Surry County Sheriff's Office - Dobson

  • Agency: Surry County Sheriff's Office - Dobson
  • Address: 218 N Main St, Dobson, 27017 NC
  • Chief:
Phone: 336-401-8900

Surry County Sheriff's Office - Dobson is located at 218 N Main St, Dobson, 27017 NC. The Surry County Sheriff's Office - Dobson phone number is 336-401-8900.

Surry County Sheriff's Office - Dobson News

Today we have taken several phone calls from citizens who have recieved phone calls from a man going by the name of Deputy Jason Balock (or something similar) or sometimes its been Deputy Johnson always from Surry County Sheriffs Office. They say that you have missed jury duty and there are warrants for your arrest. Please note that this is a scam! If you have any calls like this we recommend that you do not give the caller any information. Hang up immediately and do not answer further calls from that number. Cell phones have a block feature and with land lines, you can call your telephone provider and ask to have numbers blocked. Share this information with your friends and family. If you need further assistance or have additional questions call us at 336-401-8900.

Elkin Rescue Squad Golf Tournament at Cedarbrook Country Club. Surry County Sheriff’s Office Thanks you for your service and sacrifice!

Pastor Joe Lambert You are the best! Enjoyed the singing chicken stew friendship and fellowship! Praying for the family!

Great time at Mayberry Days Parade. Howard Sprague is Jeff Branch Dare officer in Montgomery county. Barney Is Bret Harris from Indiana. Blessed to be in Surry County.

Thanks for the photo. Had a great time at the Community Watch Block Party on Banner Street at Fellowship Baptist Church. Thanks for the invitation.

Sheriff Combs said we are sending two deputies from Animal Control, their vehicles and a trailer to Craven County, NC to assist with the hurricane disaster. Please keep them and their families in your prayers. Thank you

Special Thanks goes out to Surry County 911 Communications for going above and beyond by taking the additional responsibility of dispatching for Columbus County, NC