Have you ever attempted to babysit someone else’s child for a little extra cash? If so, then have you ever encountered an unruly child? How did you handle the situation? For one babysitter in Kentucky, her most recent babysitting job may be her last after she was forced to call police on the child she was watching.

According to initial reports, the youngster was only eight-years-old. He was being watched by his babysitter on March 29th. At around 10 A.M., the child became increasingly hostile. The female babysitter initially attempted to discipline the youngster, but things took a dangerous turn when the boy grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and began threatening her.

As the babysitter rushed to call the cops, the eight-year-old reportedly stole her car keys. The babysitter reported to authorities that she had “a child out of control,” under her care. A Christian County deputy responded to her call.

While the officer was on-route, the eight-year-old managed to sneak into the babysitter’s vehicle. He started the car and attempted to take off. Thankfully, the deviant youngster was only able to travel a few feet before the vehicle got lodged in the mud.

Shortly later, the officer pulled up to the house. The babysitter explained the situation while the boy made obscene gestures toward the cops. Due to the child’s age, it’s unclear whether he will be facing charges or not. Christian County Police decided to bring the youngster to Cumberland Hall Hospital where he will be undergoing a full mental evaluation.