Over the past few weeks, the issue of immigration and the current U.S. administration’s handling of it has reached a boiling point. Tensions have reached a tipping point as ICE aggressively continues to enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal border crossings. This week, one unidentified Haitian man’s arrest has sparked one state’s civil liberties union to pursue a lawsuit against ICE agents and Homeland Security.

This recent controversy emerged when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency set up a random checkpoint along a highway in Maine. The checkpoint, which forced all traffic along the stretch of I-95 to stop, was in effect for around 11 hours. Overall, agents successfully seized drugs in ten cases, issued a warning to one individual who failed to produce required paperwork and detained an unidentified Haitian immigrant. The suspect was identified when ICE agents utilized his fingerprints to biometrically identify him in a database. They discovered the individual was eligible for deportation due to existing previous criminal convictions, so he was detained by agents on the spot.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine quickly expressed outrage about the situation. Civil rights advocates are concerned about potential violations of both the Fourth and Fifth Amendments during these controversial checkpoints. Furthermore, the group contends that federal agency continuously refuses to provide more information regarding these types of checkpoints. In response, they have filed a lawsuit per the Freedom of Information Act. They’ve requested details regarding immigration checkpoints and the enforcement of immigration laws throughout the northeast.