A horrific mass shooting occurred inside of a Chicago hospital on November 19th. Officers responding to the incident were forced to participate in a shootout with the suspect after he wounded at least four innocent victims. Ultimately, the shooter was killed during the incident, but it remains unclear whether he was fatally shot by officers or whether he took his own life.

At around 3:20 P.M., the Chicago Police Department were alerted to an “active shooter” within the Mercy Hospital and Medical Center. Officers arrived at the scene to find pure “mass chaos” as several victims were shot, and police were unsure how many shooters were in the building. According to witnesses, the shooter had been conversing with a woman in a waiting area before he opened fire directly towards the victim. When a nearby police cruiser turned on his sirens, witnesses saw the shooter discharge multiple shots towards the car. Several other individuals were targeted by the shooter, so it appears the victims were shot at random depending on their proximity to the suspect.

Overall, four victims were left with gunshot wounds requiring immediate medical attention. One of the individuals was an officer working with police, and another victim was working as a lab assistant at the facility. The gunman was listed as deceased after suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. Initial media reports, which have not yet been confirmed, suggest that the shooter was a former fiancé of the woman doctor who was reporting to work. The entire ordeal is still under investigation, and a press conference is expected to be held in the upcoming days.