The Associated Press reports that a woman who has served nearly 20 years in prison for plotting the murder of her twin sister has been granted parole. Jeen “Gina” Han was dubbed the “evil twin” in the 1990s when she was convicted and sentenced to 26 years to life for conspiracy to commit murder, false imprisonment and burglary.

Han recruited two young men to aid in the abduction and attempted murder of her sister, Sunny Han. The twin sisters were born in Korea and were both valedictorians in their high school class in San Diego County, says the AP.

The Han sisters had a history of arguing though they were once close. The relationship took a turn for the worse when Sunny accused Gina of stealing her BMW. Sunny also helped authorities build a case against her sister for stealing credit cards and cash from victims in San Diego and surrounding areas. Gina's co-conspirators bound and gagged Sunny and her roommate before being discovered and rescued by authorities.

Gina Han is now 43 years old and the state parole board granted her release on October 31, according to the Orange County Register. However, California law requires a 120-day period of review so the governor can determine whether the release recommendation should be approved or rejected.

District attorneys are asking Governor Jerry Brown to reject the parole because Gina has failed to address her alleged mental illness that contributed to the murder conspiracy. Gina has also had multiple pen pals across the U.S. over the years and has been offered lodging, money and jobs from them as a result. The D.A.’s office says this is a prime example of her ability to manipulate others into doing what she wants. One pen pal from Britain corresponded with her for a year before sending her money.

Gina has always claimed she did not intend to kill her sister.

In 1998, Gina and her two teenage accomplices were convicted of the 1996 attack on Sunny. The accomplices were listed as 18-year-old Archie Bryant and 16-year-old John Syarath, according to The men pretended to be salesmen to gain access to Sunny’s apartment and she heard them fighting with her roommate, Helen Kim. Sunny called 911 just before the men broke into her bedroom and bound her.

The prosecution claimed that Gina had been searching for people to kill her sister for days prior to the attack. Sunny had Gina arrested for stealing her credit cards, but she escaped from jail during a work furlough, says the LATimes. Gina was later arrested for the attack on Sunny in Irvine, CA.

*Photo credit Ygnacio Nanetti/Orange County Register via AP