Waseca County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Waseca County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 122 3rd Ave. NW, Waseca, 56093 MN
  • Chief:
Phone: (507) 835-0510
Fax: (507) 835-0537

Waseca County Sheriff's Office is located at 122 3rd Ave. NW, Waseca, 56093 MN. The Waseca County Sheriff's Office phone number is (507) 835-0510.

Waseca County Sheriff's Office News

Thank You to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the United States Military. A special thank you to veterans: Sgt Dave Melchert, Deputy Scott Wolfe, and Dispatcher Bob Kubat for your service to our country!

We continue to see School bus stop arm violations throughout the school year. We recieve a number of complaints, reports, and near misses annually. Please do your part and STOP for school buses! Pay attention and use caution when approaching. Our most precious cargo is transported on our buses and its your job as drivers to pay attention. Lets work together to keep children safe!

Thank you to all of the county staff, election judges and volunteers that made the Waseca Election Process safe and successful. The biggest Thank you goes to our partners in the Waseca County Auditor/Treasurers Office that worked a very long day yesterday and return early today to make for a smooth and seamless election process. Thank you to all who ran for office and Congratulations to those elected or re-elected.

WINTER HAZARD AWARENESS WEEK Minnesota Winter Hazard Awareness Week will be observed November 5 – 9, 2018 Winter is the signature season of Minnesota. It's normally a long season of cold temperatures and snow and ice that can last from November through April. Winter doesn’t slow Minnesotans down. We are just as mobile, social and active during the winter as we are during the summer months. But in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable winter, it is critical to be informed and aware of the potential risks and hazards associated with winter weather and how to avoid them. That’s why the Minnesota Department of Public Safety division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in collaboration with the National Weather Service sponsors the annual Winter Hazard Awareness Week. Winter Hazard Awareness Week is a good opportunity for people, families, businesses and organizations to review, refresh and share winter safety knowledge and habits. Know the difference between an outlook, watch, warning or advisory for winter weather. Familiarize yourself with snowmobile safety, safety on the ice, frostbite or hyperthermia, carbon monoxide poisoning. Stay informed about winter and holiday fire safety, auto safety, snowplow safety, winter driving tips and car survival kits.

We want to remind everyone to drive with extra caution in our rural areas during this harvest season. Pay attention to farm equipment traveling on the roadways, pass with care, slow down, and give extra room to large equipment. Farmers- Please remember to clean your lighting, keep it operable day and night, and be aware of vehicles around you. Lets all work together for a safe and enjoyable fall harvest. We recently had a school bus vs grain semi crash near New Richland with 24 children on the bus. Only one reported with a minor injury and all were evacuated without incident by the bus driver. These crashes are preventable. Thank you too all of the responders, school staff, and others that assisted, including the local Schwans Ice Cream man that provided treats at the scene for all involved.

Your Waseca County Emergency Management hosted another CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) course, graduating 12 Volunteers. Pictured are: Waseca Fire Firefighter Jason Forshee completing a fire hydrant demonstration,the new 12 CERT volunteers and instructor Robert Beier, 32 Nursing student victim role players from South Central Technical College, Waseca County Emergency Manager- Denise Wright, 3 CERT members in action, and a celebratory cake from Cashwise. Congratulation to all of these dedicated volunteers and those that assisted in this in anyway. If you are looking to get involved or become a Waseca County Volunteer? Opportunity options are: CERT, Skywarn Spotter, Shelter Teams, Sheriff Posse, and other areas. Please contact Denise Wright at emergencymanagement@co.waseca.mn.us

Did you know that Waseca County has an Emergency Preparedness Team that meets on a regular basis? It has existed for over 10 years and is currently organized by your Waseca County Emergency manager, Denise Wright. The Team meets monthly and is made up of county-wide public safety professionals and critical emergency response staff, including: Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Public (sometimes private) Utilities, Hospital, Federal Prison, Public Health, Schools, and others. This team works on drills, exercises, tabletops, disaster response, disaster mitigation, and other disaster preparedness topics. Countless hours go into preparedness, but rest assured, there are a lot of people working hard on this behind the scenes. We share this with you because of yesterdays presenter, Carl Sonnenberg, the Director of Waseca Utilities. Mr. Sonnenberg presented to the Emergency Preparedness group regarding The City of Waseca Water and Waste Water Preparedness and Emergency Response along with their daily operations, making sure homes and businesses can operate fully and efficiently. The presentation was outstanding and gave the group a new understanding and insight to his departments operations, especially when emergencies arise or critical infrastructure is at risk. The information provided and the response that occurs when situations arise is simply amazing. It certainly was a reminder to Thank these folks for the hard work and dedication they provide. During the last few months of saturated soils, Water and Waste Water staff worked countless hours 24/7 to monitor and maintain operations so residents can continue their day to day routines. Carl is a true asset and wealth of knowledge and we Thank him and all the City staff that work behind the scenes to keep things going.

We know the harvest season has been slow to start due to unfavorable weather, so we've been dealing with trucks loading/unloading from the roadway. Waseca County has some temporary guidelines allowing our area farmers to complete the 2018 harvest, yet let the travelers navigate the country roads safely. We are a rural farming community, so please remember to allow space and have some patience as our farmers try to complete harvest as safely and effectively as possible. Waseca County has set the guidelines indicated on the attachment. Drive safely, use caution, and please be patient.

According to our partners at NWS, it looks like the heaviest rains will move east and avoid Waseca County. We still have some rain heading our way, but likely won't see the flooding issues as originally forecast. It looks like Brighter days ahead after Wednesday! Hang in there! Some added rainy day humor: What do you call it when a prisoner takes his own mug shot? A cellfie.

Good morning, Additional weather information from the National Weather Service: Heavy rain and flooding remain a concern for the next few days. It does appear that the Minnesota River and several of its tributaries will go into flood stage based on the forecast rainfall over the next 48 hours. Keep in mind there is additional rain beyond 48 hours that is not included in the river forecasts. Please see the situation report attached.

Plan ahead for Disasters.......Talk with your family! Are you prepared? If you are interested in becoming more aware and more prepared, click on this link from the Department of Homeland Security for some helpful tips. https://www.ready.gov/

Another Reminder for 1:18pm TODAY!!!

Good morning, From our partners at the National Weather Service : We expect strong to severe storms to lift up from the south this morning and affect eastern Minnesota and much of Wisconsin. Waseca County has been placed in the green marginal area for severe storms with 3"-4" of rain possible through the middle of next week with the various storm systems. The highest tornado threat is in central/northeast Wisconsin. Looking ahead, several inches of rain are possible through the middle of next week which could cause flooding. Please see the attached Situation Report for details, Reminder - The 1st Wednesday of the month siren testing at 1pm followed by the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alert) test will be at 1:18 PM CDT this afternoon.

TODAY at 1:18pm, there will be a nationwide test of the emergency alert system and wireless emergency alerts. This will take place at 1:18 p.m today, so you should receive alerts via radio, TV, and cell phone notifying you of a test.The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether technological improvements are needed. The test was postponed from September 20 due to hurricane Florence recovery efforts.

The National Weather Service has released storm information for the September 20th Storm that struck Waseca, LeSueur, Rice and Steele Counties. The information is as follows: As of 9/28, it appears we had 17 tornadoes from southern Minnesota through west central Wisconsin. • 15 were in Minnesota • 1 went from Minnesota to Wisconsin • 1 was solely in Wisconsin We used radar data, cell phone and drone video, ground survey information, satellite imagery, and spotter reports to classify the damage. A link to the information can be found here. https://apps.dat.noaa.gov/StormDamage/DamageViewer/ (Make sure to adjust the date in the upper right to center it around 9/20/2018 to view the data). Areas near Faribault, Northfield, and Cannon Falls were the most uncertain. This information will continue to be modified as new information becomes available.

This weekend we say goodbye to a wonderful lady and friend of law enforcement, Mary Fette. Mary worked with law enforcement when working for Neste Ambulance, while she worked as a nurse, and while she served as Waseca County Coroner. Mary passed away peacefully, yet unexpectedly on September 25th at her home. Rest in Peace Mary. http://www.dennisfuneralhomes.com/Fette_Mary.html

Do you have storm related videos or photos? Waseca County Emergency Management is collecting these for future use and examination and to share with the National Weather Service. Please identify the date/time and location. Please post them here or email them to emergencymanagement@co.waseca.mn.us

Waseca County roads have opened and power has been restored in all communities with the exception of some rural areas. More information and storm damage report forms are available at; www.co.waseca.mn.us

County Highway and Emergency Crews are still out working to open roadways, but a number of areas are still without power and some roads near Janesville are not passable. We do not have any estimate on power restoration at this time, which may remain down through Friday. We will provide an update on the storm recovery by 730am Friday.

We are advising NO TRAVEL in Waseca County until power lines are secured and power restored. We have crews responding and no estimate on power restoration.

If you have non-emergency storm related damage in Waseca county (cities of Waseca, Janesville, New Richland, Waldorf) please complete the online form by following this link: https://www.co.waseca.mn.us/389/Emergency-Management Or call 507-835-0690 and someone will help you. The Emergency Operations Center will be open until 9pm tonight and reopen at 8am tomorrow.

The City of Waseca has made sandbags available to their residents due to the recent rainfall.

Good Morning, Our partners at the NWS-Chanhassen just provided the following information: There is an Enhanced Risk of severe weather today with the primary threat being damaging winds. Hail, heavy rain, and a few tornadoes are also possible. Last night, the heaviest rain stayed south of the Iowa border, easing the flooding concerns. Still, an additional 0.5"-1" of rain is expected this morning, and a quick 1-2" of rain could fall with thunderstorms this afternoon. As always, we encourage people to keep an eye on severe weather and stay alert to the changing weather conditions.

...FLASH FLOOD WATCH IS CANCELLED and NO ROAD CLOSURES FOR WASECA COUNTY. The Flash Flood Watch for portions of south central Minnesota, southeast Minnesota, and southwest Minnesota has been cancelled. Rainfall overnight was not as heavy as anticipated, therefore the flash flood watch has been cancelled. Light to moderate rain will continue through the morning, with another round of thunderstorms expected this afternoon as a cold front works through. Though heavy downpours are expected with the afternoon thunderstorms, they look to be moving fast enough to limit the threat for flash flooding. We have been in contact with the Waseca County Highway Department and have confirmed that there currently are NO road closures for Waseca County due to flooding and with the current forecast, no closures are expected.