Ronan Police Department

  • Agency: Ronan Police Department
  • Address: 109 2nd Ave SW, Ronan, 59864 MT
  • Chief: Dan Wadworth (Chief of Police)
Phone: (406)676-0223
Fax: 406-676-0224

Ronan Police Department is located at 109 2nd Ave SW, Ronan, 59864 MT. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Wadworth. The Ronan Police Department phone number is (406)676-0223.

Ronan Police Department News

On Saturday the Bill Warren Post VFW 5652 hosted a painted pumpkin contest and party for local kids. The department was asked to assist in the judging of the pumpkins for the different age groups. There was family fun, games and great food. Here are some photos taken by Officer Smith of the event. It was great day and we want to remind all of tonight’s trick and treater’s to be safe.

The Ronan Police Department is always striving to work together with the citizens of Ronan to create a safe community in which to visit, live, work and raise a family. We would like to remind the public of some safety tips when it comes to crosswalks, and let the public know that the Ronan Police Department will be conducting crosswalk safety operations periodically. A crosswalk is a designated point on a road at which some means are employed to assist pedestrians wishing to cross. They are designed to keep pedestrians together where they can be seen by the motorist and where they can cross most safely. Marked crosswalks are to clearly define a path for pedestrians to cross the street. Crosswalks often have signs or traffic signals supporting them and controlling traffic or warning drivers that someone might be crossing. As a pedestrian … We encourage parents to talk to children of all ages about this: Although a crosswalk exists at every intersection, whether marked or not, it is still your responsibility to make sure all vehicles have yielded before stepping into the crosswalk and crossing the roadway. Whenever approaching a crosswalk you should remove your earphones, turn off your music, and stop texting or talking on the phone. Be attentive when crossing. Distractions can lead to accidents. Make eye contact with the driver. Never assume a driver sees you. As a driver … Drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians lawfully in, or stopped facing a crosswalk Drivers need to avoid distractions – using a cell phone; a hand-held device, reaching for something on the floor etc. distractions can lead to accidents Drive within the speed limit. Remember the posted speed limit is a (maximum) limit, not a speed ‘target’. Proactively check for pedestrians. In the same way you use your mirrors to be aware of traffic, check sidewalks and side streets for pedestrians who may be crossing at an upcoming crosswalk NEVER PASS A CAR STOPPED AT A CROSSWALK! A pedestrian may be crossing and hidden from your view. When stopping for a pedestrian, stop far behind the crosswalk so other drivers can see the person crossing.

The Ronan Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the male in the photo. On October 18th, he entered the Town Pump and stole items from the store. You can call the department at (406) 676-0223 or email Any assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Crime alert: Counterfeit money (sold as prop money on-line) is turning up in Ronan in all denominations from $5.00 to $100 bills. Please see the below photos. Often the corner is torn off (to exclude the hashed markings). Some have for motion picture use only or this is not real money. Someone quickly taking one of these pieces of paper may be fooled that they are real currency. Take a moment to look at your “money” during transactions. If you find these in your business or personal funds as a result of a transaction, call the Lake County Communications at (406) 883-7301.

Here are additional pictures from the swearing in of Officer White and K9 Sandor.

At the last City Council meeting, the Ronan Department re-hired Corey White. Corey started his career in law enforcement at Golden Valley County in 2015 as a deputy sheriff. In July of 2016, Corey was hired as a police officer by the Ronan Police Department. While at the department, Corey successfully promoted to the rank of corporal and was in charge of the Field Officer Training Program and the Reserve Officer program. In October of 2017 Corey lateralled to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office as deputy sheriff. When the department had an opening, Corey was re-hired. At the Council meeting, Corey was surrounded by family and friends and his fiancée Brittany pinned on his badge. After Officer White was sworn in, police K9 team Officer Smith and Sandor were present. K9 Sandor was giving the Oath of Office and was presented his badge. Sandor could not sign the Oath of Office but Officer Smith was able to ink his paw and make his mark. Let us welcome Officer White and Sandor to the Ronan Police Department.

At midnight, Officer Smith was patrolling the softball fields on Mink Lane and saw a Silver Ford Focus without any lights on. The softball fields are isolated but within the City and were closed at this time. Officer Smith stopped to check on the vehicle. He discovered Mickey Wolf seated in the car who said his vehicle was overheating and did not know where to park. Officer Smith recognized Wolf from previous contacts and knew he was felony probation for burglary. Knowing the fields were closed and that Wolf was on probation, Officer Smith began talking to Wolf. While talking with Wolf, Officer Smith saw signs that he may be under the influence of a dangerous drug. Officer Smith asked if he was involved in any illegal activities and Wolf told the officer no. In the conversation, Officer Smith asked permission to search the car and Wolf agreed to the search. Officer Smith found suspected methamphetamine, cash, and firearms. Mickey Wolf was arrested and booked into the Lake County Detention Facility. This case is ongoing and shows we are committed to keep Ronan safe.

On Saturday morning, Officer Smith and his K9 partner Sandor stopped a vehicle at Hwy 93 near Terrace Lake Road for a moving violation. The driver was taken into custody and a consent search revealed methamphetamine in his pocket. A consent search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia. The approximate street value of the narcotics is $5,000.00 The driver, a Great Falls resident, was arrested and booked into the Lake County Detention Center on multiple felonies including: Possession of Dangerous Drugs with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Dangerous Drugs with Intent to Distribute-opiates, and Tampering with evidence.

This week, I attended the Montana Association of Chiefs of Police in Bozeman along with Chief Nash, Captain Booth and Sergeant Simpson of the Polson Police Department. Along with Chiefs of Police from across the state and their Command Staff. There were several guest speakers from the Montana Attorney General's Office, Montana Department of Justice, the Academy, P.O.S.T., the Highway Patrol, DEA, and the state crime lab. In addition we received training on Below 100, a nationwide initiative to identify the leading causes and current trends in preventable line of duty deaths and injuries. And how we can influence the law enforcement culture through training and awareness. We also received training by SEARCH on high tech crime investigations. The final guest speaker was the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He spoke about his and President Trump's support for law enforcement here in Montana and across the country. Today, he announced $50 million in new grant funding for school safety to help protect our children. He also spoke about the opioid epidemic in this country and methamphetamine in Montana. He spoke on illegal immigration into this country and the dangers it presents for law enforcement. The conference concluded with presentations to officers across the state for Officer of the Year, Medals of Valor, Medals of Honor and Lifesaving Medals. It was a great conference and I met several Chiefs of Police who share a common goal to keep our communities safe.

Do Not Drink and Drive. Yesterday evening, Officer Diaz was on patrol and driving on Round Butte Road. As he approached 3rd Ave. NW he saw a white GMC truck run the stop sign and Officer Diaz applied his brakes. The truck struck the push bumper of the patrol car causing moderate damage. The truck did not stop and fled the scene. Officer Diaz pursued the truck that was now on Main Street traveling at a high rate of speed and failed to stop at 3 more stop signs within the city. The truck fled west bound at a high rate of speed on Round Butte Road with Officer Diaz in pursuit. The pursuit continued for approximately 12 miles. In the pursuit were the Montana Highway Patrol, Tribal Law and Order and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The truck turned onto a gravel private Lane. The truck drove to the end of the gravel lane and made a U-turn and drove towards Officer Diaz’s patrol car. The truck collided with Officer Diaz’s patrol car and the pursuit was over. The female driver was taken into custody by Officer Diaz and was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. A male passenger had warrants and he was also taken into custody. Two female passengers were released at the scene. All of the passengers were intoxicated. Officer Diaz was transported to a local hospital by ambulance and was later released. The patrol car was severely damaged and was towed to Ronan Body Shop. The Montana Highway Patrol is handling the DUI investigation and the two crashes.

Last Monday Officer Smith and I were at Shallow Creek Kennels. The K9’s have been at the facility for the past 6 weeks and were already named. The K9’s started their training in the area of narcotics, apprehension, and tracking and were awaiting their handlers. We worked out 4 Belgian Malinois throughout the day. We selected an 11 month old male Belgian named Sandor which translates to Defender of man. I appreciated all the responses, of Oso, Numa, Flex, Sarge, Chief, Magnus, Trigger, Narco, Turbo, Chops and Buster. Officer Smith and Sandor have begun their 6 week training and will return to Ronan May 1st. Please welcome Sandor to the Ronan Police Department. Kenneth J. Weaver, Chief of Police

Last year, the Ronan City Council approved the purchase of a dual purpose police K9 for the department. We are purchasing our K9 from the same kennel the Montana Highway Patrol purchases their K9’s from at Shallow Creek Kennels in Pennsylvania. The K9 will be a male Belgian Malinois and will be trained in handler protection, off-leash obedience; article, area and building search; criminal apprehension; and drug detection. Officer Smith was selected to be the departments K9 handler will be attending a six week course at the kennel. On Monday March 19th, Officer Smith and I will be at Shallow Creek Kennel and selecting a K9 that will be a good fit for the city and the community. We are asking the community to be part of the process and submit names for the K9. Please either respond by Facebook, email, snail mail or by telephone. Kenneth J. Weaver, Chief of Police

This afternoon the department is assisting in a “Ghost Out” program to teach Ronan High School students about drunk driving. The "Grim Reaper" is visiting the Ronan High School today to remove students from class and lay them to rest. Today the Ronan Police Department is participating, as well as other First Responders across the county, in coordinating an anti-alcohol program where a “reaper” removes students from class to represent victims of drunk driving. There will be mock victims and a mock collision on campus this afternoon to educate our students. We hope to reach everyone and hope not to hurt or disturb anyone, but it is an important message to our students about the reality of drunk driving and the impact it has on a community.

Last night the department was notified of a Ronan middle school student who had posted on social media pictures of themselves holding guns. The student only posted pictures and did not make any threatening comments to do harm to themselves, family, friends, and students or to any Ronan Schools. The student lived in the unincorporated area of Lake County and the Sheriff’s Office investigated the case. The student was contacted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the guns they had posted on social media were secured. Throughout the day, the Ronan Police Department was at the school, working alongside the School District Administration and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers. To quell false rumors that were spread on social media by parents, students, and others of an Active Shooter at the school. There was no active shooter at any Ronan school. At no time was the community, our children or our teachers in any harm. We took a proactive approach to ensure the safety of our community, our students and the schools. The student is currently receiving professional assistance to safe guard our community. At no time was the community of Ronan in any harm by this event. Kenneth J. Weaver Chief of Police

Reserve Officer Gilliland has taken a full-time deputy sheriff’s position with the Teton Sheriff’s Office. We wish him well at the Sheriff’s Office. With Reserve Officer Gilliland leaving, we now have an opening in our Reserve Officer Program. If you are interested in police work and want to volunteer your time for the citizens of Ronan. Go to the department website and download the application for a standard application. Submit your application by March 16th at 5 PM. Become a Ronan Reserve Officer today.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Joel Diaz was sworn in as a police officer. Joel is a graduate of Ronan High School and attended courses at Montana State University. In 2008, Joel was hired by the Ronan Police Department under a Traffic Safety Grant. He attended the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and obtained his Basic POST Certificate. Unfortunately the grant concluded. Joel applied for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and was hired in 2010. Joel returns to the Ronan Police Department with a wealth of experience and training. Officer Diaz brought his family to the swearing in and his son pinned on his badge. Please welcome Officer Diaz R3 back to the Ronan Police Department family.

On this Superbowl Sunday, if you are at one of our local drinking establishments watching the BIG GAME. And afterwards you are too impaired to drive. The Ronan Police Department will gladly give you a ride home within the city limits. Let us be your designated drivers. It is better than you driving impaired and we drive you to Lake County Detention. Officer Sheridan and Officer Hadrits are standing by to drive you home.

Yesterday was the Mission Valley Law Enforcement Role Model Reading program at K. William Harvey Elementary School. Law Enforcement agencies from the across the county were invited to read to the students and visit their classrooms. Officers from the Ronan Police Department, Tribal Law and Order, Polson Police Department and deputies from Lake County Sheriff’s Office read to the students while they had breakfast in the cafeteria. The Role Model Readers Program is designed to provide children with excellent reading opportunities and community mentoring. K. William Harvey wants to encourage their students to read more by showing them reading is important. We had a GREAT TIME reading to the students as evident by Officer Sheridan reading to Ms. Charette’s classroom.

Thank you to the Lake County Leader and Ashley Fox. We are trying to keep the City of Ronan safe for everyone who lives, who does business and who visits the city. There is real positive change occurring in our community and we want to be a part of that progress.

Just after midnight on January 14th Officers Smith and Hadrits saw a silver Impala parked in the lot of “Suds n Duds” car wash. Due to the time of night, the officers contacted the occupants of the Impala. The officers discovered that Amber Parizeau was in possession of several small baggies of methamphetamine and other items related to narcotic activity. Officers Smith and Hadrits investigation concluded that Amber Parizeau was intending to sell drugs in or around Ronan. Amber Michelle Parizeau 21 years of age out of Ronan, was arrested and booked into the Lake County Detention for possession of dangerous drugs; possession of dangerous drugs with the intent to sell; and tampering with evidence. All of the charges are felonies in the State of Montana. The Ronan Police Department is hard at work trying and keep dangerous drugs out of our community.

Last year, the Lake County Office of Emergency Management applied for an Interoperable Communications upgrade grant from the federal government. While the grant was not fully funded, Lake County OEM was awarded a grant. This week the Ronan Police Department was chosen to receive 6 portable radios for all of our full-time officers and 6 mobile radios for our patrol cars. The cost of these radios was over $37,000.00. These radios are the latest top of the line equipment and will be used for many years to come by the department. We are thankful to Lake County OEM, Steve Stanley and Michael Hingiss for these radios.

Yesterday morning a citizen called Lake County 9-1-1 to report gunshots in the unit block of Andrews Place. Deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, troopers from the Montana Highway Patrol, officers from Tribal Law and Order and officers of the Ronan Police Department responded to the apartment complex. The citizen pointed out the apartment where the male who had fired a handgun had gone back into. At the apartment the occupants were uncooperative with law enforcement. Two individuals were arrested by Tribal Law and Order for obstruction, another individual had an outstanding warrant and was arrested and taken to Lake County Detention. The suspect Thomas Alexander Lozeau 27 years of age was positively identified as the shooter and taken into custody. Ronan officers authored a search warrant and served the warrant at the apartment. Officers located two handguns. One of the handguns was reported as being stolen out of Lake County last year. Also recovered were dangerous drugs, drug paraphernalia, syringes, and scales. Lozeau was arrested for criminal endangerment, theft, and felon in possession of a handgun. Based on the living conditions in the apartment, Tribal Child Protective Services was notified as two children reside in the apartment. The Ronan Police Department wants to thank the alert citizen who called 9-1-1 and surrounding agencies that responded to Andrews Place. We are all working to keep Ronan safe.

The Ronan Police Department needs your help in identifying this male. On Thursday at 5:10 PM. he walked out Ace Hardware in Ronan without paying for a Dewalt compact drill driver set with a battery charger and two batteries. If you know this individual please contact the police department at 676-0223.

As a friendly reminder, there is no parking on Main St. SW between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM. Signs are posted all along Main St. SW. Let's help out the Public Works Department in their snow removal efforts on Main St. Vehicles parked on Main St. SW between these hours will be towed at the owners expense. Thank you for your help and cooperation!