Fox News reports that an Alabama man has been arrested for the murder of his wife, Kat West, who was known for leading a double life as a provocative online exhibitionist. After weeks of investigation by authorities, William “Jeff” West, 44, was arrested for her death, which was caused by blunt-force trauma.

According to, the Police Chief told the media that he couldn’t release many details about the arrest and investigation because it is ongoing, or disclose what evidence caused them to arrest West.

Kathleen Dawn West, 42, was Jeff’s wife and mother to their daughter. Kat classified herself as a stay-at-home mom, but also had a subscription-only website where she posted provocative photos under the name of Kitty Kat West.

Kat’s Twitter and Instagram accounts also touted the name of Kitty Kat. She reportedly had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe, and directed followers from her social media accounts to her website where even more revealing photos could be found.

Jeff formerly served in the military and is currently employed by the Birmingham Southern College campus police department. He is currently being fired from his position there, says

Jeff told authorities that his wife died as a result of a “boozy accident.” She was found lying face down across the street from the couple's home on January 13th by a neighbor. Kat was only partially clothed and her cellphone and an empty bottle of absinthe were placed by it, says the Daily Mail.

Inside Edition has reported that surveillance video was uncovered of the couple laughing and shopping for alcohol eight hours before she died.

Police have not disclosed what may have triggered an argument between the two after the videos and before her death.

*Photo credit Fox News