New Richland Police Department

  • Agency: New Richland Police Department
  • Address: 203 Broadway Ave N, New Richland, 56072 MN
  • Chief: Scott Eads (Chief of Police)

New Richland Police Department is located at 203 Broadway Ave N, New Richland, 56072 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Scott Eads. The New Richland Police Department phone number is 507-465-3514.

New Richland Police Department News

If you went to bed early or were enjoying some evening TV with the curtains closed, you may have not noticed what fell to the ground last night. Please remember your winter driving skills: *Brush the snow off your windows, don't just run the wipers! *Leave for your destination early *Stay alert, stay back, slow down, and stay in control *Have an emergency car kit or make sure it's restocked from last winter *Put the phone or other distraction down! Stay safe out on the roads tomorrow and this winter! 😀

*owner located* I was located 3 blocks west of city hall. Please call dispatch so I can come home. 507-835-0500

Officer Gehrke is ready for the little ones! What a great night to be out! Trick or Treat 🎃

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organizations, to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness, education and research. Pink ribbons and the color pink expresses moral support for women with breast cancer. If you've seen Chief Martens or Officer Gehrke in person this month, you may have noticed our support by wearing pink on our uniforms. Chief Martens displays a full pink badge while Officer Gehrke has a pink flag along with a pink ribbon pin expressing law enforcement support for awareness. We have many survivors in our community and also those going through the fight of defeating this cancer. We'd like to applaud those who never gave up and were victorious and we'd like to remember those who we won't forget and hold a special place in our hearts. Show your support as we help each other. Thanks and have a great day! 😊 ~263

This little guy was located wondering around the school area. Please call dispatch at 507-835-0500 and ask for Officer Gehrke so I can return asap.

Brrrrr...... I know we all have that one friend who is probably jumping for joy this morning because they saw that 4 letter sn*w crap on the ground and frosted windshields this morning. I am not one of them. Just a friendly reminder that you should defrost your windows completely before you travel for the day. Additionally, if you start you vehicle to warm it up, please make sure your vehicle is locked or you are using an installed remote start. Secondly I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the New Richland Fire Department last night. Officer Gehrke did a great job planning the event and I think everyone had a really nice time. I heard the chili wasn't too bad either... Have a safe day everyone! Chief #261

This little guy was found tonight at 7:10 pm on Cypress Ave South. Please contact NRPD if you or you know of the owners are missing a dog Thank You

If you have storm damage to report or need more information, please visit the Waseca County website.

Please stay sky aware!

We will never forget

Thank you. I just wanted to say thank you to those members of the community who came out to New Richland Community Night Out tonight. We had a really great time with all of you. I want to say thank you to all of our sponsors: NR Grace of God Fund, HyVee, Casey's and the Red Leaf Cafe. I want to say a special thank you to Angela Krueger Gehrke for helping put together a wonderful evening with our community partners. I also want to thank the New Richland Fire Department, New Richland Ambulance, MN State Patrol and the Waseca County Sheriff's Office for being part of our event. Please spread the word and make sure your friends and community members make it to next years New Richland Community Night Out. Sincerely, Chief Martens #261

** SCAM ALERT ** Just a quick reminder that the telemarketing scams are again in full swing. Please share and remind your elderly relatives and friends that the IRS and others will not demand money over the phone to satisfy tax issues or warrants for your arrest. If you are unsure, document the number, ask for a name, call back number and hang up the phone. You may report the number and content to our agency. #261

***Update Lost Dog*** The owner has been found!! Thank you to everyone who shared this post. I have one friendly dog looking for its owner! If you are the owner or know who is please post below or call dispatch at 651-323-7849. -268

HWY 13 is still closed. Fresh pavement has been layed up to the 26000 block of HWY 13. However shoulders are not complete and the pavement isn't yet ready for traffic. Please continue to use alternate routes and to abide by posted road closed signs. Officer McKane

Last night a cell phone was found if you are missing one contact the police dept. with a description.

** Parade Route & Line-Up Parking ** A friendly reminder that if you live on a street with parade line-up signs or on the parade route we ask that your vehicles be moved out of the road by no later than 3:00 pm tomorrow, Saturday July 7th.

Have a great 4th Everyone!! Please be safe in your travels and remember to have a ride available in case you celebrate too much! God Bless America!

** Golf Cart Permit Reminder ** The City of New Richland requires a permit to be displayed on the Drivers side front of the golf cart. These permits can be purchased through City Hall. You must have a permit displayed to operate a golf cart in the City of New Richland. This includes outside carts coming into the City of New Richland. If you have friends or family that plan to use a golf cart around the City of New Richland, please have them stop at City Hall and get a permit.

FREEZE FRIDAY! Friday is declared as freeze Friday by NRPD! Let us help you “Beat the Heat with a Treat!” Send your kids outside or as I patrol by, I’d like to stop and make friends. Between 6-9 Friday evening I’ll be patrolling and on the lookout for those that need to cool down with a sweet treat. I may also have some cold water for the adults. I look forward to seeing you and making my freeze pop stash disappear. ~263