Apex Police Department

  • Agency: Apex Police Department
  • Address: 205 Saunders St, Apex, 27502 NC
  • Chief: Jack Lewis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 919-362-8661
Fax: (919) 387-3056

Apex Police Department is located at 205 Saunders St, Apex, 27502 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Jack Lewis. The Apex Police Department phone number is 919-362-8661.

Apex Police Department News

Traffic Alert - There are new NO PARKING Signs at the intersection of N. Hughes and E. Chatham Street. The NO PARKING area was increased due to visibility concerns and safety. Please adhere to the signs. Also please remember it is illegal to park left side of the vehicle to the curb, you must park with the flow of traffic.

‪It’s National #MoveOver Day. Officer Sites with Apex PD knows all too well what can happens when a car fails to obey the law and move over. Earlier this year his vehicle struck by a driver while on a traffic stop. ‬These photos show the devastation that can be caused by a single driver failing to move over.

‪Sgt. Eric Buchanan spoke today at the 2018 Traffic Incident Management Regional Conference on bridging the gap between first responders to ensure crash scene safety. ‬

Our thoughts and prayers are with the North Carolina Highway Patrol and the family of Trooper Conner.

Officer Ommundsen and Officer Guevara spoke with the kids from the Academy For The Performing Arts (APA). We talked about how police officers are community helpers.

We happy to attend the grand opening of Apex Friendship Middle School recently.

A few more photos from our Day Behind Handle Bars Charity Motorcycle Ride!!!!

Officer Boyd spent the morning educating parents on the signs and dangers of vaping. We are continually working to educate parents and students on topics related to health and safety.

‪Mr Wuf tested his ability on the walk and turn test administered by Officer Sites! ‬

Mr and Mrs Wuf stopped by to see us!

We are having a great time @NCStateFair Safe City!

‪Richardson Road is closed due to water across the roadway. Please avoid the area. Do not drive around barricades. ‬

We are hiring a crossing guard!

Officer Patel joined Olive Chapel Elementary for their walk to school event.

Sparky and McGruff working paw in paw at Apex Night Out.

Officer Antonsen is going pink for October!

‪ Night fall over the Peak of Good Living.‬

‪Think PINK! To raise awareness for breast cancer our staff is going pink for October! ‬

‪Officer Boyd took it over the edge for NC Special Olympics today! @SONC_BeAFan ‬