NBC News reports that the Colorado father who allegedly confessed to the murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters was having financial problems. Chris Watts, 33, was arrested after the bodies of his pregnant wife, Shanann, 34, and their 3- and 4-year-old daughters were discovered just hours after he made public pleas for their return.

Investigators say that the three were killed inside the family home on Monday, and Shanann’s body was found on a commercial property where Chris had once worked. Two additional bodies were found that are believed to be those of the two missing girls.

The media was told that Chris confessed to the murders, though police wouldn’t confirm that information.

Investigators believe the murders occurred because the Watts’ were having financial troubles. In 2015, they filed for bankruptcy. In 2014, they reported a combined income of $90,000. However, they had $70,000 in debt, $3,000 in monthly mortgage payments and less than $870 in their joint account.

The couple moved to Colorado from North Carolina after marrying in 2012, and it’s unclear how they appeared to live a very comfortable lifestyle with their financial troubles. Shanann sold weight loss patches and marketed her business on social media, and even posted a photo of a Lexus she was apparently awarded for superior performance, as well as photos from several luxurious vacations the couple took.

Chris said that he and Shanann had an “emotional conversation” on the day she and the girls disappeared, before he left for work at 5 a.m.

*Photo courtesy of family