Ronald DeRisi, a 74-year-old resident of Long Island, has been apprehended after making death threats to at least two Senators. He was arrested without incident on October 19th after police learned about multiple voicemails he had left at several senators’ offices.

According to police records, DeRisi was adamantly against Kavanaugh’s nomination, and he wanted to discourage particular senators from voting in favor of the now Supreme Court justice. On September 27, he telephoned the office of U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley and left a disturbing message on the voicemail machine. DeRisi reportedly claimed that he had a surprise gift for the senator, a 9-millimeter, which he planned to use on the side of the senator’s head. He ended the threat with “Yeah, Kavanaugh—I don’t think so.”

DeRisi also called the office of U.S. Senator Susan Collins and harassed her. He allegedly called the Senator a “twit” and again threatened her with a 9-millimeter to the “side of the head.” He called Senator Collins repeatedly leaving increasingly threatening messages like “you better pray this guy don’t get in,” and “tick-tock, tick-tock.”

Even after Kavanaugh was sworn in on October 6th, DeRisi continued to make calls to the Senator’s offices. Police determined that all ten messages originated from a pre-paid cellphone. They also discovered that the suspect has previously pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment in 2015 after leaving more than 15 threatening messages at an individual’s home. Authorities reviewed the past evidence, and they believe the voices from both cases are a match.