Wells County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Wells County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 700 Railway St N, Fessenden, 58438 ND
  • Chief:
Phone: 701-547-3211
Fax: (701)547-2536

Wells County Sheriff's Office is located at 700 Railway St N, Fessenden, 58438 ND. The Wells County Sheriff's Office phone number is 701-547-3211.

Wells County Sheriff's Office News

The Wells County Sheriff’s Office wants to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!

UPDATE: THE MISSING K9 WAS LOCATED THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT ASSISTED. Bowdon area please be on the look out for a male black lab that goes by “Cole”. This K9 was reported missing and if you see it please contact the Wells County Sheriff’s Office at (701) 547-3211 or contact Becky Prell Perl on Facebook. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that assisted tonight in Fessenden and the surrounding areas. Everyone should have power again.

The Wells County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a no travel advisory due to low visibility and very slick conditions. Be safe if you must travel, use extreme caution. Also the power has ”gone” out for much of the surrounding area near Fessenden. They have located the problem and are in the process of fixing it. Christopher Kluth Sheriff Wells County Sheriff’s Office

Scam Prevention A few simple precautions can help prevent scam artists from being successful. What you need to know 1.Scam artists pretend to be people we want to trust, like government officials, law enforcement, bank staff or even family members; ◦Never give out personal information or send money in response to an unexpected contact, no matter how urgent it may seem. 2.Don't trust your Caller ID - it's not who you think it is. ◦Readily available technology makes it easy to create a fake name and number to display on Caller ID or as the "sender" of a text message. 3.If you are asked to send or wire money, or to buy prepaid cash cards, stop! ◦A legitimate government agency or business will never ask you to wire money, buy prepaid cards (including prepaid gift cards such as iTunes, Best Buy, etc.), or deposit money into another person's account. ◦As soon as you complete the transaction or read off the numbers from the back of the prepaid card, your money is gone. It is not possible to get that money back. 4.Hang up, every time. ◦Don't "press 1" to be taken off a call list; all it does is confirm that you listened to the message, which will result in more calls. Online Companies Not all websites are legitimate and there is no internet "police force." It is very easy to create a website. Scam artists create a phony business website complete with some fake positive reviews and use a fake street address - or the street address of an unsuspecting legitimate business - then then wait for the payments to roll in. The customer is out the money and because the fake business only exists online, the scam artists can't be found. •Before doing business online with an unfamiliar company, check with the regulatory authorities in the state where the business is supposedly located. https://www.usa.gov/stop-scams-frauds

The "Grandparent" scam has hit again this time in the Fessenden area. This has been happening more frequently in our area and we strongly urge you to report this when it happens. We report scams to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) so they can try to stop them from occurring in our area. Most of the time these calls are originating in other countries and not a lot can be done but advise the community to be alert about these scams. Please feel free to come into or call (701-547-3211) our office if you need our help - that's what we are here for!

Wells County uses "CodeRed" to provide emergency alerts and weather alerts to Wells County residents. You can sign yourself up by going to "Wellscountynd" and clicking on the "CodeRed" logo on the left side of the page. Follow the instructions OR call Janelle at the sheriff's office at 547-3319 and she can set you up!

Water service is shut off in the City of Fessenden - it is not known how long the outage will last

Just had to share the letter Sheriff Christopher Kluth received about our Chief Deputy Andy Givens. Each member of our staff strives to always provide the best service we can to everyone and feedback like this is much appreciated

Hello Wells County. With these hot days of summer, there will be a lot of people going to enjoy the water. Please remember to watch for those people towing boats. Please also be safe and wear Life jackets, and put on sun tan lotion, and keep hydrated. If you choose to enjoy the fishing in Wells county fishing licenses are sold at Lemer’s True Value, or may be purchased online @ gf.nd.gov. Please also help keep our water clean and pick up your trash when you leave.

Update: The K9 was found and returned to its owner! Thank you for all your help!!

Hello citizens of Wells County! The 4th of July is tomorrow and we just wanted to share some safety tips! Have a safe and great 4th of July!

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem is visiting the Wells County fair! Sheriff Kluth and Kathleen Murray met with him for a photo opportunity and discussed some Wells County Matters. Please say hi to AG Wayne Stenehjem!

The "Grandparent" scam has hit again today - this time in the Fessenden area. We had a "grandpa" come in and report he received a phone call this morning from a "detective" telling him his "grandson" needed $10,000 (yes, $10,000) in bail money. He was told not to tell anyone about this - but to get the money and have it sent directly to the detective's office. This very smart, very diligent grandpa did exactly what he was supposed to do. He hung up and then called his grandson who reassured him he was NOT in jail, had not ever been in jail - and told grandpa to NOT send anyone any money! Please do not fall for this scam - no detectives anywhere call people for bail money - ever! Best thing to do is hang up on the caller and get in touch with the family member directly! Then report the scam to your local law enforcement office. Please feel free to come into or call our office if you need our help - that's what we are here for!

Thank you to First International Bank & Trust in Fessenden for the treats and card delivered to the office today for National Police Week! We appreciate you thinking of us!

The Tip411 App is an excellent example of working together as Caitlyn Roemmich of Wells County Public Health worked with me, the Sheriff of the Wells County Sheriff’s Office, to develop the application for Wells County citizens to anonymously report crimes and criminal activity. I have worked hard to establish good working relationships with many agencies and departments. This teamwork helps to provide better service to Wells County and we are better able to protect our citizens and provide justice.

PUBLIC NOTICE Citizens of Wells County: North Dakota now requires individuals to temporarily register their vehicles with the ND Department of Transportation online. Please follow this link to temporarily register your vehicle: https://apps.nd.gov/dot/mv/mvrenewal/thirtyDayRegWelcome.htm As always, you are welcome to come in and we can assist you in this, or call our office if you have any questions 547-3211. Thank you – have a nice day! Sheriff Chris Kluth

Here is some information to remember: A person writing a non-sufficient funds (NSF) check is committing a crime. The Wells County Sheriffs Office will investigate all allegations of forgery, stop payment and closed account checks. Any regular NSF checks can be reported directly to the Wells County States Attorneys Office. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the sheriffs office at (701) 547-3211 or the States Attorney, Kathleen Murray at (701) 547-3885. Thank you!