Warsaw Police Department

  • Agency: Warsaw Police Department
  • Address: 112 W Bay St, Warsaw, 28398 NC
  • Chief: Raymond P Wood Jr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 910-293-7816
Fax: 910-293-7701

Warsaw Police Department is located at 112 W Bay St, Warsaw, 28398 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Raymond P Wood Jr. The Warsaw Police Department phone number is 910-293-7816.

Warsaw Police Department News

I would like to commend my officers for sharing the information they had. I am a firm believer that it doesn’t matter who makes the arrest as long as the arrest gets made. Sharing of information between agencies is vital. When agencies neglect to share information because they can’t make the arrest the bad guy wins.

Bring your old unused medicine by the Police Department. My people have all types of narcotics in there medicine cabinets that should be properly discarded. We will be glad to get them disposed of free of charge.

**** Rabies Alert **** Duplin County Animal Services has had a feral cat that was picked up in Warsaw to test positive for rabies. The cat was picked up on E. Plank St. near N. Frisco St. If you see any animal in the Warsaw area acting strange call Animal Services 910-296-1911 or Warsaw PD 910-293-7816. If you have not had your pets vaccinated for rabies contact Animal Services or your local vet. It is not expensive and will protect your pets life should they get exposed to a rabid animal.

Today we remembered K9 Zeva and her service to our community. Thank you to all that took time out of their day to join us. A special shoutout to Sampson County Sheriff’s Office, NC License and Theft and Duplin EMS for sending representatives to show your support.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Retired K9 Zeva Moss. For six years Zeva patrolled the streets of Warsaw with her handler Frank Moss. A memorial service in her honor is scheduled for Monday at 2 pm at the Warsaw Police Department.

We were honored today with lunch from the Ladies Group at Warsaw Baptist Church. They said they wanted us to know that they appreciate the job we do and that they prayed for us daily. From all of us at Warsaw Police Department we thank you.

This past Saturday evening the North Carolina ALE, Warsaw PD, Wallace PD, Beulaville PD, Rose Hill PD, and Mt. Olive PD conducted saturation patrols in the towns throughout Duplin County. The purpose of this operation was to reduce criminal activity in and around our communities. These types of operations show a unified effort of the local Police Departments to work together to combat criminal activities in all of our communities. We plan to conduct several more of these joint operations throughout the year. Below are the charges made during the operation. ABC Violation: 1 ABC Written warning: 1 Open container: 1 Possession of Marijuana: 3 Possession of Marijuana drug paraphernalia: 4 CCW: 1 DWI: 1 NOL: 4 DWLR: 3 Expired Reg: 3 Fictitous Reg: 1 No Insurance: 1 Speeding: 1 Total of 14 Arrest Total of 25 Charges

Conversations are happening at Coffee with a Cop at Bojangles in Warsaw. Come join in.

Coffee with a Cop is happening now at Bojangles in Warsaw. Come on out from now until 9 have a coffee and conversation !!!!!!!

In light of the recent events in Florida I wanted to make the citizens of Warsaw aware that over the Christmas break members of the Warsaw Police Department again conducted training on responding to an active shooter at Warsaw Elementary. We train routinely on active shooter response not only in the schools but in places of worship and business. We pray we never have to utilize this training but we are committed to being prepared to protect our children and the citizens of Warsaw.

This morning officers conducted a “routine” traffic stop that ended up yielding a stolen firearm that was concealed in the vehicle along with over 10,000 dollars in cash that was hidden in a plastic grocery bag inside of a backpack. The driver Duan Alston was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a stolen firearm. His bond was set at $4,990.00. I want to commend the Officers for taking a proactive approach in order to make our streets safer. Job well done!!

Slow Down or Move Over. On January 8th Warsaw Officer Eric Trinidad was assisting a motorist who had ran into a ditch just outside of town. While the motorist and Officer Trinidad were waiting for a Highway Patrolman to arrive on scene Officer Trinidad’s patrol car was struck from behind by another passing vehicle. Fortunately no one involved was injured. This accident occurs all to frequently because motorist simply do not slow down or move over into the other lane when safe to do so. If you see any emergency vehicle (Police, Fire, EMS, Tow Truck or Utility vehicle) on the shoulder of the road slow down, stop if necessary wait for on coming traffic to pass and then safely pass in the other lane. To many public servants have been seriously injured or killed from these easily avoidable collisions.

************Counterfeit Currency Alert************ In the past several days we have counterfeit monies past at three different locations. An arrest was made in connection with the hundreds because of an observant clerk at the Family Dollar who noticed the bill was fake and called 911. The counterfeit twenty is unrelated to the hundreds. Please take care when you are exchanging money to make sure you don’t get fooled by those trying to cheat.

Warsaw made the news in the “Queen City” http://www.fox46charlotte.com/news/local-news/warsaw-police-department-initiates-scentbank-project-to-help-find-missing-people

Follow this link for road closures after the parade. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19O_Jo4GYoCtETwRRzv8U5cdpC1I&usp=sharing

See the following link for detour routes during the Parade. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1liYKwr-fPYW6Xw6nXug93H4RS5c&usp=sharing

Use the link on your smartphone to locate all the activities for the Veteran's Day Celebration. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18zIG5Jtrdn2-n3VdHgzVGUHp2Ps&usp=sharing

It's time for the 4th annual "Trunk A Treat" at Memorial Park on Halloween night from 7-8

Free Child Safety Seat Clinic this Friday in Wallace at Peebles Department Store from 2pm-6pm. Our own Officer Eric Trinidad will be one of several certified safety seat technicians on hand to check your seat is properly installed and to answer any questions.



******************Press Release*************************** Warsaw Police Department is excited to announce our "Find My Family" program. Please take a minute to read the press release to find out more information. “Find My Family” Warsaw Silver and Amber Alert Scent Bank Everyday across America children and/or persons with cognitive impairments go missing. In these critical situations time is vitally important. One important tool in locating missing persons are police K9’s. Because of this the Warsaw Police Department in cooperation with Warsaw Health and Rehab and the community we are proud to introduce “Find My Family”, a program designed to help locate missing persons. Police K9’s use an individual’s scent to locate people. Each person’s scent is as unique as their DNA. This means having access to a good scent sample is crucial to the K9’s successful deployment. “Find My Family” can help provide these valuable samples. The scent collection process is non-invasive and simple. All that is required is wiping exposed skin and underarms with a piece of sterile gauze. The gauze is then stored in a sterile container and labeled with the individual’s name and date of collection. These samples are good for up to a year. Unfortunately, there is no program available that can guarantee the safe return of a missing family member. These kits are designed to provide the best sample to the K9 as quickly as possible and increase the chances of locating them. Although we hope to never have cause to use them, the Warsaw Police Department is committed to being prepared for these incidents. This program is completely voluntary and community members are welcome to participate. If you have a child or at-risk family member who would like to participate you can contact the Warsaw Police Department, (910-293-7816) to schedule an appointment to have the sample collected.