Chadron Police Department

  • Agency: Chadron Police Department
  • Address: 125 Main St, Chadron, 69337 NE
  • Chief: Timothy Lordino (Chief of Police)
Phone: 308-432-0510
Fax: 308-432-0513

Chadron Police Department is located at 125 Main St, Chadron, 69337 NE. The Chief of Police of the department is Timothy Lordino. The Chadron Police Department phone number is 308-432-0510.

Chadron Police Department News

This friendly boy is still up for adoption. I turns out that we have had a couple calls from folks saying they would like to adopt him, but they never show up. Please help this boy find a home, he's very friendly and would make a great companion. If you are interested, please contact SSO Cloyd at the Chadron Police Department at 308-432-0510.

Needing a good home! This super sweet, friendly mixed breed, intact male is in need of a new home. He is over his allotted time at the pound and needs to find someplace to go. If you're interested, please contact SSO Cloyd at the Chadron Police Department at 308-432-0510.

Available for immediate adoption. This friendly Husky male is looking for a new home. Interested? Please contact SSO Cloyd at the Chadron Police Department at 432-0510.

This standard sized poodle was found on Hwy 20. We would very much like to find his owners to get him home. If you know who he is, or who his owners are, please contact the SSO at 432-0510. If we can not find his owners, he will be available for adoption on 20 April. If his owners aren't found and you are looking for a sweet companion dog, please check with the SSO to see if he is still available on the 20th.

Press Release April 16, 2018 Contact Person; Special Services Officer Mark Cloyd, 308-432-0510 RE: Spring / Summer Flora -Relevant City Ordinances Spring is here and the Chadron Police Department would like to request your assistance, again this year, in maintaining Weeds in lots and yards per City Ordinances §11-304, §11-305 and §11-307, as well as Overhanging Branches and Curb Lines per City Ordinances §13-114 and §13-119. We offer this friendly remember to mow, trim or spray your property or properties, and to trim branches encroaching on sidewalks, alleys and roadways early and on a regularly basis. The City of Chadron realizes that at times it is difficult to trim around some corners or obstacles in yards or on other property every week, whether that be from lack of trimming equipment, time or other factors, to that end we primarily focus on the majority of the yard for enforcement of City Ordinance §11-304. While any growth in excess of twelve inches is enforceable by City Ordinance, I trust that pride in our community and cooperation with current City Ordinances will prevent necessary enforcement of excessive growth left for extended periods of time. Additionally lots designated for haying will be responsible for trimming of areas not affected by haying; signs, utilities, trees, etc. must be trimmed as well maintaining a five (5) foot mowed perimeter around the edge of each field. Low hanging branches or excessive growth of bushes or trees, specifically in alleyways are a hazard to our waste management personnel and their equipment and can cause vision obstructions. For our residents who may be unable to trim branches, trees or bushes, or may have difficulty mowing their lawn, due to scheduling or health issues, I am able to provide contact information for reasonable, fee-based, options available to accomplish these tasks, both on a one-time or scheduled basis. For questions or comments regarding City Ordinances presented in this article or those regarding Animal Control or Abandoned Vehicles, please contact Mark Cloyd, Special Services Officer, at the Chadron Police Department at (308) 432-0510.

This shy, high-energy boy was found on Morehead Street. We are looking for his owners to get him back home. If you know who might own him, please contact the SSO at 432-0510. If we can't find his owners, and you are looking for a high-energy companion, he will be available on 18 April. He is a bit shy but really friendly, he would take a dedicated owner, someone who is not afraid of a challenge and can keep him contained until he knows where his new home is. If you are interested, please contact the SSO on the 18th to see if he is still available.

These super cute, friendly puppies were found on Saturday. If they are yours or you know who's they are, please contact SSO Cloyd at the Chadron Police Department @ 308-432-0510.

Second arrest made in Amber Alert, Chadron Nebraska Jesse Morrison was arrested on Thursday, August 7, 2013 around 1730 hours, by Deputy Vince Logue of the Fall River County Sheriff’s Department, in South Dakota, on charges stemming from the Amber Alert on June 22, 2013. In the early afternoon on June 22, 2013, Chadron Police Department issued an Amber Alert shortly after Aimy Dixon and Jesse A. Morrison forcibly took a 13 month old child from its mother in the 300 block of Main Street, Chadron. Dixon and Morrison fled from Nebraska to South Dakota after ditching and hiding their vehicle in a trailer park. Authorities in South Dakota stopped a vehicle on Highway 385, just south of Hot Springs South Dakota and located the 13 month old child, unharmed. The child was turned over to Pine Ridge authorities in South Dakota. Morrison was arrested for felony false imprisonment 1st Degree, criminal trespass 1st degree and disturbing the peace. He is currently being held in South Dakota awaiting extradition to Nebraska.

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Scam Alert! On Monday April 1, 2013, the Chadron Police Department received several complaints from citizens in reference to a suspicious mass text message they had received. The message is from an gmail account, The message states “Can I trust you? I am Sgt. Clifford, an American soldier presently with Squadron Battalion her in Afghanistan, email me here (” In looking into the text message, the Chadron Police Department has learned that this mass text message is likely a scam. Information received indicates that if you were to respond to this message more messages would follow informing you that the sender had located a bunch of money and it is being kept in a secret place. The messages will continue and eventually will ask you for personal information and monetary payments. If you receive this message, ingore and erase it. Do not respond. This is a nigerian type of scam that could lead to loss of money and loss of personal information that others could use to steal your identity. The following are some guidelines to keep in mind to help protect you from a potential scam. • Makes an offer that sounds too good to be true • Promises that you can win money, make money, or borrow money easily • Asks for money to enter a contest, win a sweepstakes or lottery, or claim a prize • Refuses to send you written information before you agree to buy or donate • Refuses to give you a physical address • Refuses to give you the details of the offer before you make any payment • Requests your bank account or credit card number when you are not making a purchase with that account • Uses scare tactics or pressure to act immediately • Insists that you wire money or have a courier pick up your payment • Refuses to stop calling after you’ve asked not to be called again • Contacts you to ask for personal information the company already has • Gives you a check or money order and asks you to send some of the money somewhere

The Chadron Police Department wishes everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Arson Arrest The Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Chadron Police Department arrest 41 year old Robert Two Dogs of Chadron for 2nd degree arson and burglary (both class III felonies) resulting from a fire at 180 North Pine Street, Chadron Nebraska. The Chadron Communications Center received a 911 call of a structure fire at 180 North Pine Street in Chadron Nebraska around 11:50 am today. When emergency personnel arrived on scene, the single family house was partially engulfed in fire. No one was present inside the residence. Chadron Fire Department personnel were able to extinguish the fire quickly. The fire caused extensive damage to the house. The Chadron Police Department received tips, quickly developed several leads conducted interviews and aided by the onsite fire investigation conducted by the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Chadron Fire Department, subsequently lead to the arrest of Robert Two Dogs. Two Dogs was transported to the Dawes County Jail. A bond was not available at the time of this press release. A search warrant was served at Robert Two Dogs residence located at 154 Maple Street, Chadron around 7:30 p.m. tonight. The Chadron Police recovered a frozen pizza allegedly taken from 180 North Pine Street. The Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office led the arson investigation assisted by the Chadron Fire Department, the Chadron Police Department and the Dawes County Attorney’s Office. Chief Tim Lordino says; “citizen tips, coordination of agency investigations and the collection of evidence and information quickly lead to the arrest of Robert Two Dogs.”