Rolla Police Department

  • Agency: Rolla Police Department
  • Address: 209 1st Ave NE, Rolla, 58367 ND
  • Chief: Tom Allard (Chief of Police)
Phone: 701-477-5623

Rolla Police Department is located at 209 1st Ave NE, Rolla, 58367 ND. The Chief of Police of the department is Tom Allard. The Rolla Police Department phone number is 701-477-5623.

Rolla Police Department News

"RECOVERY WALK" big thank you to Kevin and rest of TEAM. COURAGE! HEART! LOVE/SMILES!! Truly amazing. Thank you for invite.

All welcome to attend!!

Missing/Runaway female 16yrs old Havoline Maxon 5'7" 180 lbs. Last seen with biological mother in Williston area. Please call 701 477 5623 if seen. As of 8/20/18 2pm child serves informed me Havoline has been found. Thank you all

Rolla swimming pool is open!! Send family to go cool off

Had the privilege to visit with some of our future leaders. Thank you Jr EMTs for the invite for Rolla PD to hang out. Great job Rolla Ambulance crew

Tree for Colt, thank u Rolla city, Sue Nelson and Mark Miller for asking us to participate

Big THANK you to St. John Head Start for inviting Rolla Police to show students Police truck with lights n sirens. Also thank u for gifts ( hand prints that say "sending a high 5 your way"). Teachers administrators and rest of staff Awesome job!!

April 28th there will be a 5k (little over 3 miles)walk/run starting from Chicken Hut, register at 9am with Kelly Mitchell n Dorothy Henry. Travel will be down main street towards Family Dollar. Start time 10am with Police escort for safety. See you there!!

Chief Gustafson spoke with Senator Heidi Heitkamp about assistance with the Drug problem in our Area (Rolla n Rolette County). We are working towards a solution. This County was a place where people wanted to raise a FAMILY. My goal is to bring back that SAFE feeling for our people

St. John will have coverage durning State basketball. Due to the burglaries in our County people have stayed back to Community Watch, St. John fire n Rolla PD will be there also. See ANYTHING call 911 please!! By "coverage" we mean THE LAW

Please take extra precautions and lock you're vehicles and houses. With the thefts happening around our area/state. Call if something or someone is out of ordinary 477-5623. Thank you

FYI @ Rolla City Hall

***update 8/18/17 03:00 subject was taken into custody by Rolla Police for theft and an active felony drug warrant.*** Gas drive off in Rolla tonight, the person in the below photo made no effort to pay for his fuel, if you can help us solve this crime please contact our dispatch center 701-477-5623

Active fire on Main Street in Rolla, please avoid the area until the bale fires are extinguished.

8/2/2017 about midnight thieves used a pickup truck to hook onto a local businesses post hole digger, they then drug it over 3/4 a mile on a praire trailer before abandoning it, after it appears they had got stuck in the mud pulling it. Anybody that witnessed any thing like this last night is asked to contact us. Message the page and we will keep you Anonymous. Rolla Patrolmen work 24/7 in Rolla, and have been stepping up their patrol efforts recent days. But we still ask if you see any suspicious activity to report it, we are one set of eyes and can't be everywhere at once, with your help we can catch these late night thieves. -Chief J Boehm

Constitutional Concealed Carry (effective August 1, 2017) Following are the eligibility requirements for an individual to carry concealed in North Dakota without a concealed weapon license: -Must be at least 18 years of age. -Must be 21 to purchase a handgun, but may possess at 18 in North Dakota provided individual is legally able to possess a firearm under the law. -Must be a resident of North Dakota for 1 year as evidenced by ND drivers license or ND ID card. -Not prohibited by state or federal law from possessing a firearm. -ND drivers license or ND ID card must be carried (or the individual must have a digital image of the license). -If carrying under this provision, the individual MUST inform law enforcement that they are in possession of the firearm upon any in-person contact by a law enforcement officer. -Restrictions on location (places) that a firearm may be possessed or carried by law (N.D.C.C. Title 62.1) still apply.- Full information can be found at:

Rolla Fire Department Firework Show

ROLLA CITY ORDINANCE # 412 The use of fireworks is prohibited within the Corporate limits of the City of Rolla except: A. From June 27 through July 5; and on December 31 and January 1, subject to limited hours of use, as follows. 1. July 3 and July 4 legal time for use will be 8:00AM to 1:00 AM. 2. June 27-30; and July 1, 2 and 5 legal times for use are 8:00 A.M. TO 10:30 P.M. 3. December 31, legal time 9 PM. to 1:00 AM January 1st

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