MSN reports that a Dallas woman is being charged with child abuse after authorities found she has taken her eight-year-old to the doctor 323 times and had him undergo 13 major surgeries. Kalene Bowenright, 34, was arrested in Dallas County for injury to a child and serious bodily injury. The judge set her bail at $150,000. She has also been forbidden to have contact with her son, Christopher, or any other minor.

The Star-Telegram reported that young Christopher has at times been on oxygen and even used a wheelchair. He also underwent surgery to have a feeding tube inserted into his intestines, which then led to several life-threatening infections.

Authorities were notified when Dr. Suzanne Roper-Dakil suspected Bowenright of making her son sick. Child Protective Services was made aware of the situation after the child had been brought to the Children’s Medical Center Dallas for an apparent seizure. The doctor expressed concern that the mother may have given her son something to induce the seizure.

The father of the child, Ryan Crawford, tried to tell a family court judge that the boy was not as sick as Bowenright claimed, and that she may have Munchausen’s syndrome. This disorder causes a person to create or induce symptoms in someone else in order to get attention.

The community, believing Bowenright’s claims about Christopher’s illnesses, started a fund for him that has raised $8,000. The fundraising campaign stated that the boy was suffering from Arteriovenous Malformation in many of his major organs, causing non-sufficient blood flow and permanent tissue damage throughout his body.

Another fund was started by a family friend on GoFundMe which raised $610, but was then removed. That campaign claimed that Christopher had cancer and had been given 6 months to live.

The Star-Telegram also stated that doctors have determined Christopher has never had cancer or experienced the symptoms described in the fundraising campaigns.

*Photo credit Dallas County Sheriff’s Office