Miles City Police Department

  • Agency: Miles City Police Department
  • Address: 2420 Bridge St, Miles City, 59301 MT
  • Chief: Lissa Power (Chief of Police)
Phone: 406-233-3411
Fax: 406-232-4270

Miles City Police Department is located at 2420 Bridge St, Miles City, 59301 MT. The Chief of Police of the department is Lissa Power. The Miles City Police Department phone number is 406-233-3411.

Miles City Police Department News

First Interstate Bank K9 Donation Read More on our website:

We are very excited to welcome K9 Max back to Miles City! Read more about him on our website:

October 2018 Dispatch Report Miles City Police Department: October 2018 Calls received into Custer-Garfield County Dispatch for October: 2327 CR’s created: 472 Read More:

Notice to Citizens: Officers instructed to enforce parking on City Streets. Last year, during snow removal, three vehicles were struck while City Crews were removing snow. Two of the vehicles were completely buried in snow indicating that they had not been operated for weeks, possibly months. With the upcoming potential for snow removal by City Crews once again, officers of the Miles City Police Department have been instructed to enforce the City’s Parking Ordinance throughout the entire city in regards to parking unregistered (expired) vehicles, disabled (flat tires, dead batteries) vehicles, cargo trailers, flatbed trailers and the combination of boats and trailers on city streets. The City’s Parking Ordinance also applies to the temporary connection of a trailer to a pickup. Officers will also be enforcing the extended parking of motor vehicles and (RV’s) recreation vehicles on city streets, whereas the city street has become a seasonal storage area for vehicles. This is covered under state law 61-8-356. The law mandates that “A vehicle may not be parked or left standing upon the right-of-way of a public highway for a period longer than 48 hours or upon a city street or state, county, or city property for a period longer than 5 days.” When an officer locates a vehicle or trailer in violation of City Ordinance and/or State Law, the officer will place a Notice of Parking Violation on the vehicle or trailer. The Notice could be a leaflet inside a plastic bag or a bright orange sticker placed upon the vehicle or trailer. Once the Notice is placed on the vehicle or trailer, the owner shall have 48 hours to comply by removing the vehicle or trailer from the city street. After 48 hours, owners who fail to comply may be cited and subject to fines in City Court ranging from $25 to $500. If a vehicle or trailer is not removed, it may be towed and impounded at owner’s expense. It is understood that many occupations utilize certain vehicles and trailers in order to conduct business throughout Miles City; this includes landscaping, road construction and carpentry as well as several un-named occupations. The City’s Parking Ordinance allows the Mayor to waive parking limitations for certain vehicles and trailers. Waivers must be obtained in writing and they must indicate good cause and have an expiration date. They must also be presented to an officer when requested. Waivers only apply when the vehicle or trailer is being utilized for good cause or at a location within the parameters of the occupation listed on the Waiver. Waivers do not apply to the parking of vehicles or trailers on city streets in between scheduled jobs or for storage purposes on a city street at or near the owner’s residence and/or place of business.

Miles City Police Department September 2018 Dispatch Report has been posted on our website: CR’s created: 527 Read more:

NEWS RELEASE HELENA— At the request of the Custer County Attorney’s Office, Attorney General Tim Fox has directed the Montana Department of Justice to provide investigative assistance with allegations recently made against James Jensen. Jensen, a former Custer County District High School Athletic Trainer, faces multiple allegations of sexual abuse. Read more on our website:

MCPD Officer Ketchum maintains traffic flow and keeps bystanders out of danger during a northside Miles City fire yesterday (9-20-18) afternoon.

The Montana DOJ/MVD launched the REAL ID website today. Please check it out. Click on the link:

See the complete Dispatch Report for August 2018 on our website:

Congratulations to Erika Drummond of Baker, MT and Austin Erlenbush of Miles City for being drawn in our third K9 raffle! Erika was the winning ticket holder for the HK 9mm and Austin won the Ruger LCP 380. Thanks to everyone for purchasing the raffle tickets and supporting our K9 program! Our officer is scheduled to attend the training in October with his new service narcotics dog! Our last raffle fundraiser will be held later this fall and the remaining funds will be used to help purchase the patrol vehicle for the K9 unit!

MCPD Calls for service 8/24/18-8/26/18 (Minor miscellaneous calls left out): 8/24/18, 2:18 am: Hit and run accident 8/24/18, 8:11 am: Burglary 8/24/18, 12:23 pm: Child abuse 8/24/18, 1:12 pm: Disorderly conduct 8/24/18, 1:20 pm: Person with a gun 8/24/18, 2:13 pm: Assault 8/24/18, 1:38 pm: Motor vehicle accident 8/24/18, 1:54 pm: Welfare check 8/24/18, 6:04 pm: Open container 8/24/18, 7:35 pm: Disorderly conduct 8/24/18, 9:37 pm: Warrant served 8/24/18, 9:41 pm: Burglary 8/24/18, 9:59 pm: Barking dog 8/24/18, 10:37 pm: Trespassing 8/24/18, 10:58 pm: Trespassing 8/25/18, 2:18 am: MV accident 8/25/18, 6:44 am: Dog at large 8/25/18, 7:50 am: Domestic disturbance 8/25/18, 8:10 am: Animal complaint 8/25/18, 8:49 am: Theft 8/25/18, 9:12 am: Runaway 8/25/18, 9:25 am: Threatening (subject being threatened) 8/25/18, 10:02 am: Domestic disturbance 8/25/18, 10:55 am: Dog at large 8/25/18, 3:01 pm: Welfare check 8/25/18, 3:35 pm: Suspicious person/male adult subject harassing young female 8/25/18, 6:17 pm: Eluding a peace officer/vehicle pursuit 8/25/18, 6:44 pm: Assault with a weapon 8/25/18, 8:14 pm: Domestic disturbance 8/25/18, 8:28 pm: Missing person 8/25/18, 8:37 pm: Dog at large 8/25/18, 8:42 pm: Narcotics (child being exposed to in home) 8/25/18: 10:00 pm: Prostitution/truck stop 8/25/18, 10:19 pm: Report of intoxicated driver 8/25/18, 10:59 pm: Domestic disturbance 8/26/18, 12:05 am: DUI arrest 8/26/18, 12:08 am: Suicidal subject 8/26/18, 1:13 am: Disorderly conduct 8/26/18, 7:02 am: Welfare check 8/26/18, 8:38 am: Stalking 8/26/18, 10:27 am: Contempt of court 8/26/18, 11:53 am: Theft 8/26/18, 12:11 pm: 911 hang up 8/26/18, 1:11 pm: Public nuisance 8/26/18, 5:09 pm: Public nuisance 8/26/18, 6:38 pm: Dog at large

We are closing in on the drawing for our third raffle for the K9 fundraiser. The drawing will be held at the city council meeting on August 28, 2018 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are still available at the police department or Dispatch for the two handguns, a Ruger LCP and HK 9mm. UPDATE: Through the very generous donations received and amazing support from the public on this fundraising effort, we have raised the funds for the training and the purchase of the narcotics dog. Our officer will attend the training the entire month of October 2018. We are now raising funds for a patrol vehicle and equipment for the K9 unit! We are almost there!

Here are Animal Control officer Mark Winkley’s calls for service from March, April, May and June 2018:

Police calls: August 3-6/2018: 8/3/18, 2:04 am: Driving while revoked 8/3/18, 9:01 am: Dog at large 8/3/18, 10:14 am: Disorderly conduct 8/3/18, 10:37 am: Domestic disturbance 8/3/18, 1:34 pm: Sexual assault 8/3/18. 2:22 pm: Public nuisance 8/3/18. 3:20 pm: Civil issue 8/3/18, 5:31 pm: Dog at large 8/3/18, 6:01 pm: Trespassing 8/3/18, 6:27 pm: Traffic complaint 8/3/18, 7:16 pm: Dog at large 8/3/18, 9:28 pm: DUI arrest 8/4/18, 1216 am: Disorderly conduct 8/4/18, 10:35 am: Theft 8/4/18, 7:59 am: Indecent exposure 8/4/18, 11:35 am: Threatening 8/4/18, 2:04 pm: Identity theft 8/4/18, 5:37 pm Theft 8/4/18, 6:09 PM: Sexual assault 8/5/18, 3:43 am: Theft 8/5/18, 9:14 am: Criminal mischief 8/5/18, 2:26 pm: Theft 8/5/18, 2:37 pm: Dog at large 8/5/18, 6:35 pm: Public nuisance 8/5/18, 7:11 pm: Burglary 8/5/18, 7:25 pm: Public nuisance 8/5/18, 8:11 pm: Disorderly conduct 8/5/18, 8:36 pm: Traffic complaint 8/5/18, 9:34 pm: Threatening 8/5/18, 10:44 pm: Threatening 8/5/18, 11:45 pm: Theft 8/6/18, 9:09 am: 911 hang up 8/6/18, 10:13 am: Criminal mischief 8/6/18, 10:55 am: Domestic disturbance 8/6/18, 10:58 am: Traffic complaint 8/6/18, 11:20 am: Theft 8/6/18, 12:27 pm: Child abuse 8/6/18, 12:59 pm: Trespassing 8/6/18, 3:10 pm: Traffic complaint 8/6/18, 3:16 pm: Hit and run accident 8/6/18, 5:14 pm: Traffic complaint 8/6/18, 6:03 pm: Traffic complaint 8/6/18, 7:17 pm: Disorderly conduct 8/6/18, 7:24 pm: Narcotics 8/6/18, 9:24 pm: Domestic disturbance 8/6/18, 10:43 pm: Suspicious vehicle

Officer Sloan stopped by this Miles City Lemonade stand recently. He gave the kids some great safety tips, after enjoying a cup of Ice Cold Lemonade.

Miles City Dispatch and the officers have been very busy this last weekend. Here is a sample of our calls from Saturday through Monday: 7/21/18: 0008 hours: Warrant served 7/21/18: 0448 hours: Assist agency 7/21/18: 0816 hours: Civil 7/21/18: 1007 hours: Missing person 7/21/18: 1107 hours: Domestic disturbance 7/21/18: 1158 hours: Disorderly conduct 7/21/18: 1209 hours: Suicidal subject 7/21/18: 1305 hours: 911 hangup 7/21/18: 1413 hours: Theft 7/21/18: 1809 hours: Animal complaint 7/21/18: 2241 hours: Suspicious vehicle 7/21/18: 2333 hours: Suspicious circumstances 7/21/18: 2351 hours: Minor in Possession/Alcohol arrests 7/22/18: 0115 hours: Suspicious person 7/22/18: 0118 hours: Animal complaint 7/22/18: 0258 hours: Minor in Possession/Alcohol 7/22/18: 0259 hours: Welfare check 7/22/18: 0352 hours: Public nuisance loud music 7/22/18: 0450 hours: Suspicious persons 7/22/18: 0624 hours: Dog at large 7/22/18: 0942 hours: Traffic complaint 7/22/18: 1346 hours: Animal complaint 7/22/18: 1927 hours: Assist agency 7/22/18: 2050 hours: Domestic disturbance 7/22/18: 2116 hours: Suspicious vehicles 7/22/18: 2117 hours: Animal complaint 7/22/18: 2135 hours: Assist agency 7/23/18: 0111 hours: Narcotics/warrant served 7/23/18: 0526 hours: Domestic disturbance 7/23/18: 0628 hours: Theft 7/23/18: 0729 hours: Alarm 7/23/18: 0735 hours: 911 hang up 7/23/18: 0811 hours: Domestic disturbance 7/23/18: 0853 hours: 911 hangup 7/23/18: 0954 hours: Welfare check 7/23/18: 1007 hours: Dog barking complaint 7/23/18: 1059 hours: Theft 7/23/18: 1129 hours: Theft 7/23/18: 1213 hours: Domestic disturbance 7/23/18: 1226 hours: Domestic disturbance 7/23/18: 1256 hours: Traffic complaint 7/23/18: 1336 hours: Animal complaint 7/23/18: 1418 hours: Traffic complaint 7/23/18: 1538 hours: Narcotic arrest/vehicle seized 7/23/18: 1637 hours: Vehicle fire 7/23/18: 1758 hours: Warrant served 7/23/18: 1923 hours: Suspicious person 7/23/18: 2124 hours: Public assist 7/23/18: 2136 hours: Missing person

MCPD is starting our third raffle for the K9 fundraiser. First handgun is an HK 9mm. Second is a Ruger 380 LCP. The proceeds of the raffle will be used to help purchase a new K9 service dog and vehicle. The drawing will be held August 28th. Need not be present to win. Tickets available at the Dispatch Center and Police Department. Tickets are $25 each and two tickets will get you a chance at both handguns. Read More on our Website!

The Miles City Police Department, Miles City Fire and Rescue and Miles City City Council would like to invite you to a Public Informational Meeting at MCC room 106 on Wednesday, July 18th at 5:30pm. Read more on our website >

Walmart employee James Martin received a Certificate of Appreciation from Miles City Police Department Chief Colombik. James recently responded to an emergency alert. He recognized a woman in the store who seemed to fit the description broadcast in an alert and called the police. The woman was a suspect in a stabbing incident. In less than 20-minutes, the Miles City Police Department was on the scene arresting 57-year old Willene Miles of North Carolina – the woman described in the SMS. Read more about it on our Website!

Link to the June Dispatch Report:

The discharge of fireworks shall be allowed from 10:00 am-10:00pm on Tuesday July 3rd,10:00 am-midnight on Wednesday July 4th and 10:00 am-10:00 pm on Thursday July 5th at the following locations: Bender Park, Riverside Park, Jaycee Field and Tedesco Field. On July 4th, no fireworks are allowed after 8:00 pm at Riverside Park. Non-aerial fireworks, being those fireworks which do not project themselves into the air, or fire projectiles into the air, shall be allowed within the city limits on Wednesday July 4th but not any other day except those days and places listed above. The discharge of fireworks within the city limits, or upon any property of the City of Miles City, on any other dates, at any other times or locations is prohibited and shall be be enforced by the Miles City Police Department.

On Friday, June 29 at 10:00am the Custer/Garfield 911 Dispatch Center will conduct a test on the Emergency Alert Sirens for Miles City. THIS IS ONLY A TEST, DO NOT CALL 911. Custer/Garfield 911 Dispatch Center will also activate the Emergency Notification Alert System. This message will go out to cell phones as a text message and also to landlines. To sign up for the Emergency Alert Notifications from Custer/Garfield 911, text your zip code to 888777 on your cell phone, or go to to sign up.

Check out the horse on the hill: