Ackerman Police Department

  • Agency: Ackerman Police Department
  • Address: 999 W Main St, Ackerman, 39735 MS
  • Chief: Ricky Thornton (Chief of Police)
Phone: 662-285-3600

Ackerman Police Department is located at 999 W Main St, Ackerman, 39735 MS. The Chief of Police of the department is Ricky Thornton. The Ackerman Police Department phone number is 662-285-3600.

Ackerman Police Department News

Happy Veterans Day to all the past and present veterans serving, thank you for your service

Anyone in Ackerman missing this dog? It is currently at the sheriffs department an after a few days it will be sent to the shelter in Starkville

Getting little fun time in - everyone have a fun but safe night tonight in Ackerman, please drive careful an watch out for pedestrians walking the neighborhoods

APD along with the sheriff department escorted our nursing home residents for the pink parade

Officer saulsberry talking to the kids about bullying at the elementary school #redribbonweek

All of the police an even a game warden got locked up last night at the jack o lantern jam

Everyone come out to the Jaco- lantern jam at the court house an have your friends locked up

No it’s not junior from in the heat of the night it’s just Jeremy, we have new uniforms for all officers that we are switching to at APD

Officer saulsberry with the kids at Ackerman elementary on show and tell day

The police department along with the county, fire an other first responders will be conducting a drill at 130 around cherry street and around the hospital, please be mindful of emergency traffic in this area and also streets in this area will be closed for a short period. Thanks, Chief cook

Prayers for our brothers in blue an these families during this tough time

Major gas leak on commerce street. Residents on south side of town in this area the smell is terribly strong. Atmos has now arrived on scene an is handling the situation

Welcome new part time officer Quentin Saulsberry sworn in by mayor Cutts

Never forget

Black an white Pekingese missing from Hwy 15 in Ackerman, if located please call the police department, thanks.

Big thanks to the 4 county foundation for donating the Ackerman Police Department a check for over $3200 for the purchase of equipment

Debbie Davis your debit card has been found an turned into the police department please come by an get it. If anyone that sees this post knows her please contact her for us. Thank you

New full-time/temporary officer William Westbrook sworn in by mayor Cutts

The Ackerman police department looks forward to starting another school year with everyone an there is new times of pick-up an drop off at the elementary school : Around 0720 will be drop off time start for car pool and pick up time in the evening will start around 245- traffic flow as for officers directing traffic will remain the same. Thank you

Having fun with Mrs. Mattie’s reading class talking about city government at Town Hall

Meet new part time officer Brandon Chaille being sworn in by mayor Cutts

The Ackerman Police Department would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July, stay safe and most of all please don’t drink an drive.