Sherman County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Sherman County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 813 1/2 Broadway, Goodland, 67735 NE
  • Chief:
Phone: (785) 890-4835

Sherman County Sheriff's Office is located at 813 1/2 Broadway, Goodland, 67735 NE. The Sherman County Sheriff's Office phone number is (785) 890-4835.

Sherman County Sheriff's Office News

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your hands. VOTE ANDERSON FOR SHERMAN COUNTY SHERIFF.

Quote of the day.

Quote Of The Day

Last night was a great time feeding all the young trick or treaters. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to everyone who helped. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I look forward to doing it again for years to come.

Positive quote of the day

Positive quote of the day.

Attention lil Ghosts and Goblins: Tomorrow night (Halloween) stop by from: 4:30-7 for hot dogs, chips, hot cocoa, cotton candy and glow necklaces before you go out to trick or treat. It will be in our backyard by the fire pit 353 N 6th st Loup City

Positive quote of the day.

To the Sherman County Citizens, I would like to identify myself, I am Patty (Fredrick) Soneson. I am a retired law enforcement officer . I was a Howard County Deputy beginning in October of 2000, promoted to Sergeant. In December of 2010 I went to work for the Ord Police Department I retired from Ord Police Department as a Sergeant in May of 2013. I am responding to a letter many of you have received from Guy Brock of Ord, Nebraska. I was the Ord Police Officer that responded to the incident. I feel it is necessary to clarify several of the issues addressed by Guy Brock. Guy Brock was the senior citizen who he is referring to in his letter. I requested Deputy Gary Anderson of the Valley County Sheriff's Office for assistance in the incident, as well as my Chief of the Ord Police Department. Both Officers responded appropriately to the scene with the information we had received from our Dispatch. Our call was " shots are being fired at my residence. When I arrived at the location I immediately saw Mr Brock standing outside of his residence. I advised Mr. Brock to go inside his residence, he ignored my request. Without going into a great deal of detail, I investigated the icident. The "rifle" referred to by Mr Brock was a BB gun. An individual had been shooting at a target in his garage with the BB gun. The individual was cited for a violation of a City of Ord ordinance. It is ironic to me, that had the icident occurred as told by Mr Brock (more than a year after it occurred) a letter would not have been necessary for the public to know about it, everyone would have known of the occurance. Mr Brock's timing of the letter less than a week before the election does not go without notice. While I was working in Ord, Mr Brock did a very good job (in my opinion) of writing very slanted and slanderous letters. Once again Deputy Gary Anderson responded appropriately. I worked with Gary Anderson when he was a Sherman County Deputy, Ord Police Officer, and Valley County Deputy. I trusted and respected Gary as a law enforcement officer. Gary could have "my back" any day. I am asking Sherman County residents to not be influenced by Mr Brock let their best judgement be their vote.

I am tired of all the negative so here is what im posting from now on. Positive quotes.

To the Sherman County Voters, I would like to address a recent mailing that is going out in the mail from a gentlemen out of Ord. This statement he is making is false and full of lies. He is against law enforcement in general. He has caused problems for past law enforcement in Ord, that required legal action. So PLEASE do NOT believe what you read. I am trying to keep this campaign clean and friendly! I cannot say that for others. If you know me, you know that is not what I am about. Lies and rumors are exactly that, lies and rumors. I am about keeping Sherman County a safe, ethical and friendly community, that anyone would love to be a part of.

I would appreciate your vote on November 4th

Fall is upon us. Harvesting has started. Please be careful on the roads. Watch for deer jumping out and raccoons coming out to play as the fields are being cleared. Have a safe harvest and safe travels to all.

Thank you sherman county fair for letting me be apart of the fun at the bull ride with the little ones. It was fun!!!

Here is a picture of the cooler.

Come on out and enjoy the Sherman County Fair. I will be out and about at the fair so feel free to stop me and ask any questions that you might have or voice any opinions that you might have of me. Also I made a cooler that I am donating to the fair board that will be auctioned off and all money raised will go towards the new building fund.

I would like to say thank you Ashton for letting me be a part of your 125 year celebration, especially inviting me to ride on the veterans float along with participating in the tractor poker run. I had a great time doing so. I look forward to leading your parade next year as your SHERIFF. Thanks for all your support.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July from myself and my family. Please all stay safe and watch for children in the streets lighting off fireworks this glorious weekend. Also thank you to all the service men/women who have served to protect our freedom in the past, present, and the future. God bless you all!!

I would like to address a few rumors that are going around. First off I have no intention of hiring Mike Hoff. He is a good man and is happy where he is. 2nd, me and my family have NOT been going around telling people that they Sherman county deputies will not have jobs if I am elected you next sheriff. 3rd, I plan on making lots of improvements that I think that need to be made if elected. I have a lot of great ideas, such as I would like to see a ride a long devolved for people who are interested in going to law enforcement, with the hopes of also do some fundraising for a scholarship program for a senior who is wanting to go into criminal justice. This is just one of my ideas. I will gradually share my ideas on here. So keep checking back. I hope to have your support and vote at the election in November.

I would like to say Congratulations to all the Loup City, Litchfield and Arcadia class of 2014 graduates. And may all your dreams come true.

One of the latest scams going around is you get a call and they tell you that you have just won a new car and one million dollars and to have you put money on a card and send to them. This is a scam coming from Jamaica and they make it sound real legit. Once again do not fall for this or any other scam. If you have loved ones that are elderly make sure and inform them. If you have any question don't hesitate to call me.

I will be putting in an order for Campaign T-shirts if you would like one let me know and I will place the order. The Shirts will be red with my campaign logo on the back. the Shirts will cost $20 and all proceeds will help me cover campaign costs.. I need the first order in my May 12.

TIP OF THE WEEK Nice weather means more people coming to your door. Sometimes the stranger at your door is a peddler and sometimes they may be casing your neighborhood. It isn’t just peddlers though who are the strangers knocking at your door. If someone knocks on your door and they ask for someone who doesn’t live there or they have some odd reason for being at your door, chances are they are casing your neighborhood to see who is at home. If this happens to you, I ask that you call 911 to report a suspicious person. After that you should also notify your neighbors that there is a stranger knocking on the doors acting suspicious. Be a good neighbor and alert them! The best thing to do if you don’t want to answer your door is to make your presence known to the person at your door. Let them know you are home so if they are up to no good they will go elsewhere. We all love the nice weather and are more lax about keeping doors and windows open. Just remember, there may be people who are up to no good and you don’t want to make yourself an easy target! If you are wondering if they are in town to sell an item call the City Office they have to buy a peddlers License and the city Clerk can tell you weather or not they have done so. If they have not call the Sheriffs Office and report them. Get a description of the individual and if they are in a car try and get a license plate number and description of the vehicle they are driving. Happy spring time to all.