At least nine different students attending Louisiana State University have been apprehended by police after taking their fraternity hazing incidents way too far last year.

According to police, all nine students were members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, a fraternity that is denouncing the student’s behavior. Police confirmed that the fraternity’s national organization became aware of the hazing incident and decided to report it to the campus police. As a result of the investigation, Delta Kappa Epsilon has now decided to revoke the LSU chapter’s charter.

The fraternity made a statement regarding the matter and reiterated how they are attempting to completely eliminate hazing rituals “whenever it occurs.”

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office became aware of the situation. After investigating, arrest warrants were issued for all of the fraternity men. Several interviewed victims told authorities that the hazing rituals were abusive and criminal.

One victim, a potential pledge, was undergoing the ritual when he was unable to correctly answer one of the men’s questions. He was reportedly kicked with steel-toed boots. Another potential pledge was forced to tape 40-ounce bottles of beer to his hands and drink the entire contents while on his elbows in plank position. The victim allegedly became physically ill, but he was still forced to finish the beers. Other pledges reported that they were urinated on and burned with cigarettes.

The nine suspects, ranging in age from 19 to 23, are being charged with criminal hazing. Some of the men are facing additional charges such as attempted battery, false imprisonment and battery. At least seven of the suspects were taken to the East Baton Rouge Parish Jail.