Beulaville Police Department

  • Agency: Beulaville Police Department
  • Address: 111 W Quinn St, Beulaville, 28518 NC
  • Chief: Aubrey Murphy (Chief of Police)
Phone: 910-298-5360
Fax: 910-298-5475

Beulaville Police Department is located at 111 W Quinn St, Beulaville, 28518 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Aubrey Murphy. The Beulaville Police Department phone number is 910-298-5360.

Beulaville Police Department News

We are completely in shock this morning as we wake to find out the news that we have lost a brother in our NCSHP family! Our thoughts and prayers are with family and friends during this difficult time. #prayersforb5

A State of Emergency has been declared in NC counties within the “Emergency Area” including Duplin county. Full declaration below.

Latest hurricane update with potential wind maps. Please do not underestimate this storm as it is very powerful and with the recovery still ongoing from Florence, there is potential for widespread damage. Please make preparations now.

Latest update for Hurricane Michael.

Latest update. We should expect 50mph sustained winds with near hurricane force gusts at times. Though most infrastructure can handle wind speeds as such, alot of damage still exists from Florence. Though we don't expect alot of rain, flash flooding is possible. Keep in mind that many road repairs have been made since Florence and may not be fully packed so use caution when driving. We will provide updates as we get them.

Please keep an eye on this storm and start making needed preparations. There will not be much time to prepare as this is a fast moving storm!

The curfew for Beulaville and Duplin County has been lifted. We do encourage everyone to still be careful travelling as many roads have been compromised due to rushing waters and may still have unseen damage.

DUPLIN COUNTY CURFEW. THIS INCLUDES THE TOWN OF BEULAVILLE ALSO: UPDATED CURFEW ORDER 9pm - 7 am THE CURFEW WILL BE IN EFFECT UNTIL MONDAY. WE WILL RE-EVALUATE MONDAY MORNING. TRAFFIC PASSING THROUGH TO GO HOME WILL BE ALLOWED. Due to the devastation from Hurricane Florence in Duplin County and in the interest of public safety for the citizens of Duplin County, the curfew for ALL of Duplin County is still in effect. Total traffic restriction for the County is from 9 pm and ends at 7am until canceled by the Sheriff and County Manager. Traffic will be allowed during the curfew hours for work, farm, or medical emergency purposes ONLY. All citizens are advised that due to the potential hazards associated with the storm to please drive safely and use every precaution especially in flooded areas.

To answer a couple frequently asked questions about the mandatory evacuation of flood-prone areas: 1. The Mandatory Evacuation of Flood-Prone Areas is effective at noon on Saturday. If you are able to safely leave before the effective date/time, please consider doing so. Attached is the river gauge forecast over the next few days. The black benchmark line at 23.5 feet is the record flood level set by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Flooding after Hurricane Florence is expected to surpass the record. After hurricane-force winds and rain pass through the area, there should be an opportunity for residents to evacuate, around mid-day Saturday, before major flooding begins. As you may recall, major flooding usually occurs in our area after the brunt of the storm has passed. We do not want residents on the road facing hurricane-force winds and rains, but they need to leave once winds subside, before major flooding occurs and the roads become impassable. 2. If your property is flood-prone, in a low-lying area, or is included in the areas identified in the Mandatory Evacuation of Flood-Prone Areas Order, please heed the evacuation notice. Emergency service response will be limited once flooding occurs and responders may not be able to respond in certain areas for days. Attached is a copy of the Duplin County Floodplain Map as determined by FEMA. We ask that you rely on knowledge of your property’s location and flooding history to determine if evacuation is necessary for your safety. If you are not sure of your property’s flood history, or if you are new to the area, please make a determination based on floodplain information, as it is your best guide at this point. Please note, flooding is NOT LIMITED to the floodplain area shown on the map. Historically, flooding has often occurred outside of the designated floodplain. It is always best to err on the side of caution. You can also check to see if your address is within the floodplain online at

MANDATORY EVACUATION OF FLOOD-PRONE AREAS By order of the Duplin County Manager, the Emergency Management Coordinator, and Sheriff Blake Wallace, a Mandatory Evacuation Order has been issued effective Saturday, September 15, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. NOON, for the following unincorporated areas of Duplin County: Areas South of NC 24, between Interstate 40 and NC 41 & 111 at Chinquapin; AND all flood-prone areas, such as areas that flooded during Hurricanes Floyd and Matthew, including, but not limited to, the following communities: BF Grady, Chinquapin, Hallsville, Harrells, Kornegay, Mill Swamp, Northeast, Pin Hook, River Landing, Rockfish, Safe, and Sarecta. FLOODING IS PROJECTED TO POSSIBLY EXCEED THE CURRENT RECORD SET BY HURRICANE FLOYD IN 1999. Record-breaking flood stages are forecasted on the Northeast Cape Fear River and its tributaries. Do not delay evacuating until the flooding becomes severe, as escape routes will likely be impassable due to flood waters and/or debris. Emergency response in areas under a Mandatory Evacuation will be limited. There will be a period of time during this storm that first responders will be limited and/or unable to respond to emergency calls. Heeding this evacuation order will ensure the personal safety of all our citizens and first responders.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Town of Beulaville has declared a State of Emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence. Also, a mandatory curfew will be established as of 3PM on Thursday September 13th and will remain in effect until Saturday September 15th at 7AM. If conditions are deemed safe at that time the curfew will be partially lifted and will be in effect from 7PM Saturday to 7AM on Sunday. ALL businesses in town will be required to close and remain closed during the curfew. We encourage everyone that has remained to use good judgement during this storm and stay off of the roads.

HURRICANE FLORENCE MOVING TOWARD NORTH CAROLINA Hurricane Florence is now up to winds of 105mph and that was a few hours ago. Florence is likely continuing to strengthen rapidly this morning. A hurricane hunter aircraft will be out later today to measure specific winds to get the exact strength of Florence. Florence is following the models very closely. The hurricane has begun to turn more to the north and is now moving slightly north of due west. This was predicted by the models and Florence has followed it exactly. Now that Florence is moving steadily and on a new trajectory the models should be able to make more accurate forecasts for the point of landfall. TIMING: Right now the NHC has landfall happening around 2AM Friday morning. This could change a little over the next day. REMEMBER winds will arrive BEFORE landfall due to the size of Florence. LANDFALL LOCATION: still some questions Models really did not focus in on the point of landfall last night. Models make landfall anywhere from Cape Hatteras to Myrtle Beach. We expect models to really zero in on a specific landfall location this afternoon and this evening. Until a specific landfall area can be expected it will be difficult to determine which areas will see what impacts. We expect the mid-day models to come to better agreement. Hopefully enough for us to be able to make some graphs to give you an idea of some of the potential impacts from Florence. POTENTIAL IMPACTS The areas to receive the worst impacts depends on the landfall point. But we want to let you know a little bit of what Florence will bring with her. WINDS: Florence will likely have winds around 140mph at landfall. Wherever this landfall is exactly will change some over the next few days. The landfall point will experience some of the highest winds from a hurricane in NC since Fran in 1996 and maybe even rival Hazel. Due to the large size and speed of Florence, hurricane force winds will make it well inland from the point of landfall. DO NOT think "We are way too far inland to see impacts." A fast moving storm can easily bring winds well inland (Fran brought near 100 mph gusts into Pitt County). This is a large concern due to the rainfall that could fall from Florence. RAINFALL: Once Florence moves over land models are slowing her down to a crawl. Some even stall Florence over the same area for a couple days. This means that wind is not the only concern. Flooding will be a huge threat due to the intense banding of the hurricane. Hurricanes can drop 2-4 inches of rain per hour over a large area and it is possible for these bands to sit over an area for hours and hours. It is likely that a wide area will see 10+ inches of rain from Florence and possibly much more than that depending on the track. STAY TUNED FOR THE LATEST As always have a plan of action if Florence bears down on your specific location this week!

Unfortunately, it is looking more likely that we will be affected by Florence. Now is the time to start preparing for the storm. We will share storm and shelter information as it comes available.

Ohhh you know, just another day in Beulaville!

UPDATE: Whitt has been captured and charged.

If you rent your home or own rental property, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are required by law. If you are a renter and your landlord fails to provide said equipment, contact your local Fire Marshals Office. Here in Duplin the number is 910-296-2160.