Columbus Police Department

  • Agency: Columbus Police Department
  • Address: 2419 14th St, Columbus, 68601 NE
  • Chief: William H Gumm (Chief of Police)
Phone: (402) 564-3201
Fax: (402) 562-7325

Columbus Police Department is located at 2419 14th St, Columbus, 68601 NE. The Chief of Police of the department is William H Gumm. The Columbus Police Department phone number is (402) 564-3201.

Columbus Police Department News The Columbus Police Department is accepting applications for an immediate Police Officer opening. The CPD isn't looking for just a person to take a spot, we're looking for the right person! Our department does not experience much turnover but due to recent retirements we are searching for one last Officer. It is an exciting time to join our team!!! We have a brand new police department being built as we speak, we have an outstanding and very supportive community to serve, and great community partners to work with everyday! We get involved in our community and are excited to grow with the Columbus area!!! Click the link for additional details and the application deadline.

Just a quick reminder to stay safe out there!

Thank you to everyone who has already supported the Cash for Canine campaign. Your generosity will help us make our community an even better place to call home. If you would like to give back, you can donate online by visiting the website below and clicking "Donate to this Fund." We are so grateful for your assistance in bringing a K9 Unit to Columbus.

Man’s Best Friend: Crime’s Worst Enemy. The Columbus Police Department’s canine will be used to help with drug-related crimes, but it will do more than that. It will also be used for crowd control, and in searches for missing persons or criminals. Help the CPD add this valuable tool to their department by donating to the Cash for Canine Campaign.

Human Trafficking can happen anywhere.

Great story about a young man that made a decision to help someone in need!!!

The Columbus Police Department welcomes our newest Police Officer, Colin Spilker #10. Officer Spilker was sworn in by Platte County District Court Judge Robert Steinke on October 23rd, 2018. Officer Spilker has worked as a Platte County Deputy, District V Probation Officer, and served with the Army Reserve including two tours in Afghanistan. Officer Spilker will complete a period of field training with CPD Field Training Officers and then be assigned to the patrol division. Help us welcome Officer Spilker when you see him around the community!

Here are a few more pictures from the Cash for Canine fundraiser on October 21st! Congratulations to Aaron Cattau and his family on winning tickets to see the Huskers play Michigan State at Memorial Stadium!!! Again, THANK YOU to the people of Columbus and all of our sponsors!

THANK YOU!!!! We had an amazing day at the CPD K9 fundraiser on Sunday! Thanks to Kim & Jill Wolfe, Captain Frank Peck, and the entire Husker Helicopter team of volunteers. Thanks to Cargill for the hotdogs and hamburgers, Hy-Vee for chips, water, buns, and preparing the food, SpaceWalk of Columbus and the anonymous donor to cover the cost of the bouncy house, Columbus Fire Chief Dan Miller for fire truck display and demos, Whitetail Unlimited for materials used, and the many CPD Officers and their family members for the help and support. Thank you to the citizens of Columbus who made this day a major success and helped us raise over $7,000.00 for the K9 program. We are lucky to have such a supportive community!!!

Today is National Move Over Day.

JOIN US!!!! This Sunday (Oct. 21st) at the Husker Helicopter hanger from 11:00am - 6:00pm! Helicopter rides are completely booked thanks to the overwhelming support of our community! If you don't have a ride scheduled come out for lunch, jump in the bouncy house, check out police and fire vehicles, kids games and activities. We will have drawings for a variety of items. We will also be raffling off 2 tickets to the Husker vs. Michigan State game, a maximum of 50 raffle tickets will be sold at $10.00 each. Great ODDS!!!!! Hope to see you there!!!!!! Free will donations will be accepted and will be put towards the CPD K9 program.

Text to 911 has been implemented in Platte County, Nebraska. The Columbus Police Department is currently the 911 center for Platte County. The text to 911 system is designed primarily for deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired citizens. However, if making a voice call would directly endanger the person calling 911 then texting would be an option. It is important to note, calling 911 remains the fastest and most efficient way to request emergency assistance. Text to 911 calls will be handled similar to wireless 911 calls and TTY911 calls. The calls will be received through the 911 system. Because of the lack of accurate or reliable address/location information, the priority will be to determine the caller’s exact location. Without the location information, emergency response cannot be sent. If it is determined, the caller is not with Platte County, the call cannot be transferred to the correct jurisdiction. The individual will then be instructed to call 911 so they can be transferred to the correct 911 center. When the dispatcher disconnects the call, an automatic message will be sent advising the caller they have been disconnected. The caller should call 911 by voice or originate a new text message if they need additional assistance. Since this service is not currently supported by, all cell phone carriers or other 911 centers in the region. If you attempt a text and it is not supported, you will receive a message advising you that you must make a voice call to 911 or that Text to 911 is not supported in your area. The following cell providers have been tested to work in Platte County: AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon. Currently our text capabilities are limited to English only.

Did you know several Nebraska communities have K-9 units? You can help Columbus become one of them. Donate to the Cash for Canine campaign to help us get a police dog.

October 14th - 20th is National Teen Driver Safety Week. The police department received a grant from the Nebraska Highway Safety Office in the amount of $3500. to pay for the addition of extra patrol officers to work traffic enforcement. Vehicle accidents are the number one cause of teenage deaths in the United States. This shocking statistic is why National Teen Driver Safety Week was established and is held annually during the third week in October. In an effort to raise safe driving awareness, reduce injury accidents and prevent fatalities the police department will be conducting a week long traffic enforcement campaign. The campaign will coincide with the teen driver safety week and will be conducted during times when teen driving is the highest, mainly from after school until midnight and at school held events, games etc.

The Columbus Police Department is going through some changes including a brand new police department in the near future!!! It is an excited time to join a great team of law enforcement professionals and start a multifaceted position!!!

In case you missed it, we have big news – we're raising money for a police dog. We need $30,000 by December 2018 to get one. To donate to the cause, mail tax-deductible donations to Columbus Area Future Fund, P.O. Box 1734, Columbus, NE 68602-1734. In the memo section of the check, write “CPD K9 Campaign.” Thanks for your support!

Help spread the word about the Cash for Canine Campaign. Thanks KLIR 101/Alpha Media for your support! To donate to the cause, mail tax-deductible donations to Columbus Area Future Fund, P.O. Box 1734, Columbus, NE 68602-1734. In the memo section of the check, write “CPD K9 Campaign.” Thanks for your support!

The Columbus Police Department would like to recognize recent award recipients Officers Polak, Magdaleno, Loontjer, and Sergeant Wangler. The awards were presented by Chief Sherer at a recent department meeting. Officers Polak and Magdaleno were awarded with a Lifesaving Award for their actions in aiding individuals out of a vehicle that was on fire and near a burning natural gas line. Officer Loontjer was awarded the Silver Star Award for his actions in getting the vehicle open and getting the individuals out of the burning vehicle. Sergeant Wangler was awarded with the Purple Heart and the Silver Star for his involvement in an officer involved shooting in June. Sgt. Wangler was shot in the line of duty but is on pace to make a full recovery. These Officers didn't hesitate to do what needed to be done in dangerous situations and demonstrated what it means to be a professional law enforcement officer!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to CPD former Police Chief William Gumm who received the POAN (Police Officer Association of Nebraska) Hall of Fame award tonight at the POAN Conference in Kearney. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to CPD Sergeant Brad Wangler who received the POAN (Police Officer Association of Nebraska) Officer of the Year award tonight at the POAN Conference in Kearney. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!