McKenzie County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: McKenzie County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 201 5th St NW, Watford City, 58854 ND
  • Chief:
Phone: 701-444-3654

McKenzie County Sheriff's Office is located at 201 5th St NW, Watford City, 58854 ND. The McKenzie County Sheriff's Office phone number is 701-444-3654.

McKenzie County Sheriff's Office News

******Press Release******

***ASSISTANCE NEEDED*** On 09/11/2018, deputies from the McKenzie County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a vandalism/theft from an oil well site located near 9528 38th St. NW Newtown, ND. Deputies found $10,000 to $15,000 in damages when they arrived. It appears the theft took place in the early morning hours of 09/10/2018. Video shows two males attempting to steal copper cables from the well pad. Luckily, a trail camera was able to capture some of the incident. We need your help identifying the suspects and the suspect vehicle. Suspect 1 appears to be a white male, with a distinctive nose (see for yourself). Suspect 1 appears to be wearing a dark colored sweater, white hardhat and a green bandanna over some of his face. Suspect 2 also appears to be a white male, with dark clothing and a yellow hard hat. Suspect 2 appears to be wearing sweat pants, with an unknown logo on the upper left leg. The suspect vehicle is a blue extended cab, 1st generation (1999 -2002) Chevrolet Silverado. The vehicle has "Z71" on the rear quarter panel near the tail light. The license plate appears to be covered. Please take a look at these photos, and let us know if you know who is involved or you recognize the vehicle. If you have any information, please contact the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office at 701-444-3654 and reference Case# MK18-01334.

***Cancel*** The issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience. ***Local Dispatch Interruption*** Phone lines to the McKenzie County Dispatch Center, as well as the McKenzie County Sheriff's Office are currently down. We do not have an estimated time frame for services to be restored. Until further notice, please call 911 for any emergency law enforcement needs or ND State Radio non emergency at 701-328-9921.

***Siren Test*** Just a reminder sirens will be tested at 1:00 p.m.

***ROAD RESTRICTIONS NOTICE*** All unpaved/gravel roads in McKenzie County will be restricted to 13,000 lbs GVW at 10:30 AM CT 10/03/2018. Further updates will be posted on the websites. Please share so we can get the word out to everyone.

***Traffic Update*** Highway 85 has been reopened in both directions. Please drive carefully and be respectful of other drivers.

***Traffic Alert*** Due to an accident at Mile Marker 180 and Highway 85 (just south of the Lewis and Clark bridge) traffic delays are occurring. **Update*** According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, northbound traffic will be closed. There is no time frame on when this will be reopened. If you are northbound on 85 and would like to detour, take Highway 200 westbound and then go North on Highway 58 to Highway 1804, back east to Williston.

***Road Closure Notice Update*** As of 8:00am CT September 21, 2018, the roads have been evaluated. All unpaved/gravel roads in McKenzie County are restricted to 12,000 lbs GVW, and will not be reviewed again until September 22, 2018 at noon CT. Please check here for additional updates:

***ROAD CLOSURE NOTICE*** All unpaved/gravel roads in McKenzie County will be restricted to 12,000 lbs GVW as of 10:00 am CT September 20, 2018. Please visit this page for closure updates:

***Local Dispatch Interruption*** Update: All services have been restored. Thanks for your patience. Please pass the word: McKenzie County Dispatch Is currently down due to a broken fiber optic line in the area of the McKenzie County Law Enforcement Center. We do not have an estimated time frame for services to be restored. Until further notice, please call 911 for any emergency law enforcement needs or ND State Radio non emergency at 701-328-9921.

Any information you have on this incident would be appreciated. Please call the numbers listed in the post to provide information.

Sheriff Schwartzenberger was invited to Washington D.C. last month for two separate events. President Trump extended an invitation to all county officials from North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming to attend a conference with the intent to build relationships with local officials. The purpose was to bring these leaders together at the White House, and discuss issues and concerns local leaders have about issues affecting the communities they serve. During the broad discussion, Sheriff Schwartzenberger met with cabinet members and other leaders to discuss issues such as local energy production and safety, manpower in law enforcement and public safety infrastructure improvements in the community. Sheriff Schwartzenberger attended a second event at the White House and was invited by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) who sponsored the Sheriff’s trip along with at least 40 other Sheriff’s from around the nation. During this event, meetings were held with the Department of Justice, Attorney General’s Office, Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and members of the President’s Cabinet. The purpose of this event was to encourage our Senators, Congressmen, government agencies and the White House to work together in support of the current immigration laws while assisting local and state law enforcement in the enforcement of these laws through funding and other initiatives. Sheriff Schwartzenberger spoke with the U.S. Attorney General’s Office and Department of Justice and brought to their attention local and state law enforcement's costs associated with the detainment and processing of immigration violations. This discussion has led to talks on how and when local and state law enforcement can be reimbursed for the financial burdens placed by enforcing federal immigration laws. We look forward to the continuing dialog in regards to the reimbursement of these costs. Sheriff Schwartzenberger also spoke with both agencies about the timeline for more federal immigration judges being appointed to help with the backlog of immigration cases. Sheriff Schwartzenberger found that at least 50 federal judges would be appointed in the next year or so to assist with the backlog of immigration cases, which will assist local law enforcement by preventing the release and recapture of immigration violators due to long waits for court hearings. Sheriff Schwartzenberger would like to thank President Trump and the Federation for American Immigration Reform for their invitation to this event and the dialog which occurred. The Sheriff would also like to thank the White House for their hospitality and the hospitality of other representatives who attended both events. Sheriff Schwartzenberger was able to meet with President Trump and Vice President Pence briefly and presented challenge coins from the Sheriff’s Office to both. Here are some photos from the trip.

Be prepared McKenzie County. Storms will develop over the next few hours with severe weather possible. Please make a plan now and be ready for all forms of severe weather with this storm.

Road restrictions update: All McKenzie County gravel/unpaved roads will remain at the 13,000 lbs restriction until 1:00 pm today.

As of 5:00 pm central time, all McKenzie County gravel/unpaved roads are restricted to 13,000 lbs until further notice. Please check the county road department website for updates.

Looks like we are still on the outer edge of the enhanced risk area, but still within it. There is a risk for the entire county, so be aware. Its all supposed to kick off around 3:00.

Good morning McKenzie County, please keep your ears to the weather radio or the NWS Facebook page. Today could be an extreme weather day for much of the region. NWS Bismarck constantly updates their page with alerts and warnings, so check their page out. We hope todays weather event will bring much needed rain to the area, but hope the scary stuff skips us. Please be weather aware and have someway to update yourself on the weather. Take preparedness steps now and have a plan, emergency kit and sturdy shelter available. Keep an eye out on Watford City Police Departments Facebook page for updates on if/when the storm shelters may open. We will also post if we hear they have opened up. Please check back throughout the day for updates from us. Please like our page and share this message to help get the word out. Stay safe and have a great day.

With school starting today for Watford City, and the start of school last week for Alexander and other schools, we would like to remind drivers to be mindful of student and bus safety. Remember you are required to stop and stay stopped for a bus displaying red flashing lights. Until the lights go off, even if you don’t see Kids, you are required to remain stopped. Young children may be crossing the road or may be in a position where you cannot see them. Be patient and understand buses travel slower for good reason. If you need to pass, ensure you are in an actual passing zone where it is safe to pass. Ensure you give the bus and your car enough room to merge back into your lane without cutting off the bus. Please be mindful younger children don’t necessarily see danger prior to taking actions older kids or adults would see as dangerous. As a driver it is your responsibility to drive within the law and be aware of your surroundings. Please slow down in our neighborhoods and near bus stops. If your dropping kids off at school, please slow down in the parking lots or other designated drop off locations. Parents, please talk with your driving aged children about slowing down and being on the lookout for younger kids and to drive safely in general. The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing patrols near trouble spots and citations will be issued to unsafe drivers. We have zero tolerance when it comes to child and bus safety. We hope this school year will be a safe and wonderful year for all of our kids. If you see unsafe driving or have concerns, please call 911 or our local dispatch center at 701-444-3654, option 4.

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a Sheriff's Auction at the Sheriff's Impound Yard located at 305 11 Ave SE, Watford City, on August 25th, 2018. The registration process begins between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM and the bidding process will begin around 10:00 AM. There are a mixture of units to be auctioned off, a motorcycle, and multiple vehicles.. Payment will be cash only, or company checks. No personal checks accepted. Any questions can be forwarded to Lt. Russ Shahin at 701-842-6010 ext. 7675.

*** Press Release ***

School safety concerns are on the rise across the nation and many parents are asking what measures are being taken by school and law enforcement to protect children? According to FBI statistics from 2000-2013 there were 11.4 active threat incidents annually. In 2016-2017 the FBI reported 50 active threat incidents that occurred in 21 states, that’s two times as many as from 2000-2013. So what is happening locally to protect your kids? Here in McKenzie County, law enforcement agencies are taking the initiative to train School Resource Officers (SRO) through the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and place them in the school systems. An SRO has three roles: 1) teacher, 2) informal counselor and 3) law enforcement officer. School Resources Officers have the flexibility to engage with children from inside the classroom or at the lunch table. But the real payoff, are the relationships that are built and the trust that is formed between the students and the SRO. The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office, along with McKenzie County Emergency Management, has also conducted several Active Threat Training classes with members of the public. Many of these classes have focused directly on the schools and training school staff, as well as students, in how to respond to an active threat. Deputy Cloud, of the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office has trained nearly 1,000 different members of the local communities. “The Active Threat Training is very important, especially in the school system. Each Active Threat scenario is different from the next, which requires different types of responses, however it is important for the public to be prepared to take the necessary steps in case a real active threat were to occur” says Deputy Cloud. The active threat curriculum utilizes several platforms such as ALICE, Run-Hide-Fight,, Strategos International, and information from Phil Chambers. Deputy Cloud offers these tips to those who have not had the opportunity to attend an Active Threat Training: 1. If you enter a room to hide, make sure you lock the door before you build a barricade. 2. Stay out of view of the threat. 3. Prepare to counter attack if necessary. 4. Don’t be a victim! The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office, was able to recently send more personnel through the ALICE Instructor Certification Course. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. Personnel from the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office teaching the ALICE course to the public are all certified instructors. Recently the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office traveled to New Town High School and Mandaree Public School and was able to train over 100 staff in Active Threat Training. Students of the course responded by saying” they felt more prepared”, “they knew what to do now”, and most importantly “they won’t be a victim”. The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office wants to thank all citizens, schools and business who have participated in this training. The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office encourages those who have not had the opportunity to attend an Active Threat Training, to seek information and training. A real life Active Threat situation can occur at any moment, so why not prepare yourself before. DON’T BE A VICTIM! Great work Deputy Cloud! Those interested in hosting an ALICE course, please contact the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office.

TOMORROW, TOMORROW, TOMORROW!!! National Night Out 2018 will be @ the Keene Park 4-9pm. We will have several events and serving food. Invite your friends, come visit your neighbors and meet your first responders!!! Events include: Firemans Rodeo, Foam Party, Vehicle Extrication, Vehicle Fire Demo, Dunk Booth, Horse Shoes, Squad Equipment Display, Drunk Cart and much much more........

This doesn’t appear to be a severe storm but frequent Cloud to ground lightening is occurring. Stay safe and off the roads if you can.