Swain County Sheriff's Office - Bryson City

  • Agency: Swain County Sheriff's Office - Bryson City
  • Address: 95 Brendle St, Bryson City, 28713 NC
  • Chief:
Phone: 828-488-0159
Fax: 828-488-0481

Swain County Sheriff's Office - Bryson City is located at 95 Brendle St, Bryson City, 28713 NC. The Swain County Sheriff's Office - Bryson City phone number is 828-488-0159.

Swain County Sheriff's Office - Bryson City News

This is in response to Shelia Owenby's post from yesterday stating that a deputy never responded to a call with a lady being locked out of her apartment. There are some redacted portions of this report, such as apartment number and phone numbers, for privacy and safety reasons. Please note that when a Unit number with a 300 number on it is dispatched, that is a Bryson City Police Officer. AT NO TIME was the Sheriff's Office dispatched to this call. Read and make up your own mind. Sheriff Curtis Cochran

Lets take just a few moments today and remember the family of the fallen State Trooper, Kevin K. Conner in Columbus County, whose life was taken early this morning as he was conducting a traffic stop. This hits pretty close to our hearts. All law enforcement has a dangerous job and we need community support and prayers to do it safely.



On Wednesday September 19, 2018 in Superior Court in Swain County, Jesse McClennon Watty plead guilty to TRAFFICKING OPIUM OR HEROIN and received an active sentence of 90 to 120 months in the Department of Corrections with 47 days credit for time served plus a $100,000.00 fine . This is a result of the check points that are conducted in Swain County and the committment we have to keep as many of these drugs off the street as possible.

As we approach the 17th anniversary (9/11/2001) lets all take time out our schedule Tuesday to remember the lives lost when the twin towers were destroyed, the Pentagon was attacked and the plane crash landed in a field in Penn., and remember the sacrifices of all the first responders that rushed to the aid of others with several of those brave individuals losing their lives while trying to save others. I know this must be a hard day for the families who lost loved ones that eventful day. Sheriff Curtis Cochran

As Hurricane Florence approaches the East Coast, there is a possibility of strong winds and rain that could impact Western North Carolina. Be prepared for power outages if the winds and rain do come to Swain County. Please keep the people, that in the path of this storm, in your thoughts and prayers. Sheriff Curtis Cochran

The Swain County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for an anticipated deputy position vacancy. The candidates must be BLET certified and in good standings with the Sheriff's Training and Standards Division. Applications can be picked up at the Sheriff's Office at 95 Brendle Street in Bryson City Monday thru Friday (except for holidays) 8am till 5pm.

Sheriff Curtis Cochran is pleased to announce that Chris Dudley has joined our office and will be a valuable asset to the West Swain Elementary School where he will be working as a School Resource Officer. He has the same vision and determination as I do about the protection of our children and staff at the schools. Please welcome Chris as he starts with us on Monday June 25th.

Sheriff Curtis Cochran and staff wishes every father a Happy Fathers Day.

The Swain County Sheriff's Office has reports of mailboxes being vandelized throughout the county. If anyone has any information on this criminal activity, please give us a call at the Sheriff's Office. The number is 828-488-0159 or if you see this happening, call the dispatch center at 828-488-2196.

We would like to apologize if you have been trying to call the Sheriff’s Office the last two days. Our phones have been down and at this time it appears that they are back working now.

Sheriff Curtis Cochran and staff would like to wish every mother a Happy Mother's Day. I am especially thankful for my mothers love and dedication to our family through the good times and the bad times.