Stantonsburg Police Department

  • Agency: Stantonsburg Police Department
  • Address: 114 E Commercial Ave, Stantonsburg, 27883 NC
  • Chief: John Hunt (Chief of Police)

Stantonsburg Police Department is located at 114 E Commercial Ave, Stantonsburg, 27883 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is John Hunt. The Stantonsburg Police Department phone number is 252-238-3534.

Stantonsburg Police Department News

School Zone Update: Two cited today for speeding in school zone. Again, were not hiding and we have all emergency lights on. Both were 40 in a 25 mph school zone. We take our children's safety very serious in Stantonsburg. The holiday is soon upon us. I can sure find something better to do with $438.00 then give it to the courts. Plus time off of work, and/or attorney fees. We will be back out this afternoon from 2:30 pm til 3:30 pm. Zero tolerance.

Rest in peace Trooper Kevin K. Conner. End of watch 10/17/2018

Never easy laying a brother in blue to rest. You rest easy brother, we got it from here.

Very proud to announce that only two violator were found thus far for speeding in a school zone. That's for the whole week. Our goal is 0. Outstanding

On Sept. 27, 2018 K9 Officer T. Williams stopped a vehicle for a Stop Sign violation. Upon further investigation, the driver and passenger was charged with the following: Holley N. Weidner 21 y/o w/f of Clayton, NC (Driver) Felony Possession of Crack Cocaine Felony Possession of Heroin Felony Maintain a vehicle to store controlled substance. Possession of drug Paraphernalia Stop sign violation Expired Registration Plate. James V. Minshew 22 y/o w/m of Lucama, NC (Passenger) Felony Possession of Crack Cocaine Felony Possession of Heroin Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Both subjects were placed under a $10,000 secured bond and held at the Wilson Co. Detention Center. Great job by the K9 Unit. Very proud of our guys. ALL SUBJECTS ARE PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

Report Scam Fraud

On Sept. 19th, 2018 Officer Tim Garland with the Stantonsburg Police Department stopped Mrs Destiny Cook, 22 y/o b/f of Stantonsburg for the following: Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) Two outstanding warrants were located for: 1 Warrant was served for DWLR & 1 Warrant was served for fictitious registration. Subject was placed in the Wilson Co. Detention Center under a $500 secured bond. ALL SUBJECTS ARE PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY...

Hwy 222 towards Eureka is now OPEN, per DOT.

NC 58 South to Snow Hill is now open.

If you see a "Road Closed" sign, it is still illegal to drive around them. If you do, you will be cited. We do not know when the water will go down, as mother nature is in charge of that. If you need any further assistance, we will be glad to help. North Carolina Dept. of Transportation will open up the roadways when they feel it is safe. They do not contact us and notify us before hand. If you come across a road that is open, that was previously closed, please contact us, so that we can pass the word. Thank you.

Be aware of SCAMMERS after natural disasters. I am please to inform you that we were reached out by my good buddy, North Carolina Attorney General (AG) Josh Stein to help prevent scammers in N.C. The lawyers of the Department of Justice and A.G. Josh Stein have offered their help. After disasters like Hurricane Florence we worry about a few different issues: price gouging, home repair scams, and charity scams are at an all time high after storms. Price gouging is the most immediate concern. NCGS 75-38 makes charging an unreasonably excessive price on necessities during a state of emergency a civil violation in North Carolina. The prohibition remains in effect until the earlier of the end of the state of emergency or 45 days from its declaration, unless the Governor extends it. If you or someone you know feels like you have been a victim of price gouging please contact the office of the Attorney General. The best way to file a complaint is online at If you do not have access to the internet, you can contact their office toll-free at 1-877-5-NOSCAM. As of yesterday, their office has received nearly 650 complaints from North Carolinian's across the state. The vast majority concerned gasoline and water. As people begin to rebuild, we expect to also see an increase on home repair scams. Often we see questionable contractors going door to door, offering to help rebuild quickly and at low prices in exchange for a deposit. Once the deposit is collected, the contractor never returns. Prevention is the best way to address scams. Please get references,use a reputable contractor, ask for everything in writing and do not pay for work in advance. Get multiple quotes. The cheapest price is not always the best price. Other tips can be located at Again, please be safe, and use caution. If you need any further assistance in this matter please contact your local police department. If you live in the area, just stop by for a cup of coffee and we at the Stantonsburg Police Department will help out in anyway possible. Thank you and God bless. Stantonsburg Police Department 114 E. Commercial Ave. Stantonsburg, NC 27883 (252) 238-3534

Through Christ, all things are possible. What a beautiful sight after a horrible storm. #afterthestorm

Please do not drive around Road Closed signs. Night time is soon upon us, and its makes water evacuations that much harder.

There is no fine for driving around road closed sign. It is a misdemeanor. And you will get a court date. Our first responders are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Please don't make them risk their lives, to save yours over a simple sign.

58 North before Watery Branch Rd, "TURN AROUND DON'T DROWN"


This is Commerical Ave Ext heading into Town, please use Hwy 58 if you need to get into town

222 and Pelt Rd

I'm am so proud of my community. First Baptist Church of Stantonsburg came by and dropped off dinner to our volunteers. Thank you to my Marine Corp brother Ryan Wesley for his 7CCRT connection. Thank you so much to 7CCTR (Civilian Crisis Response Team) for volunteering to support out town during our time of crisis. I'm very proud that they also volunteered in New Bern, NC and rescuing 74 people off of the roof tops. Anderson Cooper caught it all on tape. Check out the video.

Thank you so much to the Bradley family so such a wonderful reminder of small town policing. I truley love my town. #teamstantonsburg

Weather update: Hwy 222 and Pelt Rd. is flooding.

I truly must take my hat off to this group of individuals. Civilian Crisis Response Team came down from Indiana to volunteer help to our residents. They came down yesterday. Them plus such a quick response from our Electrical Dept. has truly been a blessing. Please stay safe and off the streets if you dont have to. Updates to follow.

222 is back open.

Tree down on Hwy 222 and Pelt Rd. Closed both lanes of traffic. Crew working in cleaning now.