news reports that a Colorado woman has been arrested for the murder of a newborn baby found in a yard with the umbilical cord still attached. Police were called to the scene at 9:48 p.m. Tuesday and found the baby lifeless. The baby was reported to authorities by a local witness.

Camille Wasinger-Konrad, 23, was arrested and is awaiting formal charges. It is unclear whether she lives at the address where the baby was found, but apparently rents a home next to the home. It has not been reported how long the baby was believed to be dead or the gender.

Police told sources the baby was on the porch, naked and with no coverings, says FOX Denver.

Wasinger-Konrad will likely be charged with first-degree murder based on the sheriff’s office’s recommendation to the prosecutor’s office, but the cause and manner of death will be determined by the Douglas County Coroner’s office.

No reports of whether Wasinger-Konrad was knowingly pregnant or if others knew she was pregnant have come to light.

The sheriff’s office reminded the public in a statement that the state’s “safe haven” law allows a mother to give up an infant in the first 72 hours of life to any hospital or fire station without prosecution, as long as the infant is unharmed. This law was passed in 2000, and has saved 21 babies since March of 2016.

Wasinger-Konrad is currently being held without bond at the Douglas County Detention Center. She has a criminal history including misdemeanor theft in 2013 and felony burglary in 2016, as well as a failure to appear.

*Photo credit Douglas County Sheriff’s Office