As runners neared the finish line of the Rock and Roll Marathon in California, they were startled by gunshots. Race organizers have confirmed that the shooting situation was unrelated to the racing event, but it still had a profound effect on the day’s activities. The course was shut down for around thirty minutes, and the nearly 5,000 race participants were transported to a safe zone until law enforcement could secure the area.

San Diego Police were quick to detain an active shooter suspect. According to reports, the incident began earlier in the day when authorities were called out to a hit-and-run car accident near West A Street. Investigators collected a description of the hit-and-run suspect.

Shortly later, a victim confronted police about escaping a kidnapper. His description of his kidnapper and abuser matched the description of the hit-and-run suspect, so authorities believe the two cases may be linked. Police dispatchers informed traffic cops about the suspect’s description.

About an hour later, an officer patrolling the San Diego Concourse located someone matching the suspect’s description at a parking garage. As the officer approached the individual, she appeared to point a weapon at him. In response, the officer discharged his own firearm at least twice. The suspect was not injured, but one officer was wounded when he accidently shot himself pursing the woman.

The suspect then threw her weapon from the top of the parking garage and continued to flee on foot. Authorities later confirmed the suspect was armed with a pellet gun. The suspect has been arrested, but authorities haven’t released her identity yet.