Howard Lake Police Department

  • Agency: Howard Lake Police Department
  • Address: 625 8th Avenue, Howard Lake, 55349 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Howard Lake Police Department is located at 625 8th Avenue, Howard Lake, 55349 MN. The Howard Lake Police Department phone number is 320-543-3670.

Howard Lake Police Department News

The Community Service Officer caught another three kiddos wearing their helmets! Dairy Queen is going to run out of Ice Cream at this rate!

This year Good Neighbor Days volunteers are providing a "shuttle" service for the Grande Day Parade on Sunday. Elderly and handicapped guests for the parade can park in the St. John's Lutheran parking lot on US HWY 12 and 12th Ave on Sunday. Starting at 1PM on Sunday volunteers will shuttle those guests via golf carts to a spot along the parade route. The parade starts at 2PM.

Chief Thompson caught these responsible kids wearing their helmets today. They got their citations good for free Dairy Queen!

Howard Lake Police Department would like to remind everyone traveling through town on their way to Winstock that the bridge on CO RD 6 (10th Ave) just north of US HWY 12 only has a clearance of 11'7". Every year around Winstock several RVs/campers hit the bridge because their GPS tells them CO RD 6 is the best way to get to Winstock and does not warn them of the low clearance bridge. Wright County Highway department has installed extra signs this week to help warn drivers. Please take an alternate route on CO RD 5 or CO RD 7. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend and please don't hit the bridge!

Please take a close look at any $20 bills you receive. Two fake $20 bills have been found in the city in the last week. For more information about the security features on a $20 bill please click this link from the US Treasury.

Tonight HLPD says farewell to Community Service Officer Derick Boese. Derick joined the department as a reserve officer in 2015 and was appointed as HLPD's first Community Service Officer just over a year ago. Derick graduates from Crown College on Saturday and then heads to Alexandria Tech to complete his Law Enforcement Skills training. From there, he reports to Fort Benning, Georgia to begin his four year active duty tour as a US Army Infantryman. Thank you for your service to the citizens of Howard Lake and best of luck to you as you start your service to our great nation.

HLPD participated is a distracted driving saturation yesterday afternoon on HWY 12 from Montrose to Cokato in conjunction with the State Patrol and the Wright County Sheriff's Office. Our goal was to increase awareness of the dangers of distracted driving while focusing specifically on drivers who were distracted by their phones while driving. During the saturation officers from the three agencies made 26 stops and issued 11 citations and 22 warnings for the following violations. 9 – Texting/Using Mobile Device 8 – Seatbelt 4 – Expired Registration 3 – Speed 3 – Equipment violations 2 – No proof of insurance 1 – Driving after Revocation/Suspension 1 – Following too close 1 – No Med Card 1 – No DOT #

HLPD participated in a community symposium at HLWW HS tonight. Community members learned about the opioid problem, student social media use, sex trafficking, healthy relationships, mental health and anxiety.

A resident's orange and white 3-legged male cat ran away today. If anyone finds the cat please contact HLPD.

HLPD is looking forward to watching some Orphans baseball.

It is tax time again and residents are once again receiving scam phone calls from callers posing as IRS or US Treasury Department agents. These callers demand payment or the recipient will be arrested. The IRS and the Treasury Department do not call people and threaten them with arrest. Please check out the IRS link below for more information.

HLPD and HLFD had a great morning at the HL Chamber of Commerce Expo today. A resident recently received a letter from the Local Records Office in St. Paul offering to send her a certified copy of her deed for her home for $89. Certified copies of property deeds are available from the Wright County Recorder's office in Buffalo for $10. This scam has been going on for several years. Please read this 2013 Star Tribune article for more information.

HLPD enjoyed our time with all the kiddos during the carnival tonight at the Middle School fieldhouse!

Just a reminder on fish house removal dates. Monday March 5th is the date in this area.

This two year-old female lab/spaniel named Brandy is missing from a home in Middleville Township. She was last seen near Mattson Well Drilling on CO RD 6 north of town. If you have any further information about Brandy please contact Lola at (320) 469-0781.

Anyone who had contact with or knows where Medley, or his vehicle, have been during the past week is urged to call the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office at 320-693-5400

UPDATE: The officer found the owner! An officer found this female puppy near 12th Street. A resident said she was seen near the cemetery. Please help us identify her owner. Call 763-682-7600 or contact us via this page if you can assist.

Update: Am officer brought the cat to Crossroads Animal Shelter in Buffalo. This cat was found near 8th Ave in downtown Howard Lake. The resident who found it is willing to keep it for a few hours. If this is your cat or you know whose cat it is, please let us know.

Several residents have recently reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearinghouse notifying them that they have won $5,000 a week for life. According to their website, Publishers Clearinghouse never notifies their major prize winners via telephone. Remember it is a sure sign of a scam if you are asked to pay a fee to collect your prize or are asked to send in a prepaid gift-card to collect your prize.

HLPD is assisting in this investigation.

Update: An officer brought the dog to Crossroads Animal Shelter in Buffalo. HLPD has this friendly guy in "Custody". He was found near 9th St and 11th Ave. He has a collar but no tags. If he is not claimed soon we will have to transport him to Crossroads Animal Shelter in Buffalo.

UPDATE: His name is Biscuit and the owner's aunt saw the post on this page and contacted us. Thank you to everyone who shared Biscuit's photo! This little guy was found in the vicinity of the 800 block of 10th Ave. Please contact HLPD if this is your dog or you know whose dog it is. The resident who found him has agreed to keep him for awhile in hopes that we find his owner.

UPDATE: The ring has been found! A woman lost her late husband's ring on New Year's Eve. She wore the ring around her neck and she thinks she may have lost it when she stopped at Sinclair for gas. The ring is engraved "LH and RB June 16th 1963". She is offering a small reward. Please contact #763-213-2259 if you found the ring or have information.

Update: The customer saw the post and returned to pay for the gas. The staff at Pit Stop believes that the male driver of this vehicle accidentally forgot to pay for his gas at about 5PM this evening. If you forgot to pay please return to the Pit Stop and pay for your gas.