Clay County Sheriff's Office - Hayesville

  • Agency: Clay County Sheriff's Office - Hayesville
  • Address: 295 Courthouse Drive, Hayesville, 28904 NC
  • Chief:
Phone: 828-389-6354
Fax: 828-389-6375

Clay County Sheriff's Office - Hayesville is located at 295 Courthouse Drive, Hayesville, 28904 NC. The Clay County Sheriff's Office - Hayesville phone number is 828-389-6354.

Clay County Sheriff's Office - Hayesville News

If you are missing this dog please let us know, located on Matheson Cove

Hey!!! Do you know what time it is?!? Just a reminder that We are now accepting donations to our Shop with A Hero Program for this year. Our goal is to take 100 children shopping on December 15th. Each child is able to spend $125 for gifts or items for themselves on this special day! For more information or questions please call the Sheriff’s Office or send a private message.

Yes that is right... Clay County Sheriff's Office is participating in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER! Our Officers and staff can pay $25 to participate this month. The funds raised will then be donated to a charity or group that participants have voted for. We challenge other local businesses to join in the fun and save some shaving cream this month! # fear the beards # Fuzz for a foundation

Congratulations to Clay County’s new Sheriff Bobby Deese, who will take his new position on December 3rd.


Pictures from our annual firearms training yesterday evening. Thank you to Subway in Hayesville for providing some sandwiches for our officers during this training.

If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training! Clay County Sheriff Office annual firearms qualification was held last night at our range where we shoot rain or shine to qualify.

Clay County Pre-K and Kindergarten students were able to trick or treat at school on Halloween day, and Clay County Sheriff’s Office is blessed to have two of the most amazing School Resource Officers who turned their patrol vehicle into a ocean adventure for a trunk or treating spot for the children! #SRO’SROCK 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🎃🙂🧜‍♀️🐠🐙🐳🐬

School Resource Officer Melissa Mariano found some back up at the Elementary School today!

*** Missing woman has been found*** We would like to thank the many members of the fire departments, first responders, EMS, Highway Patrol, and the many others who assisted in this effort in the cold day and night and we are very happy with the outcome of this situation.

*** UPDATE on Missing woman*** Miranda Whidden is the 30 year old female Missing. Multiple fire departments, highway patrol, sheriff office, and first responders are actively searching at this time in a remote location in the county. We thank you for your patience with the limited information as we were notifying and obtaining information from family before name was released

** Missing Person** 30 year old female missing last seen in the Pounding Mill area wearing camo shirt and jeans with dark hair. Units are actively searching and we will update as we learn more

*** National Prescription Drug Take Back Day *** The National Prescription Drug Take Back day addresses a crucial safety and public health issue. It encourages education about the disposal of unwanted, unused or expired medication in your home. Too often unused prescription drugs find their way into the wrong hands. That can be dangerous and even tragic. These unused or expired medications are a public safety issue because it can lead to accidental poisoning, misuse or overdose. Proper disposal saves lives and protects the environment. Through Operation Medicine Drop the citizens of Clay County can safely and anonymously turn in unused medications. This Saturday October 27, 2018 The Clay County Sheriff’s Office will have a table at the Tony Ellis Memorial Car Show held at Hayesville High School from 10am-2pm where anyone can bring these medications to be turned in and properly disposed of. We strongly encourage the help of our community with this and if you have any questions please contact the Clay County Sheriff’s Office 828-389-6354.

Clay County Sheriff's Office is now accepting donations to our Shop with a Hero Program. This program is run completely off of donations and allows local children the opportunity to have a special day with a local Hero and go shopping for gifts. Many of the families we help each year would of not been able to enjoy the Holidays without this program. Please call Deputy Mariano if you have any other questions at 828-557-8449

Clay County Sheriff’s Office sends its thoughts and prayers to Trooper Conner's family and friends. Your memory and sacrifice will not be forgotten Kevin. Trooper Kevin K. Conner North Carolina Highway Patrol End of Watch: October 17,2018

A huge Thank You to the Haywood County Maintenance Garage! One of our Detention Officers was traveling through Haywood County when their patrol car broke down. Without the help of Mike Head from the Haywood County Garage, our Officer would of been stranded for hours. Clay County Sheriff’s Office thanks you for coming out on a Sunday, and for your generosity and kindness to our officer while in your county.

***UPDATE 2:15 pm*** All 911 lines for Verizon cell phones are now working. Thank you for your patience while this issue was being fixed.

***10:00 am UPDATE on VERIZON customers calling 911 An alternative phone number has been provided now for Verizon customers who need to call 911 who are unable to get to a landline. Please use 828-389-2256

UPDATE on VERIZON 911 phone calls: 6:45pm All 911 emergency calls for Clay County are being forward to Cherokee County. If using a Verizon cell phone, please make every attempt to use a landline or another phone carrier.

***Urgent Message*** Verizon Cell Phone users calling 911 for an emergency please try to call from another phone or landline. The Verizon tower is down and the 911 dispatch center can hear you when you call but you will not be able to hear them. They are working on fixing this right now.

****Hiring Full Time Cook**** The Detention Center’s food service company Summit Food Service is hiring a full time cook at $12 an hour. Must have high school diploma or GED, valid driver license, able to lift, flexible hours. All applications can be done on-line at Summit Food Service Careers. This is a separate company than the Clay County Detention Center, please do not call the detention center with questions, you would need to contact Summit Food Services with any questions. Thank you