Kenansville Police Department

  • Agency: Kenansville Police Department
  • Address: 141 Routledge Rd, Kenansville, 28349 NC
  • Chief: J Michael Webster (Chief of Police)
Phone: 910-296-0369
Fax: 910-296-0707

Kenansville Police Department is located at 141 Routledge Rd, Kenansville, 28349 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is J Michael Webster. The Kenansville Police Department phone number is 910-296-0369.

Kenansville Police Department News

Here is a fun pre-Halloween event for kids to go to in Kenansville, NC. Sponsored by the Duplin County Library.

The Duplin County Events Center is NOT a public distribution center. There is going to be one set up at the Kenansville Baptist Church, located behind the Post Office, starting Friday September 21, 2018 from 9am to 6pm.

NCHWY 24 from Kenansville to Beulaville is OPEN.

Food Lion in Kenansville will not be open today. They are trying to resolve some electronic issues so they will ATTEMPT to open in the morning.

The curfew in Kenansville is lifted.

NCHWY 24 between Kenansville and Beulaville is still CLOSED due to river flooding.

This is Canal St. and the intersection of Seminary and Stokes St. (Bowden's Rd.). The intersection you can make through if you go really SLOW. Stay OFF Canal St. or you may end up in the woods in the water.

NCHWY 50 between the Town Limit and the By-pass stop light near the Town's water tower is impassable at times.

The Old NCHWY 11 & 903 that comes into town by Turkey Stadium and the Dept. of Social Service is impassable!

Do NOT try to enter Kenansville on Bowden's Rd. It is under water. Sometimes you cannot see the bridge.

This is NCHWY 24 between the By-pass stop light and Paul Ed Dail Rd. On LARGE vehicles are able to make it through now. Even they are pushing water with their bumpers. It won't be long before that is impassable.

We just want to remind everyone that this is not over. In the area, emergency operations are being conducted and we still need the public to please be cautious. Flooding is already starting in various areas so please think about what you do. Again, we urge all of you to be safe.

The Folks driving the SUV stuck in the water just outside of Kenansville on Bowden's Rd. STAY OUT OF THE WATER!! Then Canal St. in Town will be over flowed soon. The tin roof on the Old Boys & Girls home on Limestone Rd. (NCHWY 50) down the street from Hardee's. The Duplin Co. Water and Environmental Health Building had some debris laying in the parking lots.

Here are few of the effects of Hurricane Florence on Kenansville, NC. The Duplin County Finance Office has some roof damage as well as the Liberty Square Shopping Center, and right above the HWY 55 restaurant there. No businesses are open in Kenansville at this time.

Here is a copy of the Town of Kenansville's Hurricane Florence Declaration. Please note the curfew beginning Thursday September 13, 2018 at sunset. Everyone be safe and hold on. It is going to be a rough ride. This storm is NO joke and 500 miles wide!