keep Dean's family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

FATHER AND SON TEAM. As far as we know this is the only father & son duo in the known history of the Lake City PD. On the left is Officer Al Pfeilsticker who has been a part-time patrolman with the department for 14 years, prior to that he was a reserve officer for 3 years. On the right his son Michael Pfeilsticker who is currently a reserve officer and working his way through the Law Enforcement program at Rochester Community and Technical College. Michael will graduate from RCTC next Spring. Pfeilsticker's youngest son Dylan just graduated from Lincoln and will also pursue a law enforcement career, he is attending Alexandria Tech this Fall.

A BLACK BEAR HAS BEEN SIGHTED in Lake City. Last night officers were called to respond to a black bear sighting. On our arrival the bear had wandered away and was not located, but a resident of the area caught these photos of the bear nosing around in their backyard. According to the Minnesota DNR; black bears are usually shy and flee when encountered. Never approach or try to pet a bear. Injury to people is rare, but bears are potentially dangerous because of their size strength and speed. Bears can become a nuisance when they visit homes, resorts, campgrounds and restaurants. Although some bears become used to people, they are still wild animals no matter how "tame" they may appear. People must always be cautious around bears since they may react unpredictably. The DNR offers some tips for avoiding conflict with wild bears [link in the comments]. A bear will take advantage of any foods available and will attempt to eat anything that resembles food in look, smell or taste. When natural foods such as nuts, meat, berries, insects and tender vegetation are scarce, bears search actively for anything to eat. This is when bears most often come in contact with people. When bears find a source of food they will usually return regularly. Mainly, make sure all of your picnic baskets are stored properly.

Here we are! For several years now the Special Olympics Torch Run has come through Lake City during the week leading up to Water-Ski Days. Pictured here are several officers from Lake City and surrounding areas, with student athletes from Lincoln High School. The torch passed through town escorted by squad cars and police officers today at about noon. Thanks to those of you that showed your support!

Once again this year, Lake City will be participating in the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run.We welcome members of the community to join us on June 20th at 11am for a short 2 mile run through town. There is no sign-up necessary, there is no fee, just put on your running shoes and come join us. Shirts are available for purchase, and we can help you with that, just let us know ahead of time. Send us a direct message for details about the run and shirts.

***REMINDER*** This page is not Monitored 24/7, and it is not a forum to report crimes or request police assistance. Please call the dispatcher at 345-3391 to speak to an officer or to report a crime. Or 911 in an emergency.

This week two of our local finest are riding in the Law Enforcement United Road to Hope. Law Enforcement United is founded upon and committed to honoring officers who have died in the line of duty, and ensuring that their surviving family is supported and not forgotten. Their fundraising efforts support The Road to Hope, Concerns of Police Survivors, The Officer Down Memorial Page, and Spirit of Blue Foundation. The Road to Hope is a physically challenging and demanding event for both riders and support. Riders need to train and prepare to ride 250+ miles over three days from Chesapeake VA to Washington DC. Pictured are Lake City Police Officer Jeff Daggett, who is riding for the 2nd time, and retired State Trooper Mal McCarthy on his first ride. WAY TO GO GUYS!

This dog, taken in as a stray 7 days ago, has been transferred to the Humane Society of Goodhue County. She will be held for 5 days and then put up for adoption. She is a Pit Bull Terrier she has been spayed, seems housebroken, and she is very loving and friendly. If you are interested in her you may contact the GCHS at 651-388-5286. *PLEASE SHARE*

There have been a few reports recently of thefts from vehicles. Most of these types of thefts are crimes of opportunity. This is just a reminder to everyone that there are things you can do to prevent and deter this criminal activity. For example, do not leave valuables in your car. Lock your car doors, and don't leave things like chargers, iPods, or phones in plain view, inside the vehicle.

Now that the weather is warming up we are starting to see more kids out on their bikes and scooters. Please encourage your kids to ride safe and wear their helmets. They might even be lucky enough to get a ticket for ice cream. :) The Peterson kids were stopped by Officer's Cox and Sievers. Thanks for being safe!

FOUND: Ladies ring, black-hills gold, in the area of South 7th St. & Irving. Call 345-3344 to describe and claim. PLEASE SHARE.