Fairview Police Department

  • Agency: Fairview Police Department
  • Address: 318 South Central Avenue_x000D_, Fairview, 59221 MT
  • Chief: Susan Quandt (Chief of Police)
Phone: (406) 742-5531
Fax: 406-742-5533

Fairview Police Department is located at 318 South Central Avenue_x000D_, Fairview, 59221 MT. The Chief of Police of the department is Susan Quandt. The Fairview Police Department phone number is (406) 742-5531.

Fairview Police Department News

Does anyone in the community recognize this dog? If so please call Sidney dispatch or respond to this post. He has a red collar on and appears friendly. He will be transported to High Plains Vet shortly.

FOUND DOG! Found on hwy 201 near Fairview! If this is your dog he/she would be at High Plains in Sidney! This dog is missing hair on its back side and tail!

A white, Framed brand bike with black handle bars and blue grips was stolen from in front of Loaf N Jug yesterday evening. The young man who owns the bike went inside to get a few things and when he came out he was told by another patron someone took his bike and rode off. If anyone has any information or happens to see a bicycle matching this description, please call the Fairview Police Department. Thank You!!

As Old Timer’s Festival begins again this weekend remember to be safe and responsible. This is a time for fun, family, memorials and reminiscence not of tragedy. Make use of the free rides given by DUI task force, be courteous to each other, and please be a responsible festival goer. This is your community, be proud of that and have safe respectful fun! See you all out there.

Friendly dog found on 9th street near the School. She has a small metal bone on her collar. Anyone know who's dog it is?

Long may you wave!

This Blue heeler was caught by Richland County Sheriff’s deputies just south of Fairview. Was unable to tell gender. It has a camo collar. It was taken to High Plains Vet. If anyone knows who it belongs to, please notify them.

Is anybody missing a tan and white female dog? Possibly a Shih Tzu mix? pink collar! Please contact Fairview Police Department 406-433-2919!

Tornado Warning!

Can anyone identify this dog or his owner? He was found on 8th St & Interstate Ave. Green collar, no tags, make, and friendly

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Stay safe and enjoy this beautiful day!

Picked this friendly pooch up by Sharbono Park. Has a blue collar. Can anyone identify the owner?

Chief Orville E. Sharbono Fairview Police Department Fairview,MT E.O.W. MARCH 17,1990 Gone but not forgotten, R.I.P


https://media.giphy.com/media/12FzFh6fiJzvq0/giphy.gif When law enforcement reads Dr. Seuss to our local youth...

When law enforcement gets to read to our local kids..... https://media.giphy.com/media/12FzFh6fiJzvq0/giphy.gif

He gets it.

Continuing education series!