Robin Bell is an activist who uses his unique artistic talents to create eye-catching and controversial messages. Then, he takes the messages and uses a projector to plaster the message on various buildings. He’s coordinated dozens of these “insanely public” protests over the years, but his last one ended in an arrest.

30-year-old Robby Diesu was taken into custody by U.S. Capitol Police on March 13th as he manned the projector screen from the sidewalk. Diesu was reportedly carrying out Bell’s latest activist move to send a message to legislators currently debating the Equality Act. Diesu has helped Bell coordinate at least seven other projection demonstrations over the years.

During this incident, Diesu was reportedly standing at the side of the Rayburn building, which is a public area. He was using a projector screen to blast the message “Discrimination is wrong” onto the House building. Shortly later, a uniformed police officer walked by. He didn’t say anything to Diesu the first time, but he returned a short time later.

When the sergeant returned, he didn’t warn Diesu to stop. He simply placed the suspect into handcuffs, seized his equipment and brought him to the station. After about two hours, he was released with a citation. He was charged with demonstrating in a prohibited demonstration area. Eva Malecki, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Capitol Police, further described how Diesu is charged with unlawfully protesting on Capitol Grounds. According to Bell and Diesu, the police still have the projection equipment.