Fox News reports that William Hudson, 35, of Tennessee Colony, has been sentenced to death for killing six people in a remote Texas campsite. The trial was held in Bryan, Texas, and the jury delivered the sentence after just 45 minutes of deliberations.

The sentence comes a week after Hudson’s conviction on three counts of capital murder for killing six campers in 2015. Hudson shot and beat to death Carl Johnson, 77; Hannah Johnson, 40; Thomas Kamp, 45; Nathan Kamp, 23; Austin Kamp, 21; and Kade Johnson, 6.

Hudson was arrested exactly two years ago on November 15, 2015 for the crimes.

Fox News tells us that the evidence gathered in the case suggested the victims were part of a blended family who recently bought the property they were camping on from Hudson’s family. Apparently, Hudson was upset about the sale of the property, which is located approximately 90 miles southeast of Dallas.

There was one survivor of the attack, Cynthia Johnson, who was able to hide from Hudson. She was Carl Johnson’s wife. Cynthia testified that she could hear Hudson beating her husband and daughter to death inside a camper. She stayed in her hiding spot until dawn the next day, then found her daughter’s cell phone to call 911. Mrs. Johnson lost her husband, daughter and grandson during the rampage.

According to Breitbart, Cynthia’s statement to police included the fact that her family first saw Hudson when he arrived on a tractor and offered to pull a vehicle out of mud for them. He then returned later in the evening and had drinks with them at the campsite, before venturing into the woods with several members of the group. Cynthia stated she then heard several gunshots.

Breitbart also states that Hudson came back from the woods and chased Johnson’s husband and daughter into the camper before hearing two more gunshots. She witnessed her husband collapsing as he exited the camper.

Four of the victims’ bodies were found in a pond, states Fox News.

Police reports state that when Hudson’s property was searched, blood was found on the tractor used earlier in the evening. Approaching Hudson’s mother’s home, they could see him inside and he was covered in blood, states Breitbart. He eventually surrendered to police without incident.

Hudson’s lawyers argued in court that he has suffered brain damage from car accidents, alcohol abuse, seizures and physical abuse from his father. Prosecutors argued Hudson had a personality disorder rather than a mental illness, says Fox.


*Photo from Anderson County Sheriff's Office