Edenton Police Department

  • Agency: Edenton Police Department
  • Address: 305 W Freemason St #1100, Edenton, 27932 NC
  • Chief: Jay Fortenbery (Chief of Police)
Phone: 252-482-5144
Fax: (252)482-4999

Edenton Police Department is located at 305 W Freemason St #1100, Edenton, 27932 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Jay Fortenbery. The Edenton Police Department phone number is 252-482-5144.

Edenton Police Department News

It has been reported that businesses/industries in the area are being contacted by a company claiming to be hired by the Town of Edenton to gather information, such as the number of employees. THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE CALL! The Town of Edenton has not hired anyone to gather information on businesses. If you receive a call like this, hang up. Please share this with your emoyees and neigboring business owners. Town business owners and employees are asked to report all relating incidents to the Edenton Police Department at 482-5144 or Chowan Central Comunications at 482-4444; who will direct an Edenton Police Officer to call you.

The Town of Edenton Police Department is encouraging everyone in the surrounding area to take advantage of the Lazarous Project Pill Drop Box located in the Edenton Police Department Lobby. Hours of operation is 8:00am to 5:00pm. If you have old medicated pills within your home that need to be gone just come drop it off. No paperwork or any other information is needed. A friendly wave is all we need!

The Town of Edenton Police Department is always wanting to improve the quality of life for everyone. Anyone with information regarding crimes that have been committed in our town are asked to call the Edenton Police Department at 482-5144, or the Anonymous Tip Line at 632-0303. Captain Daroyll Brown can be reached 484-4440 or Detective Sergeant Laura Wilkins at 337-4875. "We want your information not your name. All information will be kept confidential". Always remember "If You See Something, Say Something"

The Town of Edenton is encouraging that all drivers be mindful of the snow and icy roads when driving today. Please keep yourself and others safe by taking it slow; to and from wherever you're going.

The roads are very bad out. Please DO NOT DRIVE unless absolutely necessary. Here are some driving tips to stay safe. Remember that driving in bad weather also puts the first responders at risk as well when headed to calls. Safe Driving Tips for Bad Weather If You’re Driving on Snowy or Icy Roads: Slow down. Even if you have all-wheel drive, reduce your speed about 10 miles per hour below the speed limit. If it still feels iffy, cut back another five miles per hour until you're comfortable. Beware of black ice. It’s nearly impossible to see this crystal-clear glaze, but you can spot it when your headlights reflect off the road at night. It tends to form on bridges, which trap the cold; in the shadows of tall buildings, where the sun can't hit it; and at intersections, due to drains. That's why, in bad weather, you should slow down a couple of hundred feet before stop signs and lights. Avoid tailgating. On the highway, leave about 100 yards (about the length of a football field) between you and the car ahead of you to give you plenty of room to stop in case that person breaks suddenly. Don’t brake during a turn. To avoid a spin-out, gradually start turning the steering wheel and feathering the brakes lightly before the curve. Then coast through the turn with your foot off the brake and off the gas, so as not to gain speed. When you have your foot on the brake, the wheels stop turning. That's when the car loses control and goes in any direction that momentum decides to take it. Turn into a skid. Remain calm, take your foot off the brake and the gas pedals, and turn the car in the direction the car is skidding. For example, if you're sliding to the left, gently turn the steering wheel to the left. This cancels out the skid. The car corrects itself and goes straight. If all else fails and you have the option to do so safely, leave the road and drive the car into a snow bank.

SCAM ALERT! Reminder to all, please do not give information or pay any money to people calling on the telephone claiming to be with public power, telephone or any other service. Pass the word, the scammers are back at it. If you have any further questions please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Congratulations Joshua Clayton! Winner of the JBL Bluetooth Speaker from the Edenton Police Department!

To the family and friends of C/O Justin Smith and Veronica Darden who worked with the Department of Corrections in Pasquotank. Thank you for your service. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Had to re-post, a video of the complete construction of the New Edenton Police Station in 3.12 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psd55gh4V2k

Great day for the Dedication of the New Edenton Police Station!

SCAM ALERT Beware of scammers posing as Town Collections. Do not give your credit card information to any unsolicited calls! http://www.ncdoj.gov/News-and-Alerts/Alerts/Latest-utility-scam-dangles-phony-government-assis.aspx

Coffee with a Cop this morning with Judge Meader Harris and Family!

New Date for Police Department Grand Opening! Wednesday, October 11th, 5:30pm.

Due to the threat of severe weather, the Grand Opening of the new police station set for tomorrow has been postponed. A new date will be set in the near future. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Don't forget to come out and join us tomorrow night!

https://www.theblackloop.com/video-man-shares-video-young-black-males-something-positive-went-viral/ Excellent Initiative from good young men!